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Yea, I know, but hey, sometimes I also yell at my kids.

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yo Lampi, I relate...

to this issue very well...I raised the very same subject several times-"my .avi movies wont play" and and was told that QT was not the problem.

I followed the link through to the advertisiment page you refered to and had a bad flashback to all the MS windows pages I ever cruised to find updates and plugins that sometimes worked and most of the time put adware on my hard drive.

I searched the message boards here at cnet and found this disturbing thread...

"To do the conversions from all those odd encodings you may find in .AVI files out there, we use a PC to do the conversions so our MAC editor friend can do his editing on the Apple."

This was posted by The Bob I was left in despair and yearning for a mac version of IrfanView (the only pc freeware program that I sent the donation in for due to it's awesome performance!).

I upgraded to QT 7.1 for Panther and still got the redirect to the useless plug in page.

I did a google for macs and avi movies and found VLC which is OK but still not what I expected from my switch to mac os10.

I will check out MPlayer to see if it is any more impressive than VLC, thank you Lampi !

To answer your question...No, I never saw any use in the links on that help page from apple.

To add another I really need to go back to my win machine to edit/covert my avi movies (what program did you use Bob?) or is there any hope that iMovie will do the job?


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There is a way... A slow way.

At this point I can import almost any avi. to quicktime, but it's a long out of the way process. Also MPG's and some wmv files.

First avi files.
I find that most avi files will play, but have audio problems. The answer is to extract the audio, convert it to an audio file QT likes, and then add it back to the video file. I use DivX Doctor II to extract the audio ( ), What I use next depends on what format it is. If it's MP3 you can use Quicktime.
Quicktime has a problem with MP3s from Windows avi files, but, for some reason, not MP3s on their own. Split em, re-encode the MP3, and put em back together.
If the file is AC-3, then I use ( ). It's fast, easy, and you can split an AC3 file into the 6 Dolby 5.1 channels. This is nice now that, to some extent, QT supports 5.1, but means you have 6 files to convert and add to the video file instead of one stereo file.
If the audio is some other format that QT can't handle, I use Sound Studio, Sound Converter, or Cacophony to convert it. ( or )

MPG files
These have the audio and video ''muxed'' into one file, so while QT can usually play them, it will have problems editing them without losing the audio. bbDEMUX ( or ) can extract the audio to a usable format.

WMV Files.
These just got easy, thanks to the new component by Flip4Mac. ( ) You can open, play and convert most WMV files directly from quicktime, and preview them in the finder.

To put the audio and video files back together using Quicktime, open both files. Go to the video file, and in the pulldown menu select delete track, and get rid of the old audio track. If you don't it's ok, but the file will be much larger when you are done. Now select all and copy, then go to the audio file. Don't paste, which will either make the file twice as long, or replace video with audio. Instead, make sure the playhead is at the begining of the file, and no audio is selected (like when the file is first opened). Pull down to the command ''add to selection and scale''. This will scale the frames per second to make the video exactly the same length as the audio, eliminating ''Godzilla'' effect.
Now you can ''Save As''. Select the ''stand alone'' option so that you can trash the other files. If you don't, every time you open the file, it will need to find the other files before it can play.
You can also ''Export''. This option takes longer, but you can select the codecs that you want, and the size of the finished file.

There are very few videos that can't be made into a Quicktime file with some combination of the above. If Apple could somehow figure out a way to include the technology that the above free/shareware products seem to have no problem with, it would make Quicktime the ''go to'' app that it used to be, and all this hassle would be a memory.

By the way Apple, please take note of the above LINKS next to the NAMES of the needed software. I have found it oddly helpful to others that the links actually go to where the software can be found. Also, the names can make finding the right software strangely simple. At this time I will turn over to you full license of my discovery with no charge, provided you give me credit on every page where it is used, and always call it by it's full scientific name, ''Common Sense''


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Thanks L.T.C.

Yah Lampie,

if only common sense were a lot more widespread.


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QuickTime 7 and Mpeg2 Playback Plugin

I have run up against this problem trying to convert Mpeg2 with QT7 pro into H.264.

I couldn't follow the instrunctions above because after downloading bbdemux and using it to demux the VOB file, QT7 pro still gave an error saying it didn't recognize the resulting ac3 and mv2 files. So, I happened to find on the Apple site that they sell an Mpeg2 plugin for $20 that allows the playback and transcoding of mpeg2 files, (and as VOB). Bought and installed, and was thinking that I wouldn't need to go through the demux step but when I go to export and open 'options', it looks like it is still not finding the audio track in the VOB file because all the audio setting are grayed-out and unselectable. So, I went back to the directions given above and now QT7 will recognize and open the mv2 and ac3 files but I don't see any menu options as described above. For instance, 'delete track' or 'add to selection and scale'.

Help appreciated . . .

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Menu options

In QT 7 the delete track command has moved to the Properties window (Apple key and the letter J to open it). Click the track, and you have two options, delete and extract. This won't work for MPEG's. If quicktime could seperate the two files, we wouldn't need bbDEMUX in the first place. That tip is for avi, mostly.

Add to selection and scale is in the ''edit'' pull down menu, near the bottom.
If QT is ok with your ac-3 files, rock on. I usually have to convert an ac-3 file before QT will deal with it.


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Thanks --

Will try this out. Have you ever used the mpeg2 playback plugin?

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It's in there somewhere

I just checked, and there are 47 different components in my Quicktime component folder.
I need to get a life.


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The more it changes
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