Remember give a donation to Obama as wedding gift?

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Reporting: Remember give a donation to Obama as wedding gift?
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Actually they DID get change

the people just weren't expecting prices rising so quickly that all they were left with was change in their pockets....and now thanks to Bernake and QE3, the effects of which won't show up until AFTER the election, that the $1 they spend at the grocery store will only get them $.70 worth of goods when two weeks ago it would have gotten them $.75. The $.75 figure might have been even lower, but I'm guesstimating that one. The US dollar is now worth a little more than 5% less than it was. Keep devaluating the dollar and we will BE China soon, where capitalism is actually booming.......because in China, if you don't produce for the COUNTRY and not yourself, you disappear.

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see the other thread

with my "Food" post in it. It's not even the cost of "food" that's so much but what is spent on specialty items, luxuries, highly processed boxes and packages of high calorie, low nutrition food. Then there's the money wasted on canned and bottle sodas, which is flavored sugar water, some with calcium stripping phosphoric acid in them (colas mostly). Buy koolade powder and add sugar, it was good enough for our generation. Buy tea bags and make a pitcher of tea. Turn on a tap, water is still drinkable. All sorts of bulk items which can be stored and used fairly easy, even in an old freezer or refrigerator that doesn't run anymore to keep "creatures" from messing with it. The problem today is beggars CAN now be choosers and the govt is making the rest of us pay for it.

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speaking of food...
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we had soda machines available

in my high school. I remember one being right outside the gym. Another was in the lunchroom. If there were others I don't remember them. I know there were times I needed a quick sugar lift after cross country or track practice was over.

I don't mind them cutting back on the fat, or items with high sugar calories, but in that case there's hardly any need to restrict how much they eat of what's available. If a kid had a cup of beans, a slice of cornbread, a 1/4 lb lean hamburger with 2 tbsp milk gravy, and an 8oz carton of whole milk, his total calorie consumption would be about (220+130+170+40+150)=710 calories without adding butter, oil, or other fats to the meal. The BMR for a 17 yr old male, who is 5'10" and weighs 175 pounds is almost 2000 calories needed per day. That's just to meet the standard requirement to maintain body weight for his age. Any activity of an exercise nature adds need for more calorie intake. Here's another BMR calculator, read the note there about it.

If they just have the right kind of food, cutting out the fat and high sugar amounts (like cake with icing) then the kids could eat all the wanted at lunch and it be almost impossible to gain weight.

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Very cool

I like the last paragraph. Real class.


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