Replacement battery and Universal power supply

Hello folks,

My Toshiba Satellite A505-S6005's (Part number - PSAT6U-005002) battery seems to be dying. I am getting a warning 'Consider replacing your battery'. Battery Care application is showing its capacity half of what it is designed for (Also, I do notice that it discharges in less than 2 hours and its a 12-cell battery)

So I am curious if anyone has a recommendation of a store for after-market battery purchase. I do not want to buy from ebay for cheap and then end up replacing again in a year. At the same time, if possible, I do not want to spend more than $60.

I have another laptop from Acer. I will be glad if someone can recommend me good quality after-market universal power supply so that I can use it for both of these machines.

Many thanks in advance.

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Reporting: Replacement battery and Universal power supply
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Get the maker's battery.

Today the makers have locked the battery market down because of those battery fires a few years ago. Shop on if you must.

Why do you need to replace the power supply?

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Most manufacturers

don't use the same power supplies on their own models. Let alone different manufacturers and your probably not going to be able to use the same one mainly because the connector is different. Also remember your power supply is made up of 2 chords. The one that plugs into the electrical outlet and to the power brick is mostly universal and that can be replaced at a low price. It's the part that plugs into the laptop thats not standard.

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Not really

I googled universal laptop power supply and came across loads of options. Many of them had wide variety of pins so that it can be used with many laptops. I am not certain about the wattage I should be using so I was little confused. Belkin used to make one of these but not anymore and I am little hesitant to buy it from ebay. I do not really want to mess up the laptops, although my work IT guy told me not to worry. He mentioned that even though power supply messes something, there is some mechanism in laptops that prevent them from getting burned or something. Of course, this change needs to be minor. I would like to confirm this from another independent source.

So the point is, laptop end pin doesn't seem to be an issue. The issue is, product that delivers power supply that it states. I don't really trust No-Name Made in China stuff.

With the replacement battery, Toshiba sells similar battery for $150. Instead of buying that battery, I will get myself a new laptop in Black Friday deals. (What is the guarantee that the new battery is any better? and I am not paying that much for this same quality battery!!)

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Let's say it's the same quality battery. Why would folk?

Let's look at your garden variety laptop and read how many CYCLES the battery is rated for. A quick peek at a few has me writing this is 300 CYCLES. If you do your research that's 300 cycles until it's about half the capacity it was new.

So in about 18 months, the owner that used the battery daily would need a new battery.

My question is simple. Why would folk run off the battery given the high expense of that use?

150 bucks per battery or about 1 dollar a cycle.

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Running a laptop without battery is little cheaper. A while ago, I checked how much it costs me to run my laptop and is about a buck per day. (I used Kill-A-Watt), So I am not too sure how you concluded it as expensive route (if I understood correctly).

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Actually very expensive. Why?

The battery serves as an UPS so power is not cut unexpectedly and you lose your work in progress. And even after all these years, losing power can result in a non-operational Windows.

So leave the battery in, apply AC and you'll get years out of the battery on current laptops. We have 5 year old laptops that get about half the time as new at the office. These units sat on desktops with the power on for years.

My calculation was for the cost of using the battery alone.

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I think the technology has

moved faster in components conserving power when they aren't being used then the actual batteries them selves. Remember alot of the components of laptops are made in china (all brands and models). Your power supply should have all the specs on it. If not look up your laptop and accessories for that laptop and the specs should be given.

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