Recommendation for an external hard drive?

Hello and good day to all,

I've recently been considering investing in a new external hard drive. I've been looking around on the Internet, where there a few different suggestions for Mac users, but it's a little hard to get a clear picture of what I should be going for. Now, obviously the final decision rests with me, but I was wondering if a little more information would help me narrow my options.

I currently have a MacBook Air, manufactured mid-2013, with 121 GB of storage (hence the need for an external hard drive), and I've checked and I do have an internal SSD drive. This whole SSD/HDD confuses me a little, I get the basic logistics of it, disk vs. chip storage. It seems to affect transfer speeds most of all? Then there is the issue of the USB cable. 3.0 seems to be the most highly recommended. I'm not sure what kind of port I currently have on my MacBook Air.

My current external hard drive (I suppose it's an HDD?) has problems. It's been having problems for a while. I've had it for a few years, bought it when I didn't know much about the different kinds of drives out there, and only know that it's the LaCie brand, with 1TB of storage space. Files have been damaged on it, the connecting cable is extremely stiff, which I suspect is part of the problem, and the partition I'd created to be able to watch movies on my television was irreparably damaged after a while. Some files also get damaged when transferred unto other devices, so I'm using someone else's drive in the meantime to store sensitive gaming files and video files. But I'd rather invest in a new device of my own.

I'm basically looking for 1TB of storage, a minimum requirement of durability and sturdiness, maybe a guarantee of a more flexile cable, and the capacity to use it on non-apple devices (namely PC and television). It would not be for professional use, I don't intend to carry it everywhere I go, it would stay at home almost all of the time, and I have a case to protect it if I do travel with it.

I also don't need lighting speed data transfers, and that's where my confusion regarding SSD/HDD crops up again. I've heard a lot of praise regarding the former, but I'm not sure I would really need it? Or would it actually be a good long-term investment?

Otherwise, based on my searches, it would seem Seagate provides a good option for mac users, based on my criteria? Does anyone agree with this? My friend also has a WD drive so maybe that is also a good option? They are both HDD drives, I believe, I'm not as sure regarding SDD drive options.

Any suggestion, additional information, or even recommendation would be greatly appreciated. I thank in advance anyone who takes the time to answer me.

Have a lovely day!

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Hard drives

just about all the hard drives manufactured are by the same two companies. Seagate and Western Digital.
All companies like LaCie do is take one of those drives, put it in an enclosure, mark up the price and put it on sale.

Most external hard drives are connected by USB, either 2 or 3, and have decent transfer rates,

No point in limiting yourself to a 1TB, they are actually more expensive than a 2 or 4 TB drive.

If the drive you need is for portability, get a smaller, physical sized, one that is powered by the USB port, otherwise, get a drive that has its own power supply.

Bottom line. They are all about the same, some more expensive than others.


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Thank you for taking the time to answer, I'll definitely consider directly getting a 2 TB drive, if the price difference is that interesting! Happy

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Just a nod to Toshiba Canvio models.

I always see them for 99 or less bucks for 2TB USB powered models. I'm sure there is little difference from others but I think you want a nod so here it is.

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Today's example portable.
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Hi mslilith13, the difference between the SSD and an HDD is basically speed and also the price. To understand better the differences and advantages of the three types of drives, you can watch this video and this link that can help you decide which to buy.

You mentioned that your drive had a partition only used to watch movies on the TV, and after a while it was damaged. The damage was probably caused by a corruption of the file system. TV's use a different format than the one that is used by Mac, this causes damage to the files and the drive itself.

Seagate has the Backup Plus Portable and Back Up Plus Slim drives that are optimized for Mac users, that would be a good option for you, they have a 3.0 port that provides you with speed and a capacity that fits your needs.

Have a lovely day too! Happy

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Thank you!

Thank you so much for the information and the links, what you said really helps! Happy

I'll definitely look closer into this TV issue: I thought I'd partitioned the drive correctly, but I guess I must have missed something.

And thanks for the recommendations, I shall investigate those options more closely!

Have a nice evening! Happy

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Format and safe removal.

You are very welcome!

And about the TV issue; it is not entirely on the partioning, it is more about the format that each device uses. The HDD had probably the HFS+ format that is used by Mac, and the TV's used another one (depends on the TV, they sometimes use ExFat). This difference provokes the file corruption.

Also, corruptions can be caused by not disconnecting the drive properly from any device, most TV's do not have a safe removal option, which could have been the problem too.

Best wishes Happy

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