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Reasons to hate Donald Trump?

Why people hate Donald Trump?

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Gotcha, Lee!!!

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(NT) You say sarcastic, I say reviling.
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Did you actually do your research or are you just typing?

"There taking our jobs he says, there killing us ,he says... " For one, if you're trying to make a point, use correct grammar. People will take you seriously, unlike I did. And yes, they are. Ever heard of "Outsourcing". It's when big companies send their work overseas for cheaper employment. A little more closer to home then? I've worked for 5+ years in framing. I worked every day with illegal Mexican men. Nicest people in the world and hard working as hell. I was paid half of what they got paid AND I have to pay taxes.

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explain to us......

exactly HOW is he "out to destroy us all", and help us understand fully the "threatening us all to a future of no food or housing or electricity.." Because I must be missing something, huh. Go ahead now.....tell us, please.

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Trump is a Godsend

Trump is God's message. He has been christened by the lord himself to abolish abortion, which is against nature, and usher in the era of everything that is holy and christian. Praise be to God's messiah- Donald J trump and breathe hellfire onto the fake news media who have been instructed to do the devil's bidding.
If you want to come back to god's path like me, sow a seed. Give and you shall Reap! God wants you to give. You cannot make this stuff up.

Link to donation website removed by moderator.

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Dude, even though people support the president. You sound absolutely nuts. This has nothing to do with god or religion. And you're trying to use that angle to get donations. Boo.

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Donations??? No!!! You cynic!!!

Just quote 'em Mt 10:8. They won't bother you again.

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Leaving religion out of the mix.
2020 will tell who he was a godsend for.

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Did someone just mention ...

Never mind.

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I hate him because he's too

thin and too rich.

No, wait. That's my Taylor Swift joke.

I'll get back to you.

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Heck, he is the best president since since George Washington

He hired the smartest men in the world to work for him, What I mean the smartest men they came From weathly families they got the best education and never had to worry about where thier next meals come from or pay bills if we did not have no worries we would use are minds making ourselves wealthy. But President Trumph is not a sneaky weasel like The past President Obama going on vacation and travel 37 miles out of the instead of traveling 12 miles to Turtle Beach in Hawaii so he would not see all the homeless people living under the overpass next to the airport and every vehicle going over the overpass makes a heck of a noise like somebody screaming but I got lucky, I was working at the Chevron Refinery doing Inspection on desulfurization plant Where the desulfurization plant at Tersoro Refinery In Washington State these Lines are highly corrosive there was 6 people working closely to The overhead Line That developed a leak and mixed with Oxygen over 19.5 percent and the line Exploded and I am sorry to tell you 3 of the 6 employees was never found and I was one of the inspectors help developed and proofed a inspection Procedures for detectecting surface and subsurface cracks on the main Rotor of the BlackHawk Helicopter that saved Thousands of lives of our Military but when I turned 18 years old I wanted to serve our country but I did not get accepted because I have a skin disorder Dry Skin But I became a NDT/Welder Inspector, not to Brag but I made a impact in Delevoping the first Automated Ultrasound Equipment for detecting defects in metals and welds also made the Ultrasound Equipment and Digital Film in the medical industry but I got robbed by the big corporate companies but I did my deed to help others and save lives. But back at Turtle Beach Resort in Hawaii when the management told everybody they had to Leave the President of the USA is going to be here with his family and Staff, But if you are the First Born you can stay the Secret Service and FBI did a background check on everybody that was there.The manager told me that they said I could stay being the declared First Born which I go to the Immigration on the border line to get my Driver's Liscence this happen in 1981, when I turned 16years old my Father and Mother took me down to the DMV which they share their office with the Michigan State Troopers, the sheriff office and the city police dept in West Branch Mi. My Father asked the DMV worker we are moving to AK in March and if I die my son Drivers Liscence is no good because my son is only 16 years old the DMV sir went to his supervisor then his Supervisor came to us with a stack of papers he also had both Captains and the Sheriff as witness that's when I was declared the first born by my Father and mother and I also passed the requirements of getting my Drivers Lisc and the Captains and sheriff signed as a witness and since I was underage they had to read the law to me they read to me that the federal Government give the states legislation a right to control their DMV but First All States had to agree upon one thing the states legislation all agreed that the first Born will always have his drivers liscence the only persons that can dismiss his/ her Driver liscence at any time until the first born reaches the age to get his SSA retirement my expiration date on my drivers liscence is January date 2030 but when I went through Canada a few years ago it showed I had a DWI on my record the border partrol officier told me to go to the immagation then they checked said yes you can enter Canada and they issured me a drivers liscence with the expiration year is 2033 but the Capt Of the Michigan state troopers told me that when I file for social security disability the Alaska state troopers will start harressing you they are told by the state disability board that you are the first born that is why Congress made this a hidden law only the immagation controls your drivers lisc and the capt of the Michigan state troopers was right I became disable were I can not work and I signed up for disablity benefits then the Alaska state troopers started harressing me they ask me for my Alaska drivers liscence I showed them my drivers liscence issued by congress or immigration they still issue me a ticket so I go to court and show the judge he dismisses the ticket but anyways back to turtle beach I told the manager if my helper can not stay here with me I do not want to stay here with and have cross hairs from the snipers scopes on the back of my head at all times plus I will be treated differently and most likely the chief might put poison in my food that will kill me in a few years but I believed I was poisoned working in other countries when I was the head project QA/QC surveillance supervisor on the Chevron/BP on this 8 billion dollar project on the Congo River xcrossing project we were laying subsea gas pipelines and building offshore platforms then when got to their native fishing grounds these natives was not happy and my Doctors feel that I picked something up that caused my protein in my blood to be very low but surprised I do not have leukemia I feel President triumph should run for reelection and get that wall build on the entire border not just parts of the borders thank you

