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Reasons to hate Donald Trump?

Why people hate Donald Trump?

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He does not have the temperament for the job.
He is too vain for the job.
He can not tolerate a negative comment about what he says or does.
He immediately tries to discredit or attack anyone or organization that does such a thing.

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I think you actually JUST described the

FORMER president's statements THIS week....."Thank you Obama".....trying to take credit for the economic happening over the last ten months. When things were bad during HIS first term, he was quick to publicly blame GWB, but ALWAYS patted his own back when things went HIS way, even if they were bad for the country as a whole because they followed HIS agenda.

Come on, honest, at least. BO's EGO was, and still is, massive....and his agenda suited HIS personal policies and not the COUNTRY's, whereas Trump has been ALL about the PEOPLE and the COUNTRY. You may not like that he points out his accomplishments but if HE didn't do it, the media sure as hell isn't going to give him credit for any of it.

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They all have big ego's.
You don't rise to be the prez without one.
BO inherited an economy going down hill.
Trump inherited an economy going up hill.
All Trump had to do was sit back and not screw it up.
He tries to take credit for something he had nothing to do with.
Trump does not give a hoot about you, me or anyone else.
Trump cares about Trump it's his vanity.

BO managed to take an economy going down and turn it around.
Did I like all of his
The final economic result is history.
Besides that he was a dem and dems are GREAT.

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By your own admission

"They all have big ego's.
You don't rise to be the prez without one." So you can't have it both ways, Bob. You rally against Trump's ego but excuse BO's. Gimme a break on that hypocrisy, please.

The economy during Bush was going downhill because of DEM's policies that put it into place during Clinton and pushed further by DEM's again when they took over Congress in 2006. The ONLY way BO supposedly HELPED turn it around was by now UNPATRIOTICALLY raising the National Debt and Deficit by TRILLIONS after blaming Bush for doing that with two wars going on. hypocrisy on your part. BO DOUBLED the National Debt with those moves along with dumping $85B PER MONTH into Wall Street making all of his supporters wealthy beyond all imagination while the country itself was in tatters. The economy was NOT going uphill, remained totally STAGNANT for 8 freaking years with NO growth and people who were lucky enough to have a job actually had two or three PART TIME jobs because with Obamacare FULL TIME was redefined and can't say that about TRUMP'S economy after a mere 10 months. BO was perfectly happy to have people on the dole and keep it that way by making being on welfare better financially than working was. Trump believes in working for what you get. Has that concept disappeared in your lalaland?

I know you don't like Trump, but even YOU have to admit truth when it smacks you in the face at some point.

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Gimme a break.....nope

You add humor to the day when you pull out your grudge list and post some rant about BO.

Trumps economy moving up is the result of BO.
Nothing to do with Trump.

Now let's see if Trump and the repubs are going to crash it with their tax plan.
Give away to the donor base which they are trying to spin as a middle class tax cut.

Dems are great they got the economy moving forward.

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So, in your opinion,

that fact that the economy and employment stayed stagnant for the full 8 years of BO's time in office isn't a fact at all.....and that ONLY those at the very top (those that you accuse Trump of helping with his tax plan) were able to accumulate vast amounts of wealth because of BO's policy of dumping $85B per MONTH into Wall Street isn't even a reality? The Dems severely hurt the banking industry with Dodd/Frank, interest rates were non-existent (which is a REAL indication of how the economy is doing), and more people ended up on welfare, food stamps, or disability benefits when their unemployment benefits ran out than ever before in history.

You keep living in your fantasy world of 'Dems are great they got the economy moving forward', Bob.....reality isn't something you seem able to deal with.

But I DO have to agree with one statement you just made...."Trumps economy moving up is the result of BO." But you forgot to add that BO's policies were all bad and Trump has been systematically destroying all of them and putting the country back on track for the people.

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BO inherited

An economy that was going down hill.
It would take serious money from the government to turn this around.
BO and the fed spent the needed money.
The result is the economy is moving up.

Dodd/Frank was because some in the financial industry got greedy and started playing fast and loose. It was a set of rules brought in to control this behavior.

In the next election when dems take it should be....they will have a big job trying to straighten out the mess that the repubs created.

