To reformat a windows ME drive, follow these steps.
1. Create a startup disk (open Control panel, click "Add/Remove Programs" click on the "startup disk" tab, and follow the instructions for creating a startup disk.
2. Shut down your PC, and restart it with the startup disk in the drive. Your machine should go through the startup phase, but instead of Windows starting, you will get a black screen with the A:/ cursor showing.
3. Type "Format c:" after the prompt, and hit enter.
You will get a warning "All materian on this drive will be erased! Continue (yes No). Type Y and hit enter.
4. In about 20-40 minutes (depending on the drive size) your drive will be reformatted.
5. Insert your Windows ME Installation disk in your CD and begin installing anew.

Note - some PC's will allow you to do this just by putting your installation disk in your CD and restarting your PC - if so, it saves you a step or two - give it a try!

REMEMBER - ALL your data will be lost. So save or back up important files for reinstallation. Immediatley install all your virus protection, then go to the Windows Update page, and install ALL the updates for windows ME (And there are a TON of them!) This will be a long process, so keep a good evening or weekend day for this project - last time I did a reformat, it took me 4 hours, including reinstallation of all the software I wanted to reinstall - but it's worth it! A Clean Machine runs Soooo much better!)