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reposted with an apology to Clay

Scientists discover new source of stem cells Original post
by C1ay - 1/7/07 6:00 PM
Scientists have discovered a new source of stems cells and have used them to create muscle, bone, fat, blood vessel, nerve and liver cells in the laboratory. The first report showing the isolation of broad potential stem cells from the amniotic fluid that surrounds developing embryos was published today in Nature Biotechnology.

"Our hope is that these cells will provide a valuable resource for tissue repair and for engineered organs as well," said Anthony Atala, M.D., senior researcher and director of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

Atala announced the breakthrough with colleagues from Wake Forest University School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School.


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(NT) Thank you

In reply to: reposted with an apology to Clay

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Am I confused?

In reply to: reposted with an apology to Clay

I've been gone for the last 2 weeks...just got back last night after spending a great time in San Diego with Derek and Heather and playing catchup in the forums and emails.

Is Clay's repost a duplicate of this thread started by Woods-Hick that is on page 2? (I had to start at page 8 and move forward to see all new threads posted since I left).


I don't have a problem with both threads...just wondering.


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Clay posted it first

In reply to: Am I confused?

it was deleted and reposted, Woods posted the same after Clay's post was gone, No one knows why it was deleted

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Welcome back, Toni!

In reply to: Am I confused?

I hope Derek and Heather are well. Happy

Glad to see you back, you've been missed.


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Thank you

In reply to: Welcome back, Toni!

Had a real nice time....didn't get to some of my old haunts to see how much has changed, but did get to go on a tour of Derek's ship and got lots of pictures of the rest of the ships that were in port. I don't think there were more than twenty sailors on board...most were on leave, so Derek got to take me all over the place. It was really cool.

Coming home yesterday was horrendous....started at 5AM with back muscle spasms that went on the entire day, got a crappy 5 hour layover in Atlanta, Ga., got shuffled to one of the worst and smallest planes I've ever been on with my seat being the last (18 rows only) and immediately in front of the bathroom. I swear every passenger had to take a crap before take-off, must have never thought of using the airport johns, and I got to know all of them on a more than personal level until I was ready to puke (except my back wouldn't let me move to even lean over to use the barf bag without spazzing up again).

Got back to Cana (step son picked me up and took me to their house since they were storing my car to save me the expense of long-term parking), night was clear as a bell, and got to Galax around midnight with flashing blue lights from the hick cop for speeding (67 in a 55). Didn't even try to make up an excuse, just told him I was too tired to debate it, he was probably right, and I was anxious to get home after such a crappy day. He asked if I was a paramedic (license plates are PCMEDIC)...that's how much of a hick I had to deal with. I told him I repair and build PC computers....he told me to get my foot off the gas and go home and walked away chuckling.

He was the only bright spot in the whole freaking day until I got home and saw my dogs....and Teddy was jumping all over she was so happy to see me. LOL

Fell into the bed with both dogs and passed out immediately. lol

Derek and Heather are great and doing well...thinking about buying the condo/townhouse they are renting. I really hope they don't. It's not worth the $425K asking price even by a stretch of the imagination; I don't care what the real estate values are out there.

He hadn't been able to get his laptop connected to the internet for three months with Cox Cable, and shortly before I got there the video went out on the lcd screen. Gateway wants $599 to repair it, so I disabled the monitor in the bios and hooked up a regular crt monitor (it's actually another lcd, but the bios couldn't find it until I changed that), got him on the internet (his firewall was screwed up). Two days later, he was converting songs to ipod files for Heather and the harddrive crunched all over and died....the bios can't even find one connected anymore.

Talked him into checking out WalMart with me, and we found a really nice Emachine that's four times the system he had with the laptop, which was four years old already). I got him back on the net, uninstalled all the propaganda, and installed everything he needed for the net for protection, plus his burner program and MS Office (he uses it for work alot). Brought his laptop home with me so maybe I can try just replacing the harddrive and see if that will work....then it will belong to me. He was planning on breaking it over his knee and sledge-hammering the harddrive LOL. I'm too much of a packrat for computer parts to allow that to happen.

Heather's computer wouldn't boot up at all...about five years old with XP Home. Shipped it home to my address and I will be using one of the HP systems Roger gave me via you to see what I can put together for her.

They have the cutest black lab/spaniel dog (he's actually a purebred not a mix but I can't remember the name now). His name is Colby, about four months old and slept with me the last few nights I was there. Derek said he's gotten defiant now since I came home and I spoiled him. lol


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(NT) glad your home safe

In reply to: Thank you

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Welcome back Toni ;-)

In reply to: Thank you

I had back spasms on a train one time... not fun at all and everyone I was traveling with couldn't understand why I didn't want to go on a five mile hike during a layover! Sad

I carry a few tabs of valium/diazepam with me on long trips now just incase my back decides to seize up on me.

Anyway, pet the dogs and have a good nights' sleep.


