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Rate my laptop!

Even though my laptop motherboard is currently fried (having it fixed for free, see my other threads) , how would you rate my laptop specs on a scale from 1 to 10 ?

Processor : Intel 3.8ghz 2mb L2 cache, 800 mhz FSB
Hard Drvive: 2-60 gb 7200 rpm,8mb buffer drives,Raid 0
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GO 6800 256mb Vram
Ram : 2gb 533mhz
Optical : DVD + - RW 8X
Wireless: PCMIA Buffalo Wifi Draft N

Chipset: Intel 915p (uses high end desktop processors including the Pentium D series Socket 775)
Model : Hybrid Gear "EVO X Mark III" (FutureTop "Command top").
Factory Model :Clevo D900T

Other: 17" screen 1680x1050 , 1.3 MP video camera , 7 in 1 card reader (9 in 1 with adapter) , 4 usb ports, 2 mini firewire ports, DVI out , VGA out , Serial out , Ethernet port, 56k port, S video out port , headphone port, SPDIF out , Mic in , Line in, Built in Microphone on screen, PCMIA slot, built in CD player (without booting OS), LED clock , and 12.4 pounds of glory.

Tell me what you guys think (please ignore the manufacture and motherboard issue when rating my laptop) ! Thanks for rating!

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(NT) (NT) Why?
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Maybe a 6...

My guess is that it will likely run at least a little hot and that could be an issue down the road. The 2 60 GB drives aren't really that great as I think some laptops have that much total space on one drive to say nothing of potential Raid 0 issues you may run into if you remember those previous discussions.

While there are beefy components there, I wonder how well it'll all work together as well as how long till something burns out on that laptop if you don't have some cooling.

Just my free 2 bits on this,

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Usually trouble. Desktop chip in a laptop.

Usually OK for the first few months. HP, Dell had those CPUs in laptops for awhile and you see trouble develop (unstable, random boots, etc) in year 2.

Definitely a lesson here. Watch and read other posts about Pentium 4 HT laptops.


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I have had the laptop for a year, no issues. It runs very fast and performs well. The processor is fine with 0 errors too! I agree that the disk space is kinda small but having it in raid 0 boosts perfomance. It actually doesnt get very hot (1 vent does get very warm/hot, but the rest are fine)and the only true draw back is weight and battery life. And to the post entitled "Why?" : because I want to know what to upgrade (minus the hard drives as I just recently put in the second one) and what others think.

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Plenty of trouble. Link, comment.
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Aren't desktop processors too powerful for notebooks?

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Desktop CPUs aren't too powerful at all. The main problem is the amount of heat generated, and the notebook's limited abilities to dissipate the heat, which ends up causing problems later. But cleaning the vents every year or so and getting a cooler pad solves the problem pretty effectively.

- Nick

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A "1", since...'s waaaaay too heavy for my needs. Anything over 5.5 lbs is too heavy for me.

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Plus... probably only get about 1 hour of battery (if that) outta that thing. I also need to work unplugged for 3-4 hours at a time.

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Not for your needs...

...I dont need a ton of battery life as the only real place i bring it is on a plane, and I get about 1 hour of battery life, so i watch a movie of my own, followed by the planes movie, than CBS (american airlines) and than I listen to my creative zen. Now if im on jetblue, with 30 satelite channles, differnt story.

PS. To the guy saying that off brand laptops are bad, I fried it by accident. It woreked fine until I broke the motherboard. Same model as alienware, and they arent off brand.

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You should see the Alienware posts in this forum.

Service is non-existent for them as well. No spare parts, etc.

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(NT) (NT) I agree with R. Proffitt !
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Sounds to me that you have a Grade A laptop. Can pretty much do anything that a desktop would do. Wouldn't carry it much....12 lbs!!! Ouch. Not also mentiont that battery would not last long on this thing. I would agree that it's a monster (but in a good way). I'm curious as to what it looks like.

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No wow. It's a dead laptop.

And parts seems to be unavailable.

How to rank a dead laptop?

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profitt please ****

You have been spaming my threads to hell. ****! the laptop is being fixed for free! It is FINE! It broke because I did not have a anti static band on and i was working on a carpeted floor! ****!

Also the laptop is silver and black and the same model as that of the alienware m7700 (area 51). I have pics of my laptop which i will post later.

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You still haven't posted just how you got Amex to fix it free of charge.

- Nick

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a cardmember benefit

Google: AMEX Buyer's Assurance

Many cards have a similar program.

