There have been quite a few complaints about RegCure. Both here at the forums, and also places like, RegCure Software Complaints. Every once in a while, a "Paretologic Liaison" will stop by and see a post such as this. If so, tomorrow maybe your lucky day! Happy

In a prior thread, someone posted with much the same complaint as yours. Maybe the information supplied, might help you?

I found the below telphone number and just called. They "say" they represent the publisher. "According to them".. the "publisher" will grant a refund if RegCure was purchased within a 6 week period.

Call: 1-800-390-6035

Company information:
1827 Fort St.
Victoria, British Columbia

IF per chance you paid for it with a credit card and haven't paid your bill yet, I would suggest waiting to see if you (actually) get a refund first. There may be something you can do from your end, if you don't get your "promised" refund.

Whether they actually do refund your money, I have no idea. I only know they were very courteous and "matter of fact" about it (the refund) on the phone. It's worth a shot..