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Real Life C Programming

Hi All

Does anyone know where on the internet you can find a full free video c programming course which teaches you everything about c programming and how to build real life software from beginning to end using a free c compiler?

I don't want to just type c code into a compiler and when you run the software just a black screen comes up with writing on. I want to be able to write into a compiler which has libraries so that when you run the code you wrote the program runs like microsoft word for example with graphics. I want to know how to write real life software from start to end for free?

Regards James

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Good luck with that

Good luck with that considering that C has no standard graphical library. Those are all third party and there's a myriad of them. Then there's IDEs, not all compilers support all of the ISO standard features for C, some compilers will have their own extensions to the language or other oddities...

Then there's the fact that if you want to do Windows GUI programming, you probably want to be looking at C++ or C#, not C. There's also differences in how you do GUI programming. There's the "old school" method where you manually place every single object on the screen via code, then there's the more VisualStudio sort of way where you have a set of ready-made controls and you just add in the logic that controls what happens when the user clicks a button or what have you.

All of this, as you've figured out, takes a lot of time and effort, so it's understandable that people would want to be compensated for sharing their expertise. Sorry, but this is something you're going to have to pay for one way or the other. Either you pay up front, like taking a class or something, or you spend a lot of time stitching together bits and pieces from various guides scattered to the winds on the Internet. At the end of it all, you may find that you simply don't have the aptitude for programming. On my best days, I'm probably a mediocre programmer. I'm pretty good at taking things people have already written and making some modifications here and there, but when it comes to greenfield programming, I'm terrible. Not everyone can force their mind to think the way you need to in order to be a good programmer. Especially when you get into GUI programming, you'll start to realize just how many little things you always took for granted require a pretty considerable amount of effort and attention to detail from the programmer.

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Thanks for the information!

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I program in C in real life.

And I can assure you that such courses never prepared me for real life work. My earliest C work was in the 80's and it grew from there. However there is one book that when I found it became a fixture on my shelf. Today you can get it for free. There's not much to cover about C programming as all there is to know was in its 228 pages. In fact you can't find any "C" language that's not in that book. It's amazing that it's the standard for the C language.

As to libraries and such, that's for use after you can write what you can write using the book. And the really good news is you can get this book for free. Yes I bought a few copies over the years but here it is. gives you the history and here's the book.

Now let's say you want some IDE? Sure, let's find a few hundred? Nah, try this easy to use C compiler and IDE. Don't confuse yourself over IDEs.


Don't let it's OS list derail you. That is, it runs on Windows 7 and up so far.

PS. In real life, C programming is nothing like the tutorials.

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