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Registry Mech help!!! urgent pls!

Dec 24, 2005 1:07AM PST

Okay, so i used reg mech to compact my registry on XP and it was ok, prompted me to reboot BUT, when i rebooted, it show only black screen on log in screen!!!
Now i cant use my XP! help pls on how to restore it!!!

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Boot to the command prompt or ...
Dec 24, 2005 1:10AM PST

Last Known Good Configuration to use the old registry.

If you must, boot to the Command Prompt and run RSTRUI.EXE

You won't be the last to blow up a machine with that software.


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Dec 24, 2005 1:43AM PST

I tried to boot safe mode with cmd prompt but it hangs! also, in last known good config, it doesnt! GOD! i hate registry mechanic...

help more pls!

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If you can't make it to the command prompt...
Dec 24, 2005 1:49AM PST

It's toasted very well.

The 2 most common repairs are:

1. Boot the XP CD and take it's repair offer.
2. Install a PARALLEL INSTALL ( and migrate to the new OS.

In closing, how did the call the Reg Mechanix tech support call go? Most I know of end up formatting the machine and starting over but the 2 items above save that from happening.


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Dec 24, 2005 1:56AM PST

Any idea why RM may cause problems for some but not others. Been usig RM regularly several months now and can't say anything bad about it.

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Dec 24, 2005 3:54AM PST

I used Registry Mechanic and it ruined my Machine. I had to start from Scratch and reinstall Windows XP. I don't know how they can put such a terrible program on the market! I use Norton System Works 2006. It has a One Button Scanner that is Great! It will fix programs without ruining your Computer. It also has Norton AntiVirus which I like and it has a program to keep you from being hyjacked from your Home page. Only you can change your Home page. Do not use GOBack under any circumstances as it is one of the worst programs on the Internet. It ruined one of my Hard drives!! Ghost is OK. Make sure you do not use cleanup as it will do almost the same thing as Registry Mechanic. Install with custom. The Utilities are ok, just set everything the way you want it.

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RE: rm
Dec 24, 2005 4:52AM PST

Never had a single problem with RM. RM even maintains backups of changes it makes. Perhapes something else was involved in creating the damage you experienced.

Have used GoBack to create reliable System backups for quite some time with no ill effects. I don't understand how GB could ruin a HDD. If a backup containg a virus, other pest, or misconfiguration were restored, this could certainly cause problems. I know older versions of GB should not be installed on XP, and even OS damage caused by this can be overcome by booting from a boot or restore disc. Again, perhaps something else happened to be involved in the damage you experienced.

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Dec 24, 2005 1:59AM PST

isnt there a way to restore my registry with another OS? coz i did save a restore point on XP but obviously, i cant run it coz it wont start. BTW, on the safe mode, it hangs while loading drivers... God... help me pls

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If so, it would be done from the PARALLEL INSTALLED XP.
Dec 24, 2005 2:06AM PST

If you look around you'll see others that toasted XP this way. But each one's exit tends to vary a little. The short fix list is:

1. Format and install XP.
2. Various safe mode, command prompt RSTRUI usage.
3. Parallel XP installs and reaching into the other OS for repair.


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So if I do this,
Dec 24, 2005 2:52AM PST

would all of my apps and stuff stay the same?

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What choices do you have?
Dec 24, 2005 3:00AM PST

Sorry to read about your imminent loss.

Maybe the maker of said software has a better idea?


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So My system has no returning point?!?
Dec 24, 2005 3:15AM PST


but the software said it made a System restore point!
If this is it, be kind to me, and give me adice on what to do... I cant belive this...

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I've offered the usual exits.
Dec 24, 2005 3:24AM PST

But I don't see you using them. The parallel install is the best one since you keep the failed OS and all your files. It then lets you reach over and attempt to fix that OS.

-> You also seem to not be talking to the software's maker. They may have a fix that we don't know about.

As to that registry backup, I found this software to delete such in it's compress or other phases. After a few dozen toasted machines I stopped trying this software. Maybe their software is OK but given today's spyware and more plagues, it could be one of those binary weapon problems.


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You could try this route
Dec 24, 2005 3:52AM PST
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Nov 18, 2006 1:36PM PST

are you running XP or XP Pro? if Pro then try the recover console...that way you can fix the prolem and not lose all your files??

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Nov 18, 2006 5:10PM PST

Access the BIOS, normally by pressing 'del' on splash screen, set computer to boot from cd drive. Insert XP disk, wait for the full loading, press 'r' when prompted, to use 'recovery console'. Choose XP installation you wish to log onto, enter administrator's password, or blank enter if there isn't one, type chkdsk /r, and wait an hour or two.
Also read :

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As this post is now almost a year old,
Nov 18, 2006 7:31PM PST

I would imagine that the problem has resolved itself one way or another by now.


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You have to run chkdsk
Nov 19, 2006 2:15AM PST

from windows once before using this software. Its anybody's guess as to why but it needs the standard chkdsk run from windows first before it can do it properly.

I've had this software and its locked up quite a few times, but it never did this.

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I had a similar problem
Nov 19, 2006 2:31AM PST

when my daughter installed norton internet security 2006 while i was away. She installed the goback etc,the pc crashed & no restore points could be found,the os wouldnt load,it just kept looping round to the start up mode page we didnt have the xp disks. Symantec were no use what so ever. Even the local pc shop couldnt mend it. But i did eventually,its a long story but its got xp pro up & running again. If all else fails il gladly explain what i did.