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In reply to: Welcome back Toni ;-)

the spasms rolled in one right after the other (like labor pains lol) only while I was sitting or if I bent over to pick up the suitcase. If I was standing or walking they disappeared completely so I spent alot of the 5 hours walking around (lugging a laptop and a case for my camera) during the layover. Although both pieces had shoulder harnesses I couldn't use them or the back would seize up again so had to resort to hand straps, and neither were light-weight items....grrrrr Had to make a decision between the back spasms or cramped fingers from carrying the stuff lol

It was great to crawl into my own bed though....even with both dogs. Taking it easy and just relaxing now; haven't even unpacked the suitcases yet except to grab out my supersized Hershey candybars I bought real cheap in one of the local stores (10 for $10) and my cartons of cigs that I bought before I left and was able to bring back with me since I wasn't smoking much out there. I don't mind doing laundry and packing for a trip....it's the putting stuff away that I'm really lousy at. I'll probably live out of the suitcase for the next few weeks and slowly empty them out that way. lol I'm not very domesticated and prefer ripping a computer apart or doing manual labor on the house or landscape to housework.

I had the ideal marriage with my first husband....he loved being at home, raising the girls, and doing the housework while I worked and brought in the 'bacon'. Unfortunately, it was in the early 70's and 'real' men weren't supposed to reverse roles during that period and pressure from family and friends ruined it for both of us. lol


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I once suffered through some spasms

In reply to: Surprisingly

Once I realized it was a muscle thing brought on by stress, I was able to concentrate on relaxing, which eventually eased the spasms. At the time, my dad had had a stroke, it was stressful at work, and things were just not conducive to relaxation.

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Hi Toni, I see you

In reply to: Thank you

were fortunate in having our friend in the 'Help' forums (Ray Harinec who doesn't post in SE) come down from northern PA and house site your animals and protect your homestead.

A good man, that I wish he could also look after the wife's 3 cats when we are gone for more than 3 days. Guess the roundtrip airline ticket would be too much traveling to SW Texas.

Glad to see you had a good trip & back.


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(NT) john i use pet sitter service

In reply to: Hi Toni, I see you

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Good suggestion Mark and have

In reply to: john i use pet sitter service

looked at several in the yellow pages before. Around these parts, even though some may be bonded/ensured, they may just be a scout for others to know what is in your residence for future break-in by others and how your security alarm works/connections/etc.....
I therefore just don't want strangers staying at my house. I wouldn't consider Ray a stranger.

The different boarding places we have used are just too expensive for our 3 cats when gone for awhile, and then thinking about them being caged up in those "reasonable cost" cages for days.

For us it is best to get a relative or close friend to house sit if we can. No luck...so far. Happy When we were gone out of town for over two months recently, we took the cats with us and they stayed right in the apartments we rented which were expensive because we had the cats and also no long term lease.

The cats are both house type staying indoors every night (and when they want to eat), and outdoors every day in a large cat proof fenced yard to their enjoyment climbing the pecan trees, stalking birds that they never catch, and chasing squirrels that they never catch, and butterflys/bugs that they do catch and play with. All three are neutered, but not declawed, and do not destroy the furniture as we have several of those rope type towers for them to scratch. We can be gone for up to 3 days, leaving them plenty of water/food and litter boxes around without them destroying the house (keep bedrooms locked). We would need more litter boxes if gone longer as they like to have clean ones, although not going on the floor, may scratch some out of the box if overcrowded.

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(NT) mine is bonded

In reply to: Good suggestion Mark and have

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As much as I wanted to see Derek again

In reply to: Hi Toni, I see you

I would have had to cancel the trip and stay home with Teddy (she's the old codger that had the seizure a few weeks ago) and Tuck since neither would have been able to stay outside during the winter and Teddy's condition is rather unstable, although doing fine since I decided to ignore the vet's advice. lol

My girls all have kids in school so they couldn't come even if they were willing to, which they weren't....excuse was "why come all that way if you're not gonna be there". Ray was the knight in shining armor for me even knowing that three days after arriving he was going to have to drive all the way back for a Township meeting (he works there part-time) that he was required to attend and drive all the way back again all within 48 hours.....and THEN drive all the way back again the morning I was flying back home. Nobody else would have done that for me, and I can't tell you how much it was appreciated.

The dogs were alone, running loose in the house, and had a couple of small accidents during that 15 hours, but it was expected and they didn't disappoint me. lol But at least they were okay and happy to see me....and very forgiving. Teddy was given strict orders by me before I left that if she was going to decide that it was finally her time to go, she had to wait for me and not while on Ray's watch so he didn't feel badly (and he would have since he's really such a softy). She listened and obeyed the order as well as anybody in the military would have done...no whining, no questions, no doubt in her mind that it was the right thing to do. lol


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I read about

In reply to: As much as I wanted to see Derek again

Teddy in a post you previously made. It is sad to see a loved pet slowly deteriorate. Have had many dogs, but the last one we had about 8 years ago was a mongrel that my son obtained from the pound for his son, and couldn't keep at their new residence. He was getting old and seemed slow in getting around. When we were gone for three days, he peacefully expired about 3 feet from the dog house he loved.

Hope you post the photos you took visiting his ship. I like to tour all kinds of ships, subs, and aircraft carriers.

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Your trip?

In reply to: Thank you

Toni, Fun story. Just GREAT to read!!


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