RCA tablet unable to load into recovery mode

So, I'm working on an RCA Cambio W101 v2 tablet, and it refuses to boot up into any form of usable state. When turned on normally it'll bring me to a blue screen with 2 windows logo icons on the screen, and upon clicking on either of them the screen will go black and I can only see the mouse when I move it. At this point all I want to do it do a hard/factory reset so I can get it back into working order. However, every guide I've seen online will have me hold the power button as well as the volume up button and release them once the RCA logo appears. However when I do so, it'll just bring me back to the blue screen with the windows logo icons on it and the rest repeats from there no matter what I try. Anyone got any idea what can be done to boot this thing into the recovery menu so I can reset it?

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Reporting: RCA tablet unable to load into recovery mode
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Try recovery methods you find out there.
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Can't access any settings menu

The only issue I have with following the recovery portiion of the manual, is that it implies that I can still access the charms bar and the settings menu, however the tablet doesn't let me access any of that when turned on, I am only presented with a black screen that lets me see the mouse when I move it but then disappears when I stop moving it until I move it again. So what I need to do is find some way to access like a safe mode or recovery mode so I can reset the whole tablet, or find some way to reinstall the operating system in the thing.

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Then it's back to the support folk.

I found no mention of any factory reset other than what they noted. If that fails it's time to contact maker or seller to see what next.

Beware that some of these were so cheap, you can buy new for the price of support.

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Thanks for the help

Yeah, it's kinda unfortunate though, since I work at an electronics repair shop and we fix things like these. This is the shop's tablet but it's not been working for a while and while there's no rush to do anything with it it would have been nice to get it running again, but if it's time to give up the ghost then it is what it is.

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Recovering an RCA W101-V* tablet

If your tablet will boot to a login screen the officially sanctioned fix is to hold down shift while exercising restart. This will take you to a menu with means to wipe and reload your W101 or a soft recovery or to attempt to boot from other devices. Also you adjust UEFI settings here. If you can't boot to a login screen you are sunk unless you took prior action to prepare for this eventuality. Below is a write up of the prophylactic actions you could have taken:

10/13/16 The suggested recovery method for the RCA V101-V2 is to hold down the shift key while striking 'restart'. This brings you to a helpful menu with 'troubleshooting' and 'boot from other devices' selections. This all well and good
except it assumes that you can boot a sick tablet at least to the point of displaying a log in. Note that bootable devices must be UEFI compatible; iso files won't work. Rufus 2.9 can produce bootable USB drives given a 'modern' ISO file. Choose 'GPT partition scheme for UEFI' and FAT32. More importantly, Macrium Reflect Free Edition works just fine for
backing up and restoring your tablet.

However, if you wish to recover a tablet that won't boot some preparation is required. I suggest making a Macrium backup and bootable USB flash stick. As silly as it sounds, I have yet to find a way to escape to the American Megatrends BIOS during power up. I truly hope someone will correct me and inform me how to do this! In the mean time, enter the AMI BIOS by holding the shift key as you click restart. Then select Troubleshooting->UEFI settings. You will be asked to
restart to see the settings, click on this. After the restart the AMI BIOS will show up. Select BOOT. Under boot priorities there are two options:

Windows Boot
EUFI Built in

You wish to reverse the priorities. When done, your tablet will always boot into the EFI shell. This is a pain; you have to type 'exit' and a normal windows 10 boot will resume. But let's just assume that you have made wreck and ruin of the 32gb SSHD. In this case you will have (perhaps) the Macrium Reflect recovery USB in the USB socket. At the EFI shell prompt you may page through the available file systems by typing fs0:, then dir. fs1:, then dir. When you get to the filesystem that shows something Macrium related like PE... you have found your recovery flash USB. Go to the boot directory:

cd EFI
cd boot

This will bring up the friendly Macrium Reflect GUI and if you have an disk image (of course you do) you may now recover your tablet as of the date of that image.

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blue password screen

I can't get to any other screen besides a small blue enter password screen that looks like maybe a bios password. I got the tablet from my aunt who doesn't know how or why it got there. Tried customer support and they gave me the hold shift while reset but nothing works... any ideas.

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To elaborate

I have the answer for "I have yet to find a way to escape to the American Megatrends BIOS during power up. I truly hope someone will correct me and inform me how to do this! "

So what you do is when powering on the device you hold the FN key in the bottom left of the keyboard, and F7, which brings you to a "Please select boot device" BIOS screen which will let you select not only a viable boot source, but also an "enter setup" mode which will take you to the AMI BIOS.

The interesting there here is that this unit comes with TPM which should verify a windows 10 install downloaded directly from Microsoft ( without entering serials/keys/etc

So *theoretically* (haven't tested on this particular device, but I've done it with numerous other TPM enabled devices) you should be able to follow that link and build a bootable USB window 10 install and launch it from above said fn+f7 button combo and install windows 10 and then from there install the appropriate drivers. Hope this helps. I'm not sure why RCA doesn't recommend this method for people who have systems that truly will not boot. This method will let you install an operating system of your choice from a system with absolutely no operating system installed.

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How to re install windows on your device

Here are the step by step process to do a hard reset to the tablet. Power off the tablet completely. Then power back on the tablet, while the tablet is powering back up hold down the FN/function button on your keyboard while repeatedly pushing the F9 button on the keyboard until you see “Please wait” appear. Release the FN/fucntion button. wait a couple monents then, select the “Troubleshoot” option then “Reset Your PC”. You will then have two options, removing files or fully cleaning the drive (this will remove your personal files and apps from the tablet and restore all settings to their defaults). The RCA logo will then appear on the screen and “dots” circling. This process may take about 30min-1hr (depending on the amount of files/data/configuration/system setup) as the device is deleting, partitioning, and resetting to the factory set. It is normal for the tablet to power off and on a few times during this process, please do not interrupt. Once the process is done, the device will go back to factory settings and you can then personalize your tablet.

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Won't work

I have same problem and this or any other suggestions will not get me past ths "enter Password" blue box. Any other suggestions?

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For the password.

You have to get the fix from this tablet's maker since here, no one has found a fix.

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