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I use IE6 and OE6 and my wife uses Netscape 7.1 and Netscape Email.
I put separate icons on the desktop for her.
I bring up her email to check for spam and get rid of it. When I did this yesterday, I couldn't get either her email or her browser. Instead I got screens wanting me to set her up again. Which I did. But the mail that was in her in box didn't return. This morning I thought about "retore and took computer back two days when all was well. When I brought up her email there was still no mail in her inbox. Shouldnt restore have brought it back?

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Probably not

System restore doesn't effect personal data like e-mail, pictures or Word documents.

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(NT) (NT) Thanks
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A long shot

Try checking your wife's Mozilla Profile in Windows Explorer.

It should be in C:\Documents & Settings\%User%\Application Data\Mozilla\Mail|\Pop%ISP%\Inbox

You may be lucky if you have created a different profile, and the old one has not been overwritten.


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Thanks but

when I got to Mozilla in the string, there was no "mail". Instead it was profiles/default and then sub files with numbers. I opened but nothing there. I've got her running again so the loss of the inbox emails is not a major crisis. I checked out my computer with all the scans recomended here and no problems. If I had to guess, AOHell, Netscape burped.

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Hi Auggief

Are you saying that there is no Mail folder in the new profile you created?

Can you do a search of the hard disk for Inbox.sbd

This is Netscapes Inbox folder and should have been created even when the new profile was made.


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File not there

Did search for Inbox.sbd. Not there????

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Hmm, weird

You know when you open Netscape Messenger, (The email part of Netscape), does it list an Inbox?

Can you send an email to your wife's account and see if an inbox is created?

I know you say this is not a desparate situation, but I'm interested why this has happened.


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Sent email to wife

It was received. I did another search for Inbox.sbd and nothing there. Mark, what I am not sure of is when I had to rest setup here Netscape whether or not I used the same account name she had before. Also yu referred to Netscape Messenger. When I open her email there is no reference to messenger, it just opens to her Inbox. It shows on the left that she has folders for Inbox,Drafts,Templates,sent and trash

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Yes I'm sorry

I was thinking of Netscape 4 which was Communicator and Messenger and I still use the terms for N7.x

But in the header of the window it should show something like, Inbox for (user)@(ISP) - Netscape 7.1

Try this, (unless you are not concerned about carrying on, Happy ).

In Netscape Mail, goto Edit > Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings, and under the account for your wife's ISP, select Server Settings.

Under "Local Directory" should be the path for her ISP folder, and I still think there should be an Inbox.sbd file where that path indicates. It doesn't make sense that Netscape Mail shows an Inbox, but you cannot find the folder for it.

Very strange.


PS, does you wife have a separate Windows XP account? Or do you use the same Windows XP account but different email accounts in the same Windows account? Sorry, too many "accounts" words. It gets confusing.

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Local Directory

C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\COMPUTER\APPLICATION DATA\Mozilla\Profiles\default\72mipk32.slt\Mail\

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It gets stranger

Is "" a folder or a file?

If a folder, is there anything inside it?

I'm running out of ideas here.


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Drafts,Drafts.msf,Inbox,Inbox.msf,msgFilterRules.dat,popstate.dat,sent,sent.msf,Templates,Templates.msf,Trash and Trash.msf
I wonder about that Folder also,
Do you think I shoulddelete her email account and set it up again? It's working now even though we lost all the messages in the inbox when Netscape came up requiring me to set her up again in both the Browser and email.

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Same User

Same WIndows XP just different email accounts.

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New thread created because the other got too long, :)

You said,

"Drafts,Drafts.msf,Inbox,Inbox.msf,msgFilterRules.dat,popstate.dat,sent,sent.msf,Templates,Templates.msf,Trash and Trash.msf
I wonder about that Folder also,
Do you think I shoulddelete her email account and set it up again? It's working now even though we lost all the messages in the inbox when Netscape came up requiring me to set her up again in both the Browser and email."

I'm not sure Auggief.

Is "" her ISP? Or anywhere close to her ISP's name? If so, it is probably correct for her settings. My ISP is NTL, and my folder shows up as ""

When I look again at inside my folder I also see inbox and inbox.msf as files, but in addition, I have 3 folders;

Inbox.sbd - which is empty
Friends.sbd - which has xxxx and xxx.msf where xxx are the names of my friends.
Shopping.sbd - which is empty

But in Netscape Mail, below the NTL-Broadband list in the left column, I have other folders for CNET, CitiBank, NTL, Online Courses, Work, StarChaser, as well as the 3 folders mentioned above. I also have Sent, Trash, and Templates.

I don't understand N Mail's system. My Inbox file in the folder is a massive 191,519KB file. But I do not have any mails read or unread in N Mails main message window, so the 191,519KB "must" include the emails from my friends, shopping, work, CNET, etc etc. What a weird system!

In the that you have, what is the size of your Inbox file?

Ahh, I think I have it.

I have just opened a file in my folder inside Windows Explorer. Not any of the .msf files, but just a "File". It is a small sized one called StarChaser, and is 15KB. I right clicked it, chose OPen and in the program list selected Notepad, (I made sure the option "Always use the selected program to open this type of file" was not available).

When it opened, all of my StarChaser emails appeared in a long list, one after the other, in view source mode, (ie it showed all the email header information).

If your wife's Inbox file is large, I wonder if all of her previous emails are in there, and not separated into groups because you lost any groupings when you had to re-profile?

If it is a large file, I suggest you think before opening it. Notepad wouldn't work because of it's size, so Wordpad would be used, but if it is large like mine, I suspect Wordpad would take a while to load it all up.

I think N Mail works like this.

"ALL" emails are stored in Inbox, or Sent, or Trash, (if it is not emptied).

If you create a folder in N Mail for groups a new file is created and a new .msf file, (some sort of pointer). If you transfer emails to the new folder, it becomes stored in the new file.

If, within the new folder you create sub-folders, (eg my Friends > Individual friends), a Friends.sbd folder is created within the folder, and inside that are the individual friends files and friends.msf file.

I am not sure why I have an Inbox.sbd.

This is extremely confusing and I wish you luck if you have a large Inbox file. Your wife's emails may be in there, and you could conceivably create "files" and corresponding .msf files and manually cut and paste the emails from the Inbox file into the newly created files. But this will be a long process.

You may decide to cut and run, and just go with what you have.


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Thanks for all your help

I opened inbox in Wordpad since it had 925 kb showing and I knew there was only one small message in the inbox. I saw a couple of messages from yesterday and then a whole lot of hieglyphics(SP?)
Mark, it's working again and I'll never know why Netscape just decided to disappear. I did just go from 7.1 to 7.2 and ran Spybot only to find in 10 mozilla files.
Whatever, We can just drop this Thanks again

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OK Auggief

At least you have it working again, partially or otherwise.

Good luck


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