Red CPU light is still on even after replaceing cpu.

On Sunday while I was loading up a game my computer crashed and when I tried to load it back up the red cpu light would turn on and stay on. I read around and figured that my cpu was toasted and got an replacement for it. But when I tried breadboarding it with the new cpu it still gives me the red cpu light. Can anyone help?
My components are the:
Motherboard: Gigabyte Ab350 gaming 3
CPU: RYZEN 5 1600
Psu EVGA 650 GQ 80 plus
Ram: HyperX fury 8gb

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Reporting: Red CPU light is still on even after replaceing cpu.
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Clarification Request
Extra Information

Before Sunday i have been able to use this computer fine and have been able to use it for about a week and never got to play any games on it. also when i have both RAM sticks plugged in the red CPU light would be on turnoff quickly then the DRAM led would flash on for a second and turn off and it would go back to the CPU led. It would cycle like this every 20 seconds.

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CPU usually is OK

I run into CPU socket issues than bad CPUs. Seems a lot of folk are not gentle or can't keep the fingers or compound out of the sockets or CPU pads.

There's no magic to this. It isn't a setting, it's usually the motherboard CPU socket. Remove the CPU and try again. Be very careful.

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I did just as you said but when I try to turn it on I still get the red cpu led. The cpu fan running and everything but I still just get the red led.

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Was not likely to fix it.

Time for the mainboard now.

Also, as in all dead PCs you downsize till it works.

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All I currently have connected to the motherboard is the psu, two ram sticks, the power button from the case, the cpu and the fan.

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Don't need both RAM sticks.
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I tried each of the ram sticks in every slot as well as none, i tried both both slots on my psu for the ATX-12V connector and still get the CPU red light.

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Took a closer look.
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Before Crash

I was able to use the computer a whole week before the CPU light came on and was able to play a game of fortnite at max graphics. could it be the motherboard or does it have to be the CPU since it is the CPU light.

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Think hard here.

Sure it can be the CPU. Or the socket the CPU is in, a bent pin, a chip connected to the CPU and more. The light is an idiot light. Don't count on it being right.

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Double checked and triple checked all the pins are lined and perfect. i checked the socket and it all looks good.

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The odds

Are it's not the CPU.

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Then what could it be?

If the problem is not the CPU then what could the problem be?

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Only one other part in play.

The motherboard. A remote chance it's the PSU but you can test that by check the legs for proper voltage.

I've seen folk like you get into a spiral of what is it. They have warranties and should use them.

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Checking the motherboard

Is there any particular way that I can check the mother board to see if it’s the source of the problem

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You'll scream.

You need a working motherboard to swap in this CPU to.

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Replaced Motherbaord

I just got an replacement for the motherboard and it still gives me the red cpu light??? WHAT IS HAPPENING

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Since both parts were exchanged.

It's time to build this without a case. Too often I find the maker has an extra mounting post. It must work outside the case with few parts or the few parts have a flaw. Or are incompatible.

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