Longer answer.

This never worked in Windows, maybe Windows 95 to some limited extent. There may be some software titles that 'say' they can do it, but they cannot. The task is too great and too complicated.


1] Mirrored drives. I assume you mean RAID 0. Great for adding a little speed, but awful for 'piece of mind'. If one of the drives goes south you lose everything, at once.

2] Cloning. On a non-Raid setup, (I had Raid 0 myself and would never go back to Raid again), you can "Clone" the hard disk and save yourself this problem to a greater extent. Something like Clonezilla, or TrueImage

3] All of those downloaded software installer files, back them up to some other media. Also, screen prints of licensing, keys, and such, and back those up to other media as well.

4] Always backup, even with cloned drives.

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