Sorry, I don't have any input on who does what on CNET TV... Still, although I carry a USB drive with me which contains a number of malware removal tools and recovery programs, using it certainly has it's dangers.. Primarily, ANY malware infected computer can also infect the USB drive immediately after plugging it in.. As a result, I generally carry CDs with all such troubleshooting programs. Finalized CD's won't get infected and can't transmit malware. I have a large number of CDs which have different purposes depending on the problem. I only use the USB drive on machines when CD's won't work.

Most of the computers I fix are malware infested and as such, I tend to use a cheap "throw-away" USB drive just in case it gets infected. On it, I carry a few antimalware scanners and their updates which get me started.. My prime reason for using the ones below are the ability to manually update them without accessing the internet.. :

1. Spybot S&D
2. AVG Antispyware
3. Windows Defender
4. McAfee Stinger
5. Vundofix.exe and SDFix.exe for Vundo Removal
6. Smitfraudfix for removing a number of other malware types
7. An antivirus scanner of choice plus it's current definition file.

I also keep the newest updates to many of the newest web programs such as Java, Flash, Firefox, WinsockXP Fix, LSPfix, Internet Explorer 6 SP2 installer, IE 7 installer, and a software firewall or two. Usually, I've got a registry cleaner with me as well.

Hope this helps.