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res://ieframe.dll security settings?don't know how to change

Hi, another person with the res://ieframe.dll problem where a pop up warns me the current webpage is trying to open a trusted site.

I read a few threads including this one (;search-results#2738298 ).

Here is what I tried:
internet options/security tab/trusted sites/custom settings, but I am clueless as to what my settings should be once in custom. The above thread suggested that users with the res://ieframe.dll problem look at their websites in less priveledged content zone settings. I looked at my less priveledged content zone and here is what I found: prompt is clicked for that setting. So, do I enable or disable that setting?

Thank you for any answers in advance!!!!!!

possibly 4 yr old Dell Dimension 4700 (probably lots of outdated stuff on here, but don't know how to correct any of the outdates) : (
Windows xp sp2
Mcaffee Total Protection with site advisor plus (as others have said-makes my computer run real slow!!)
Spyware blaster
had spybot, but Mcaffee suggested ditching spybot..... sigh
only 60% (88.99 GB) free memory space left.... sigh

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Reporting: res://ieframe.dll security settings?don't know how to change
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Are You Using A HOSTS File?

If so, then the "res://ieframe.dll problem" is probably caused when external javascripts from blocked sites are blocked. It's basically telling you that the page is not found.

It is also possible to eliminate the popup by changing the setting below:

Open Control Panel-Internet Options-Security tab-Trusted Sites-Custom Level button. Scroll down and "enable" or "disable" the setting below. (Disable is safer.)

"Web sites in less privileged Web content zones can navigate into this zone"

Click on OK, "apply", then OK, etc.

Hope this helps.


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res://ieframe.dll problem

Many many thanks Griff - although this post is months old, your excellent answer has cured the very excruciatingly annoying popup messange which has only recently started appearing on my pc. I'm glad I Googled the popup message and found this thread Happy

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(NT) Good Job & Glad It Helped !
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"res://ieframe.dll problem"

I can't thank you enough for helping me solve the "res://ieframe.dll problem". It drove us crazy trying to get around our websites with the pop-up warning. It was fixed in less than a minute.
Thank you again for your post.

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Vema123, Your Post Was Removed For Adverts

The tagline advertising/solicitation is against forum policies.. Your help is appreciated but please out the inappropriate links.

In response to your question:

Hi Grif,

Do you think it also possible that such a problem exist due to some virus affected sites trying to affect our sites as well? I've experienced a similar problem some time ago (I forget how exactly it reads), however my computer was infected then. Thank you for your valuable adviseHappy


Basically, you are correct.. Most HOSTS files block adware/spyware sites and it will those sites that throw the error.. That's exactly why I mentioned that "enabling" the setting mentioned was less safe.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Grif, I nominate you be "Tech Lord". Thanks again for your posted help.


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ieframes.dill problem fixed

you posted the answer 1 year ago but it still helped.

thank you very much,

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(NT) Glad We Could Help !
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I followed the instruction, disabled and it still pops up when on Any other ideas ? Running XP I think I have ie8 ? My brain wont let me remember how to check Sad Im so tired of the ieframe poping up I dont even want to use the comp

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Only ONE Site??

If it's only happening at Amazon, it well could be an issue with Amazon itself..

Still, there are lots of options but we'll need to know EXACTLY what you've got on your computer.. For the version of Windows XP, we need to know which service pack.. (RIGHT click on "My Computer", choose "Properties"..You'll see the Windows version and SP installed.) For the version of Internet Explorer, open IE, then click on "Help" in the upper left, choose "About Internet Explorer".)

In addition, are you using a HOSTS file? If you don't know, then you aren't running one.. If so, then access the HOSTS file and rename it to "HOSTS.txt" and see if it fixes the issue. If you don't have a special HOSTS file on the computer, then something else is blocking the coding on the Amazon site.. Try the steps below to attempt a fix:

1. Clean out all Temporary Internet Files and Cookies by using Tool/Internet Options in IE.

1a. Make sure you have SP3 installed on your computer and all critical Windows Updates included.

2. Disable any Phishing Filters running. On Internet Explorer, it will be the "Smart Screen Filter". (Control Panel/Internet Options/Advanced tab, scroll to the "Security" section and UNCHECK the "Enable Smart Screen Filter".)

3. Reset Internet Explorer security options back to their default. (Control Panel/Internet Options/Security tab, then click on the "Reset All Zones To their default levels".

4. Try using a different browser such as the free Firefox when visiting Amazon.

Hope this helps and let us know how it goes.


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Only ONE Site??

Windows XP Home, Version 2002, SP 3, IE 8,
I reset zones to default - Unchecked Enable smart screen filters, I wanted to try as few as possible to see which fix worked , It was 1 of 2 or both Happy
So far that seems to have taken care of it ?
Will update if any changes,
Thanks you so much !!!

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(NT) Thanks For Posting Back !
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IE isn't working at all

Last week malware or some type of virus attacked my computer. I ran an anti-virus scan and it got rid of whatever was on my desktop. However, IE7 does not work and each website I try to access IE says the page cannot be found. While a web page tries to load, this is what appears in the corner of the IE window: res://ieframe.dil/dnserrordiagoff.htm...
I deleted the browsing history, cookies, etc and have restarted my computer multiple times but IE still doesn't work. Any suggestions???

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Just one idea.

There will be more.

Do other browsers work? And why use IE because it's a favorite attack vector?

-> Ok the one idea here. I've seen that page where the malware has installed/changed IE to use a proxy. Set IE's proxy to none.

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IE 7 doesn't work! res://ieframe.dll/dnserrordiagoff.htm

Every time I open IE7 I get the following error: res://ieframe.dll/dnserrordiagoff.htm
IE 7 worked fine for two or three months then this crap started. I can use the internet when I'm logged into AOL, but not just IE7 by itself. What the hell is the problem? This is soooo frustrating.

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Look up.
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res://ieframe.dll problem

This si great! I've had this popup every time I on Amazon. I had to click no three times on each page I went to. Thanks.

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Thank you

Thank you Grif for this. Appreciate your sharing your knowledge.

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ieframe.dll popup problem solved!

I am soooo suprised at how many top level techs have no answer to this problem. Anyway here is the answer:

The popup occurs because the Tools>Internet Options>Security>Custom Level>"Launching programs and files in an IFRAME" is set to 'Prompt'. Setting it to either 'Enable' or 'Disable' will stop the popup.

This is for IE8 and is independent of the OS...

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Solved Previously In This Thread
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res//ieframe.dll and trusted site pop up

The reason that the pop up for trusted sites / res//ieframe.dll happens on Amazon is convoluted. The IE8 Trusted sites defalt is "https://". To add Amazon you must uncheck the "https://" requirement to allow amazon to be added to the trusted sites list. When you do this IE8 asks once per log on to amazon if you trust the site. by clicking yes the ugly trusted site RES//isframe.dll pop up goe away. Amazon does not use the https:// designator.

This is a product of everybody trying to protect against accessing untrusted sites and not everyone is on the same page.

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