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(NT) Ummm ... You're welcome.
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ummmmm....yeah. okay then

That post branched out in so many directions I think I missed the punch line.

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'Your proposal is acceptable.' Line from Men in Black.

OK, the first one of us to locate him ...

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It's useless to hate anyone.

It's useless to hate a celebrity, especially one I have never met. Instead, I pity Mr. Trumo, mostly because he doesn't realize that he's in far over his head. He thinks that, because he's taking only a dollar a year salary, that he doesn't have to listen to the people. He's wrong. The LOTUS is not a king, a "Dear Leader", or a dictator. The job is to listen to and represent the American people, not just one part of them. Part of his responsibility is to answer to the charge of not showing his long form tax returns, which past Presidents have done for decades. He also threatens people with violence, makes ethnic and religious spurs against Americans, and has harassed dozens of women under his employ. In short, the Republicans have hired an unstable, bigoted, sexist, selfish person to be "Boss" of the country... Not a president.

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Your last sentence starting with

"In short...." shows how thirsty you have been that you keep drinking that liberal Kool-Aid for the last three years.....

You pity Trump....I pity you.

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Missed this opp earlier.

Drinking KoolAid© and talking results in babbling.

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Have I (or my smartphone) gone crazy?

This OP showed up at the top of the responses just now- with no replies! (There were several.)

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Then, when I linked to the discussion again,

there it was. (Minus a detour via the stupid CBS dog.)
Go figure.

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Non-Trump Supporter

I think it's total BS that all of my "true" comments get deleted because I think Trump is an idiot and I'm not afraid to say so....yet every site that I post my thoughts on, deletes my comments and/or blocks me from commenting. What ever happened to freedom of speech and the 1st amendment? I have just as much of a right to dislike our moronic President as this supported have to adore him.

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RE:I think it's total BS that all of my "true" comments

I think it's total BS that all of my "true" comments get deleted

THEY got YOUR number? 28896885536108183461922652955149 Devil

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It's because of your name.

Clearly un-American.
Go back where you came from.

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