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Replacing Dell Power Supply Easy ? Hard?

Is it difficult to replace a Dell 4300S Dimension's Power Supply? I am aware that the Dell's require a Dell specific part, but am wondering if technically it is hard to replace yourself?

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Reporting: Replacing Dell Power Supply Easy ? Hard?
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make sure you buy something with at least 300w and up. There should be only 4 screws holding it on to the case. it slides right out. Your hard drive, floppy, cd or dvd and mother board will be connected to the power supply so be sure to remember where things are connected. Good luck.

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could be...

You just can't buy any pwr supply because Dell has an extra pwr supply lead that goes to the mobo on many models. Standard supplies have one bundle that has a double row of wires on the connector that goes to the motherboard, and all the rest go to hard drive;CDrom drive;floppy;maybe a procesor fan.

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Here's a place with such special supplies.
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As was mentioned. . .
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Take photos before removing hard drive connections

If you have a digital camera or a polaroid, take pictures showing all the connections. Then when you install the new drive, you know what goes where.

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Great TIP!!

This tip should show up regularly when people begin new endeavors. Goodness how I wish I would have taken a picture of all my stuff before I unplugged and plugged new hardware! m~

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Dell Power Supply Stats

There was a period when Dell used non-industry standard voltages on their ATX power supplies (1996-2000) the pin-outs matched the standard ATX plug-ins but their voltages were different. Thus if you used a different motherboard with those power supplies or a non Dell power supply with a Dell motherboard... Zap... You were fried. Here is a Dell link with the pin-out voltages for the 180 Watt power supply used with the 4300S
As long as the power supply you are installing matches these voltages you will be okay. As to actual difficulty in switching them out... not difficult at all... just note what is plugged into what on the old power supply before unhooking. It should take you no more than 5 minutes to replace it and be back up and running.

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Dell OptiPlex GX270


I am a complete newbie, so all help gratefully accepted.

I have a Dell OptiPlex GX270 Small Mini-Tower, which has a 250W power supply. I live in the UK if that makes a difference.

I want to add a gfx card and DVD drive and will have to chage the power supply to a larger one.

Can anyone tell me if Dell use a industry standard PSU on these machines?


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Antec SP400 works in Dell Optiplex GX270 with small mod

I own a GX270, 2.8 Ghz with a 250 Watt PSU. I purchased a PNY 6600GT AGP card. Upon installation, the system would throw an error from the nVidia software that the video card was not receiving sufficient power. I bought a GX280, 305 Watt PSU off ebay but that has a 24 pin connector not a 20 pin the GX270 has. Plus, the power cord port on the back of the PSU is in a different location, side instead of top left.

I took the GX270 power supply out and went to Staples where I picked up a 400W Antec SP 400 for $49. The cord port on this PSU matched the Dell and the voltages matched. I did have to cut some of the metal below the cord port to expose the power switch on the PSU. I used a reciprocating saw with a fine tooth metal blade. I had to cut down about 2 inches using the cort port as my guide.

I made the connections and it has been up for 24 hours. all in all, this took less than an hour to install. I did have to re-install the video card software to eliminate the non sufficient power message. I guess it remembered it had a 250W and did not recognize the new 400W PSU. After install, everything is sweet.

I presume the key is the matched voltages. I took this chance because my GX270 is under warranty so if I fried it, just call Dell for the next day warranty.

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Dell 4300S Dimension's Power Supply

Hello Jane

Most of Dells power supply's are specifically made for their systems, I believe the 4300s series has the ATX P4 connector and should be replaced with the exact same power supply, I do not know what type of chassis you have, but the skydive is the larger one that sits on the floor VS. the smaller tower that you can lay under the monitor. You first need to find out which one you have.

Open the chasis and check the power supply label and it will tell you what company sold it to Dell. And you could probably find that company online if you wish to replace it with an original, now then if you wish to get a little further into, check the power supply label for the wattage and voltage, if your an online buyer, you can go to Tiger direct or pricewatch and compare the units there and find one that is comparable.

If your not sure that it is the power supply unit itself and want to confirm it is the power supply take it to a nearby computer store and with little money they can diagnose whether it is a power supply or if the motherboard itself may have a problem.

I wish you lots of luck and if all else fails....Call Dell technical support and they can order you one, they arent that hard to change Wink

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You can do it yourself and it is not hard. Do you want to replace with another dell power or are you going atx? If you are going dell then its just a matter of swapping the old for the new (about 3 to 4 harnesses).

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Power Supply

First shut down your PC and then unplug the power from it. If you are somewhat of a tech.know what model you have and Processor speed Dell will have the number and the new one you need. Remove the cover and unplug the power supply that comes from the power supply to the main board.Make sure you plug the new one in the same way the old was plugged in the board.Colors in the right direction

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