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I am soon up for renewal for my spy and ant virus protection, Nortons and Spysweeper. Should I just renew or buy those newer version they are trying to push on me? I haven't had any problems with either of them so why buy a new 2008 version. Oh and I am not going to download any new programs that are free or better mainly because I believe in what ain't broke don't fix it and to be frank unless someone is willing to come over to my house to install new anti virus and uninstall my old ones and insure I have no problems with the new programs forget it because I am not really up to doing it. lol. Maybe when I am fully recovered but not now I just want to know about the Nortons and Spysweeper for now. Thanks

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Don't buy but renew only

If you have Norton 2006 or Norton 2007, you don't need to buy Norton 2008. Just renew your Norton 2006 or 2007 then take advantage of the "free" upgrade to Norton 2008.

That is if you have active subscription with your 2006 or 2007 edition or if you renewed it.
You can download NAV 2008 from their website.
Uninstall Norton 2006 or Norton 2007, then install Norton AV 2008.

The product key of Norton 2006 and Norton 2007 is applicable to Norton AV 2008 because they offer free upgrade to Norton 2008.

If you are happy with Spy Sweeper then you'll renew too. It should offer you support, updates and upgrade to newer version if you have active subscription or ask Webroot they have discount for existing customers if they don't offer free upgrade like Symantec do.

See similar discussion at Calendar of Updates:
Or just go to

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If it Ain't Broke.....Go for it! A Few Reasons...

being that they work well. Newer Updated versions may be trying to incorporate stuff to suit Vista and may be buggy on your system (seeing a fair amount of this these days). You don't mention your OS (I'm ASSuming XP or Media Center not Vista).

Additionally, usually renewing is cheaper than newer program ('tho this may be subject to special offers).
The newer program may require different (more extensive/larger) system specs that may exceed what you currently have built in. Enjoy! Happy

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Thanks for both of your replies. I wasn't aware that when you renewed Norton's they give you a free upgrade. But then if you upgrade to the new one it might be buggy because of Vista That is a very good point and exactly what I have been worried about. I think I will just renew for now and read about some problems with the upgrade and figure out what I should do later. I have XP Media edition. And Norton 2007 edition.

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Glad we could help :-)

I have an XP (but not MCE) and it has Norton 2008. So far, so good but I know different system has different specs and settings so what is good to one might not be good to another system.

Upgrading to Norton 2008:
In case you will.. just renew your Norton 2007 and make sure that the subscription has been sync to Symantec server properly.
When done, uninstall Norton 2007 then proceed in installing Norton 2008.
Installation is less than 5 minutes. Boot time process improved.

Backup the system if you will upgrade (just in case).

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no free upgrade, but that's ok

I renewed the Norton's a little while ago and they seem not be offering the 2008 upgrade for free anymore. I don't see it anywhere except if you pay 59 dollars for it. In any case thanks because you answered my questions. The free upgrade was just a extra perk I wasn't expecting anyway. Lisa

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They won't offer it :)

You'll just need to download the NAV 2008 from the link I provided in my earlier post. Backup your whole system. Uninstall Norton 2007. Install Norton 2008 (it will detect your product key. No need to input again). Login to your Norton Account window will appear instead of product activation key.

Others took advantage of it too:

Note: Backup the system just in case.

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I use NIS08...

I use NIS08 on my lowly 2002 computer with only 512MB of memory, and have no complaints.

NIS08 performed so well in PC Magazine's tests, that I don't bother with a second antispyware program.

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Beware of Norton 360

My renewal was up for my Norton Internet Security 2007 and was running Norton Confidential, so I made a decision to upgrade to Norton 360 since it had the Cnet and other awards (can't be that bad right)wrong! I purchased a CD at my local Best Buy (my thinking was that a file that large may be corrupted downloading off the net)and proceeded to install, the first window pops up telling me it will uninstall all my previous versions of Norton. The program installed correctly but when it tried to run Live Update it kept freezing up when it tried to unzip the file and apply the updates. This started a search through their data base and countless tech support e-mails wasting 13 hrs. of my time trying to correct the problem. As of yesterday 10/19/07 when I last tried to run Live update and sent my last e-mail to tech (still waiting for a reply) the problem was not resolved. In frustration I shut my computer off and called it quits, but low and behold when I turned it on this morning it said it ran Live-Update as of 10/19/07 and gave me the green check mark (it must have ran while the computer was turned off?) I regret upgrading to 360 because of all the problems (google Norton 360 problems and see how many pop up)and also what they do not tell you is that it is not compatable with Norton Confidential and many other of there products. I paid for Norton Confidential and cannot re-install it so basically I burned for one of the best programs of Norton, it allows you to keep your passwords for all the web sites you visit locked in a vault, with one password you open it and it automatically fills in the the log-in page. Good luck on your renewal, but I am starting to look at other companies and just because Cnet gives it an award,is not a good thing.

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DO NOT Upgrade

I made the mistake of "upgrading" to Norton 360, lost my data when my new Vista box crashed but no worries my important e-mails were stored on 360's included on-line backup--WRONG, they could never retrieve them even on the phone for 2+ hours. Live update doesn't work right (have to do it manually) it is a piece of junk and NO SUPPORT.

I wanted the parental control for my kids XP box and they never could make that work on 360 so they sent me a disk copy of Internet Security...lot of good it does, 4 hours of installation and phone support and it still only works on the admin account, mine, not my kids! So what good is parental control if they have to either login as admin and have full control anyway or have no AV?

The ONLY Norton product I have that works is my old XP box with plain Norton Anti-Virus, I have it set to tell me when it runs live update so I can manually tell 360...and I still have no on-line storage.

They have never responded. Some "corporate support" tech called and said he was taking "ownership" of my case and would work until it was fixed...2 weeks later I got an e-mail from another guy that the first guy had to be out a few weeks unexpectedly so he would be helping me. I explained all the problems again (for the 100th time) and he said he'd get back to me
...that was three weeks ago and 2 days ago I got an auto e-mail saying they were glad they resolved my issue and hoped I was happy, please take a can imagine my answers,

For Norton anyway DO NOT upgrade. Their new products are a flop, especially 360 (although I guess internet Security would work on a single user box, but why pay for parental control & 3 user licenses?) I had to get Spyware Doctor which catches everything 360 misses (on the first run over 200 items, nothing at all since then, Spyware Doctor is a #1 product), Norton wasn't catching anything and yes, it was enabled.

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I'm just renewing, not upgrading

Hi Those are the reasons that I have decided not upgrade. I just renewed the subscription. I have the plain old Anti Nortons Virus that came with the notebook when I purchased it. I have Web root as my Spyware and it has been working fine too. I never heard of the 360 until now. That is why asked my original question I was afraid of such problems. Like I said originally if it ain't broke don't fix it. So I will just leave it the way it is. Thanks

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