In this responce I only wish to allow the reader to know that though this appears to be a workaround and indeed it might very well prove ultimately to work this is a word of caution.The word is that their will be an actual uninstaller being provided so that the entire offensive nature of the rootkit be removed.This will be provided by Sony though its actual availability has as yet to be announced.Though as of yet and not at this forum there was a post that attempted to remove the Sony Rootkit only to find that the CD-ROM was no longer present upon reboot.Know this carefully because only real security professionals have been able thus far to workaround this unfortuneate development.There is further information that a class action has been initiated, sites in both California and Texas are already dealing with the problem that this has caused.If the respective data base simply holds steady rather than take a regrettable action there will increase the possibility of a uninstall that will rid the computer of the rootkit.Though the Sony patch was meant to remove the innocuous nature that these rootkits represent it actually created by so doing the very basis of the rootkit and that is a backdoor ability.The uninstaller promises that this will be accomplished without Loss or it is surmised Sacrifice.I would advise that a prudent course of action be implemented and a hold steady position be put into practice.Monitor using available tools however do not proceed with the attempt to remove until some of this dust settles and authoritative information is made available directly from the parties responsible for this rootkit.