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Reasons to hate Donald Trump?

Why people hate Donald Trump?

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petty petty petty

Seriously? That's why you hate him? "Massive ego" - That is what it takes to stand up to so many PETTY haters. "..not fit for the job" - What is your definition of "FIT" then? "..hate his wig and tan" - Such PETTY
immature ridiculousness reasons! So tell us...what should a President look like to be a good FIT???

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Just see what else you can find here ...

Well first of all i hate donald trump because he thinks that he is very tough guy , he thinks if he show his balls to russia or china he is doing something good ... No , he is doing all the wrong things and is heading for WW3 ... Just see this website and you will know what i am talking about .

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"Here, check out this bias website for a bunch of facts that I believe" I really hope you're joking.

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Hi Arrogance

I hate him because he is so egoistic and arrogant especially against immigrants.

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Did you feel the same way

about BO, the LIAR, Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, and others on the Dem side? They ALL voted for a southern WALL in 2005, and they ALL came out publicly (youtube has it all on record) AGAINST illegal immigration.

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Nah, just confidence

And others who have little in themselves see that as a threat.

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You can't be egotistical and arrogant toward anyone considering those are traits about yourself and only yourself. Hey look! More NPCs!

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What is so BAD about arrogance?

Would you prefer a WIMPY, submissive, shy President?????????? Would that help you feel better about yourself?

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In today's political climate

the Democrats wouldn't even like JFK!

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No way any modern democrat would vote for JFK even though he was a dem. His views and policies were definitely not extreme enough for today's democrats.

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Hating the Trump POTUS

We are all very aware that most anything that appears conservative is rejected; but, besides that, the jealousy of this type of character truly breeds a cutting resentment.

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Welcome to America

I am not sure who will see this or who this will reach but this message makes it far. In a short summary that wont bore people. I am making my senior thesis film about the night that Trump won his election it essentially foreshadows the future America turned into. I am never one to ask for money but for such an important issue I truly believe this film can make a great impact. If anyone can donate even the smallest amount myself and whoever this film reaches and touches would greatly appreciate it! Here is the link to the website to learn more. The title of the film is OPEN

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I suspect you envision yourself to be

another Dinesh D'Souza who produced the documentary "Hillary's America - The Secret History of the Democrat Party" (Hope you've seen it...if not, I highly recommend it)

However, the difference is that he didn't come into open public forums begging for the money to produce it. Shame on you.

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Donald trumpasarus

Donald trump is a joke and always has been...proceeded by his comical hair , his character runs a close laughable equal. He cares nothing about you or I, hes out to destroy us all. He contradicts himself in trying to make us believe we are in danger from illegal immigrants , so we need this ridiculously priced wall to keep them out. There taking our jobs he says, there killing us ,he says...
Well from where I'm standing, this big mouth idiot is the one endangering us all. It is the trumpasaurus who is threatening us all to a future of no food or housing or is he who shows us the future being similar to little house on the prairy days. And for what???? The very same reason he swears is threatening us...he is killing us off slowly to build a wall to keep human beings from coming over here and destroying dummy I say, you want to keep them from hurting us, so you hurt us, to build a wall from make no sense , I say ..please..someone,anyone pay for his damn wall...THEN THROW HIS DUMB *** OVER IT....and all our problems will be solved....just saying..just my opinion...get the fool out of our way and get a trust worthy president in office so we can all sleep at night...

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From what I can tell from your post

you've received an English education in California or New York are not only ignorant in your reasoning, but you are quite illiterate as well. "Please, someone, anyone pay for his damn wall".....does that mean you, too? Or are you another snowflake expecting "someone, anyone" else to do the work for you? You DO realize that name calling and ranting like a lunatic is NOT a solution, don't you?

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RE: You DO realize that name calling

"snowflake".? "lunatic"?

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And slanderer and torturer, too!!!

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Oh hey, another one

Another NPC ladies and gentlemen. "Me hate orange guy, blah blah blah"

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I just noticed that this was a reply to me.

My smartphone doesn't handle Lee's arrows well.
My post was an inside joke to SE'ers; I've been called both here. Happy

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I hoped that the poster would

recognize my sarcastic/ironic method of proving my point but sarcasm/irony is obviously lost on him/her. There ARE no solutions for people like him/her because they aren't looking for any other than to get rid of Trump and all will be right with the world again. (laughable) By that standard alone, the descriptions aptly fit.

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RE:recognize my sarcastic/ironic method
Irony refers to the expression of meaning through the use of language which normally means the opposite. ... Hypocrisy, however, has a different meaning. It is the behavior in which a person pretends to have higher standards than is the case. This is the key difference between the two words.

RE:sarcasm/irony is obviously lost on him/her.

Just as hypocrisy is lost on you?

Post was last edited on January 20, 2019 3:10 AM PST

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Nope...I see it every day

in your, dpr's, and Bob's posts here in SE and in the liberal media........I believe that word is actually lost on all of you. With all of the additions and subtractions made in the dictionary by liberals over the years, I suspect that will be another word erased from the history books as well....just like 20+ words now insisted on for the TWO actual genders (at least with human beings) that exist.

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Here's another word that some won't use
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Yep...and when Joe Wilson

used that word against BO's crap about Obamacare, he was 'punished' for it and made to apologize even though he was right.

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RE:just like 20+ words now insisted on for the TWO actual
just like 20+ words now insisted on for the TWO actual genders (at least with human beings) that exist.

Start a NEW thread....I'll get back to you. MAYBE.
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I understand your explanation, but I also took your

statement as serious, mainly for the reason that it's consistent with your style: 'It's OK for me, but not for the rest of you.' That's why Bill posted what he did IMO.
Serious suggestion: Do what we do from time to time, e.g.
'<sarcasm> Donald Trump is a nice man.'
Or similar.

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"Do what we do from time to time"?

You mean lecture, insult, and berate? I've said it before and I'll say it again....Conservatives/Republicans are slow learners, but we DO eventually and Dems/liberals have taught us well their methods of what they call 'debate'. Now that we HAVE learned, Dems are hitting the rocks with their hypocrisy being throw in their faces. They can't handle t.t for tat and are constantly dodging and weaving when called on the carpet for their crap now.

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(NT) Great! three more to add to slander and torture!
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Hey! Let's try

teat for tat.

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