Then they are coming after gun loving/paranoid/righties.

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Typical liberal revisionist history, Bob

You forget that BO blamed Bush for what he inherited.....and now you give credit to BO for 'turning around that economy' when he, in fact, made it much worse by doubling the National Debt, having five years in a row of over $1T in our annual deficit (all while claiming he was cutting the Bush deficit in half, when he actually only cut his OWN deficits in half during his last three years and put the deficit back to the same Bush numbers).

It didn't have to 'take serious money from the government to turn' things around, Bob....especially not to the tune of $83B per MONTH for 8 years all on the taxpayers' backs. It IS the taxpayers' money and NOT the government's money, right? He didn't have to 'forgive' billions of dollars of money owed via student loans and turn around and give Iran $1.7B in cash in the middle of the night. The 'economy' NEVER moved up under BO. It remained stagnant the entire time.

As for the 'financial industry' getting greedy.....You also seem to forget that not only did Clinton cause the housing crash by issuing orders to ease the lending policies of the banks for mortgages to people who would have never qualified under normal circumstances, but BO in his last two years issued the same exact orders all over again in order to make 'home sales' look better for the Dems' policies. The rules that Dodd/Frank imposed didn't control anything other than to force small banks in small communities to shutter their doors and allow bigger banks to take over them so, just like with the health insurance companies, a monopoly has occurred. Didn't the government go after Microsoft for being a monopoly because they controlled the entire industry at one point? MaBell years ago was forced to break up for the same reasons. Dodd/Frank was another way for the Dems to repay their big donor base because if you look at the actual numbers, you will see that those huge financial industries who benefited were all Dem donors. They went after the head of Wells Fargo, put him in jail for a year (thanks to Weismann on the Mueller team now), and had that conviction overturned by SCOTUS. IF the economy was going to honestly get turned around, the natural way to do it is to allow companies to fail and recover via bankruptcy or full closure instead of bailouts.

But your fantasy world is full of rose colored liberal glasses......dream on.

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Two more

Election cycles and then the dems have control.

You gun loving/paranoid/righties are toast.

Dems are great.

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Uh, i know that this is from a while ago, but do you have anything to back up anything youre saying? just wondering, cuz you keep saying stuff like Dems are great and whatnot, and dont really back it up
Thank Happy

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Depends how one looks at the stats

Hi Toni,

I know this is an old thread, but this looked like a good place to interject. < shows a more nuanced view.

I only hope you are right about Trump "putting the country back on track for the people". I've never had much faith in *any* president, Dem or Repub, though. There's just too many variables in global politics, and I'm afraid the United States' time in the sun has long passed, for many reasons - lack of long-term planning, lack of vision, tons of things we had little or no control over.

But I do hope you are right...


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this is really late

Bob after reading that you should have just stopped because if you argue to that you must live in your moms basement

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RE:his agenda suited HIS personal policies

Since YOU want to compare the PAST with the PRESENT

Hypocrite in chief': Trump trolled after old tweet on Obama's White House Hanukah party resurfaces

US President Donald Trump has once again triggered criticism and merciless taunts after one of his old tweets resurfaced in which he called Barack Obama "sad" for hosting the White House Hanukkah party early. This week, however, he did the same thing.

Back in 2011, Trump slammed Obama suggesting that the then president held the event early in order to go on vacation.

"Why was the Hanukah celebration held in the White House two weeks early? @BarackObama wants to vacation in Hawaii in late December. Sad," Trump tweeted in December 2011.

Trump hosted the White House Hanukkah party on Thursday (7 December) - five days before the Jewish holiday begins.

2 weeks before is early.... and so is 5 days before.

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(NT) Well, he just described someone.
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Reply to Hate No

It is true what you said. The Donald has many faults, but show me, a president or other candidate who,is not a jumbled mess!

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Think about this

You say he can’t tolerate negative feedback but in other countries people will get killed for talking negatively about their leader.

