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Reasons Rush Limbaugh thinks that the Montcoal disaster

happened: "All those unions, and regulations getting in the way, you know the health guy arguing with the safety guy. Meanwhile most of the workers were putting in OSHA equipment in some other tunnel." Okay, I am paraphrasing but that was his assertion. Actually Massey Energy is a closed, non-union shop and the first responding vehicles from a nearby unionized mine were sent away until the Massey trucks arrived.

It's all true folks and the links are just a Google away.


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Reporting: Reasons Rush Limbaugh thinks that the Montcoal disaster
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(NT) Rush lives in his own world
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Yep, now if we could just figure out how to exclude his

transmissions, and Glenn Beck's, and Michael Reagan's and all the other folk who live on Planet Paranoid, we could all relax and have a nice time getting along.


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is there a link for more info?

is there a link for more info? about this one?

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Just a Google away...

But you won't find it because that's not quite what he said.

But hey, let's find a way to violate his First Amendment rights anyway.

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that's not quite what he said.

didn't Zik say he was paraphrasing?

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that's not what I'd call it

Not when the meaning is THAT distorted.

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(NT) Do YOU think that Rush thought there was a union?
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why not?

Anyone that knows history would know of the strong union movements in the coal mines years ago and the outright battles to get them there.

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RE: Why not?

Look how Zik is jumped on because he said something that others say isn't true/correct. Rush has a larger audience.

People here jump on Zik and don't condemn Rush...What's the deal.

So Rush was barking up the wrong tree?

Rush might know history, but he doesn't know the present?

He's living in the past?

Why didn't/doesn't he admit his mistake?

He doesn't like the taste of crow?

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Rush should...

...admit he made a mistake, spoke out of turn, when assuming there was a union there. My point is it's more likely to assume one there than not.

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I don't remember Rush ever admitting a mistake

When he's right, he crows it from the mountaintop. When he's wrong, he never mentions it again.


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makes mistakes. Many I've never heard admit it, but probably more from lack of hearing than actually failing to do so. I don't listen to Rush at all much since I don't listen to radio. If he was on TV like before, I might tune him in once in awhile. It's possible he's admitted to a mistake before and you and I have never heard it, or maybe we've forgotten. That would be an interesting study for someone to do, find any place or all places when Rush admitted a mistake on a previous episode.

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RE: It's possible he's admitted
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However, there's a HUGE difference...

between being wrong and making something up. That's what happened here and that's what happened far too many times before. And by the same persons too often.

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Looking at your google

I see that Rush admits addiction to painkillers, Osama is dead, he was moved by the election of an African-American President but he got over it, Taliban sympathies, Fox bias, Republican voter deception. Nowhere admitting he was wrong about anything.

Now try Limbaugh admits mistake Lots of people are admitting mistakes but not Rush.


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Here you go
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Unless your link shows there was a union in that mine


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How was he wrong?

Did he actually say THEY had a union? Or did he say "all those unions getting in the way"? If the latter, then obviously he was talking about the political situation in regard to regulations (Oh, yes, didn't he say "regulations") and the effects in general in the coal mining industry of labor, management, and government.

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I know about Rush

If healthcare is passed, he said he's going to Costa Rica.

He's not moving there, he's going there for his healthcare.

Other personalities said if Obama gets elected they're leaving the country....they didn't say they're staying out of the country...just they're leaving the country.

Like I said in another post..."stir the pot"

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can you show me...

...where Rush said this particular mine had a union?

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Rush is asking hypothetical questions?

stir the pot?

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PS hypothetical questions?

When did you stop beating your wife?...Comes to mind

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you talking to yourself again?

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Do you know what PS means?

anyways, I'm done with this subject for now, carry on without me.

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(NT) isn't that what YOU are doing?
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Rush wanted to know

Where was the Union?

It was a mine without a Union.

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Might have been a good question

if with an "oops". I'd think the miner's union would be among the first in line to condemn an accident at a non-union operation.

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Don't want to violate his First Amendment rights, So
Listen here:

There?s a simple reason the union didn?t protect the miners: the Upper Big Branch Mine, like nearly all of the mines under Massey CEO Don Blankenship?s control, is non-union. In fact, the United Mine Workers of America (UMW) ?tried three times to organize the Upper Big Branch mine, but even with getting nearly 70 percent of workers to sign cards saying they wanted to vote for a union, Blankenship personally met with workers to threaten them with closing down the mine and losing their jobs if they voted for a union.?
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Well, I listened and also listened to

UMW Pres. Cecil Roberts telling us what Don Blankenship (of Massey) did and said. How considerate of Mr. Roberts to fill us in about his one he's opposed to. It's always such a nuisance to have to go right to the source for such information. Wink The event is a tragedy. So is the need to start with the finger pointing before all that can be known is known.

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You saying this was union based sabotage?

You might have something there.

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