"He wants to be able to transfer his database,"

See if this article explains it. -> http://www.pdamd.com/vertical/tutorials/multiplepda.xml

"and be able to work on/edit Word and Excel documents"

As to a pocket sized device, I found such to be less than usefull. I did outfit my Palm with a keyboard and that was great for long notations, but I would not wish to edit Word or Excel documents on such a small machine. You may be inclined to do otherwise, but do get your hands on such a machine for a day to decide. If they won't let you do this, then shop elsewhere.

"Bluetooth technology is a plus, but not necessary. Same goes for camera. Phone and MP3 should NOT be part of the package. Any recommendations? And Why?"

I'm unsure why the "Why?" part. PDA's are a personal decision and you'll have to find your own why. For me, I use my Palm to carry my usual info of contacts, some emails and applications that I've written. But for real work, I pull out a laptop.

Happy shopping.