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Politics and religion

After reading and listening to various debates about Trump...and Obama....we might as well all save our breath. Politics is just like religion. The odds of any of us changing another person from Muslim to Christianity is as likely as a Democrat switching over to a Republican. All Muslims feel that the Koran is gospel while Christians feel the same about the Bible. The world has been in constant war over such differences with neither side willing to admit their view is wrong. So it goes with politics. The feelings are so entrenched about one's political party of choice that neither reason or common sense prevails. So much so that it has rendered our government inefficient and ineffective. I am not an Obama fan. But I do think he met resistance the entire time no matter what he tried to get done. The difference with me is that even though I didn't agree with most of his political venues I still respected the fact he was MY president and gave him that respect as an American citizen. Conversely, I can watch Jimmy Kimmel or Cohen verbally trash OUR President Donald Trump mercilessly. To the point they call him a "*******". Why? Luckily...for those men...they live in our great country where we allow ignorance. I dare each of them to move to North Korea or even Russia and be so disrespectful to that leader.

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Religion? Did someone say religion?

Note that Kimmel and Cohen have Jewish backgrounds, so they should know of the command, from the King, at Ec 10:20. Doesn't mean they allow themselves to be subject to it. It's attached to Christian bibles as well; ditto Colbert and Leno.

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Trump hates Mexicans so he is punishing little children. You don't remove children from their families just because they were trying to come to the US. Yes they should do it legally but our country makes Mexicans wait for years. The US government are the same as the Nazis. Also punishing chronic pain patients..... just a way to get them to commit suicide. Wake up people. One day soon you will see the army coming down your street.....martial law. This country has gone to hell. I know if I don't like it then leave......I am.

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Separating children from their possible parents

as they cross the border illegally has been the practice/policy here for over 30's not a new Trump idea. Sorry to burst your bubble. And, in case you didn't know already, every AMERICAN citizen parent who breaks the law and ends up in jail over it has THEIR children separated from them as well. Do you give a crap or are you just interested in ILLEGALS who break the laws by coming here without permission to do so?

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You sound exactly like an NPC in a video game. "Me hate orange guy, he's racist" Blah, blah, blah... etc. Do you libs ever actually think and do research for yourselves or do you just spew whatever you hear on CNN or Bill Mahr? "The US government are the same as the Nazis." Again, a classic NPC statement. Everyone says it, you're not special, and the point you're trying to make is ridiculous and irrational. You sound like a whiny college student who's "Gender Studies" and "Anthropology" professors have brainwashed into believing every word they say. "One day you will see the army coming down your street." Yeah, and I bet you'd have us repeal the second amendment because "Guns kill people". Even though that's the exact reason why we have that amendment there. And please, by all means leave. Please just go. We need less and less democrats and even less liberals in this country.

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Trump tells Mattis he is 100 percent behind him after 'Democ

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam (Reuters) - U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said President Donald Trump has reassured him of his full support after the Republican president described his Pentagon chief as “sort of a Democrat” who could leave the administration.Mattis, speaking to reporters before landing in Vietnam on Tuesday, said he received the reassurance from Trump in a phone call during his nearly 20-hour flight from Washington.

“(Trump) said, ‘I’m 100 percent with you’,” Mattis recounted, playing down Trump’s remarks to CBS’ “60 Minutes,” which aired on Sunday.

Asked whether he was a Democrat, as Trump suggested, Mattis, disclosed that he had not registered as a Democrat or a Republican.

“I have never registered for any political party,” said Mattis, a retired Marine general.

continue this news

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His Bogus Attitude

He thinks he is above everyone......that massive EGO will be his downfall

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Hate him because

He has a massive ego and he is not fit for the job. And I hate his wig and half spray tan.

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Hate Him Because of What?

Okay, show me the US presidents and Legislatures past and current who do not fit this description. This is a challenge. OK, they don't have that hair.

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You sound like you repeat this a lot on social media

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petty petty petty

Seriously? That's why you hate him? "Massive ego" - That is what it takes to stand up to so many PETTY haters. "..not fit for the job" - What is your definition of "FIT" then? "..hate his wig and tan" - Such PETTY
immature ridiculousness reasons! So tell us...what should a President look like to be a good FIT???

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Just see what else you can find here ...

Well first of all i hate donald trump because he thinks that he is very tough guy , he thinks if he show his balls to russia or china he is doing something good ... No , he is doing all the wrong things and is heading for WW3 ... Just see this website and you will know what i am talking about .

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