First, you'll need to make a backup of all personal documents and files. In addition, you'll need to have all of the reinstall CD's for Windows XP plus all the programs. Some computer manufacturer's do that by providing you with separate CD's for each program. Some do it by providing a set of "Recovery CD's" or a "Recovery Partition". Usually XP PRO comes with the Windows XP itself, but you need to let us know which you have.

Next, in order for us to tell you the procedure, you'll need to tell us a little more about what was originally installed on the machine a year ago:

1. Was Windows XP PRO at the SP1 stage or at the original XP PRO when you first got the computer? Either way, you'll probably want to obtain the Service Pack 2 installer so that it can immediately be installed after you reformat and reinstall.

2. Do you have the "Recovery CD" which will restore the computer back to the condition when you got it from the strore...or do you have separate Windows XP and program installer CD's?

3. Have you got a copy of all the drivers for your computer hardware, such as audio and video drivers? If you're using a "REcovery CD", then the original drivers are probably included. If you're using separate CD's for the operating system and program installers, then you'll need to get those drivers. Sometimes, the manufacturer includes them on a "Resource CD", but you'll need to check.

4. Once you've got all that, then the link below should help with instructions on reformatting and reinstalling Windows XP:

HOpe this helps.