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Registry cleaners - necessary? worth it?

While my machine seems to run fine, I have a trial version of RegCure on my system. It says I have some issues, but won't fix them until I buy it. A knowledgeable friend says it's not necessary to run reg cleaners, as all they really do is clean up old reg entries left behind from files that have been deleted. I'd like to know if these registry cleaners are necessary, and if so, is RegCure a good one? Thanks a bunch. Happy


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Re: Registry cleaners - necessary? worth it?

Peter, My advice is to stay away from all Registry Cleaner Programs. They cause more problems than they fix.


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Absolutely not.

Never worth it.

I would avoid posting your email address in these or any other forums if I were you.

They can be harvested by bots, (robots), that trawl forums looking for spam customers.


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Registry cleaners - necessary? worth it?

Hi Mark, hi Tufenuf.

Thanks for your words of wisdom. I'll remove RegCure immediately. As for spam, I use ChoiceMail, a great little anti-spam filter app that works for me very well. I'm always worried more about my machine's performance than I am its security. I've been running Kaspersky Security Suite now, for almost 8 years. Between ChoiceMail, KIS and using a router, I've had little to be concerned about. I'm just looking for max perfomance. Thanks again for your time to write. I really do appreciate it, very much. Happy


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Registry cleaners etc.

I JUMP onto the bandwagon with the other guys, stay away from them!

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Second thought about email links.

Given the pollution problem, posting email links in the clear only adds to the problem. That is, when your email slows to a crawl will you complain? By posting your email address in the clear you added more traffic by the spammers.

My thought here is to not add to that big problem when every possible.

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Not just that

Come to think of it, the email address should have been removed by the editors, if there is no automated facility to do so. Just testing: Let us see what happens when I write *** ... Ah, so perceived company advertising gets asterisks straight away. Now, where is the problem then?

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I'd say

Sometimes necessary, most of the time, dangerous.

Registry repair software can remove items from the registry that make your PC run, without these items it will not work at all, that's the dangerous side. Sometimes the the registry gets so cluttered up that registry repair is needed to keep a PC working. Use registry repair software as a last resort when all else fails just before you reload a faulty OS. Using it then might keep your system going a bit longer. So use it only when you have nothing to loss.

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RE: Reg Repair

Thanks, but I've already removed the app I had on my machine, and don't plan on using any other reg repair apps in the foreseeable future. I still appreciate your advice though. Thanks again. Happy

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regstry cleaners?

over time ,your regstry will clog up. I have seen more than 11000 faults. But Advanced System Care even in the free version will be able to fix the problem for you.
Further try the "Revo Un-installer".It can also be downloaded for free. The main function, is to free your machine from unwanted programs. You will be surprised to see how widespread a downloaded program can go in other programs.
But on "page two" under functions, you will find a program: "remove unwanted files" On my grandchilds machine, we found may bee 500 parts of files that had been left over appearently for no reason at all.
Needless to say,but it became a new machine. good luck, skriver

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Cleaning a registry...

You know how your computer slows down over was fast when you got it and brought it home but slows down slowly until you're wondering what happened? Well, there's more than one reason for that. One reason is that software continually gets bigger, so new versions of software will run slower on the same computer. The other reason is that your computer collects junk, your disk gets fragmented, stuff collects that you're not aware of simply because you download and install software and then remove it, and it leaves behind piles of files in various places that just collect.

One of the best ways to clean your registry or improve your system's performance is to re-install your computer. This is especially true if you've had a serious virus, but in any case, after a few years of collecting stuff, any computer will benefit from a full re-install. It will go back to being the speed that you remember when it was new, although as you re-install the software that you need it will slow down some just from that. But it will be lots faster than before you re-installed.

There are many incremental things that you can do, like defragmenting your disk, making sure that you only start up the programs that you need (msconfig), and just being careful with what you install and remove, maxing out the physical memory in your system, and so on, but a full re-install really has the most beneficial effects.


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I use a registry tool

I have used ccleaner (it's free) every few months for many years. It's amazing how many bits and pieces of uninstalled programs and other junk are left in the registry. I have never experienced any problems from using it. Reboot times seem to speed up a bit.

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(NT) CCleaner using since 4 years Great Job! I rest my case.Free
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Reg Cleaner

It's amazing to say that using programs is dangerous.The registry is rising permanently - cleaning and defragmented is advisible .No need to muck in depth of settings,only default and that's it.Foe example ,Wise registry cleaner (portable) is good choice.

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that is not the experience we have had from posters in these forums. All too often we see damage to an OS caused by such 'cleaners'.


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CCleaner is all I can speak for but after using the program for 5 years on over 10 machines(XP SP3) I've NEVER had an issue using their registery cleaner. I DON'T recommend getting into the registry manually and editing entries. Yes there are MANY registry cleaners out there that do cause harm but from what I have seen CCleaner is not one of them. Also, I DON'T recommend getting into the registry manually and editing entries.

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registry cleaners

If I were you I'd dump all and anything associated with this RegCure!!! I don't trust it and have bought it and it is not what you want believe me. Always be sure you have a backup on hand! and i mean for your whole computer! Especially be sure you have a boot disk etc.

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