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Now we know it's dead. WIll do.

The pain these no-name laptops cause is too great for me to shut up.

So I won't.


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a 99999999999, i wish i could find one of those

i miss the Pentium 4

now i switched to AMD


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OMG proffit

It broke by me. I take the blame. It isnt the companies fault. You can stop blaming hybrid gear and the laptop.

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And it is their fault on spare parts. Bum laptop company.

It screams "STAY AWAY!!!"

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Proffit you must have 0 freinds

Because you are as anoying as a peice of **** . Seriously the laptop works perfect. Why dont you go outside and get some freinds you star trek, 30 year old, virgin, lives in basement, mommmas bouy?!? Or would you rather wait until the next clingon convention, to mate with your cling on girlfreind... John.

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Since you asked...
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This is an offensive post

Sorry to tell you that, but this is an offensive post that you wrote. If I was R. Proffitt, I would report this offensive post.

R. Proffitt is an excellent person. And you know what ? He is my friend. He coucils me many times before I bought my Inspiron 6400 ( Thank you again Proffitt ) and he learnt me many many many things. He is one of the most intelligent person on this forum. He has 58 470 wrote articles on this forum so I think he is a person that we all MUST respect. You are 15 and he is older than you ! Did you learn courtesy in your life ? Did you know that you must use this courtesy on a forum ?

I'm 14 and I'm actif in about 4 computer forums. I never been impolite on any forums. I have about 540 wrote articles on the CNET forum and NEVER I have been impolite. NEVER.

I don't know what retains me to don't report your offensive post.

Oh ! And you have the fun to write in your profile that you LOVE to hack ! You love to hack computers ! Wow man, you should be banished of this forum.

One offensive post again and I swear that I report it.

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Could you not do personal attacks?

So Proffit linked to some threads where you had some problems with a laptop or don't you remember those? Is that soo bad? I don't think so. If you don't like what he has to say then why not just ignore it? I think that is a pretty good idea but hey, this is the Internet where innocent flaming can be common or haven't you learned that yet?


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On the love to hack remark...Im 15 and you must be a really horrible pc user for a 14 year old. PC hacking isnt a bad thing. I hack my own laptop to gain new speeds, new features, etc.

On Proffit. He is an *******. He has spammed my threads this week saying that my laptop is horrible. Well F*** YOU proffit. Everytime i think of you i wish i was a mod so i could ban you. All you do is spam the same crap "oh well small manufactures..." "alienware laptops arent good..." "The laptop is dead..." ! I didnt mean to get this pissed off but when you have ask someone to leave a disscussion as they are no longer contributing you expect them to comply NOT continuosly post the same thing.

To proffit. You seem like an itteligent pc user. I feel we may even have the same pc level of understanding. Perhaps your isnt as great as mine but close. Maybe i could learn from you. Maybe you can learn from me. Whatever it is I feeel you need to learn something now. No means no, stop means stop. I asked to STOP posting useless information on my posts as they were no longer benifiting m,e and the remarks about me choosing a bad company got tiresome. I want to apologize for any rude remarks Ive made on the thread/forum however I want Profitt to apologize for repeatively posting something that no longer made sense, had a point, and dealt with the issue.

Sorry for my offensive terms but I was really angered the Profitt could not stop posting the same garbage after i asked him not to.

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Hack can mean bad things ya know...

Like the hacker that steals credit cards or defaces a web site or is this new stuff to you?

Maybe if a mod ticks you off, you should just leave the site. It is just an idea as it isn't like this is YOUR site or does that concept seem a bit over your head?


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a) Mods dont own or work at this site. They are volunteers that regulate rules
b) I love and go on it everyday
c) I hack in a positive way. That is what i said. I have calmed down from my rage, why dont you?

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here you go
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If you were a little bit intelligent :

1. You don't make personal attacks.

2. You recognize ( I think it's this word in English ) what R. Proffitt says.

3. You respect the other person on the forum.

4. You choose a laptop with a mobile processor with mobile components inside from a well-known brand which has a well-known reputation.

5. You accept what the other persons say about the subject. They are more qualified than you on some points.

6. Scuse me but ANY forms of ahcking is BAD. Don't try to say the oposite.

7. All what R. Proffitt said is TRUE and I completely agree with him.

8. R. Proffitt NEVER say useless informations. All what he says is helpful.

I'm 14 and I think that I'm more mature than you ... Do I have a problem !???????!

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