have what you are looking for. Only the bottom of the line receivers are pass thru. onkyo 606, 705, 805 all will have at least 3 hdmi ins. The 705 and 805 is able to matrix BOTH hi-def bitstream or hi-def multi-ch pcm. The 605 cannot, nor has preouts, but the 606 *might* be able to matrix both things. There are some other brands that are a bit wierd like the Yammy 663 that can only matrix m-ch PCM, but not the bitstreams. You wouldnt care anyways since its only 2 hdmi in. It also clips blacker than black HDMI video.

the 805 for current pricing is a beast. its very big and heavy. need for thx amp depends on speakers, room, listener distance, etc. IMO, its the best value out there. Im afraid it might be sold out now, but I just listed a way to get it for $470 in the last day or two. Nothing will touch it at that price point from either a features point of view, or power section point of view. When the 806 comes out, expect it to be double the price of the current 805. After all. the 805 was originally around the $1k price point.

make sure you have enough room for it though.