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Hi all,

Looking for a bit of advice, I'm normally pretty good with setting up my own internal networks but struggling to find a piece of equipment that matches my requirements.

I've recently moved house and I've got my base router connected to a fibre optic connection so able to get speeds of 350Mb/s guaranteed, I want all of my devices in a room utilising this speed so I'm fitting a CAT6 LAN cable to the side of the house (weather resistant of course) and this is going to be attached to a switch so won't have wireless capabilities and nor does it require it because the room is directly above the router.

However, I'm having a couple of dead spots in the back bedroom of the house and can often lose connection in the back garden.

I'm looking for some sort of range extender - if it can still be called that after I explain my requirements - here is what I'm after:

- I want the extender to work like a home plug, where there is a base plug connected to the router via LAN cable and connected to a plug socket which then links to the extender and then transmits a wireless a signal rather than sync wirelessly and then bounce the signal on.

- I want the extender to be able to piggyback meaning I can plug something back in on top of it.

- I want the wireless transmission from the plug to be dual band so it can transmit both my 2.4 and 5 wireless signals.

Does such a thing exist based on those requirements, the closest I have come to is it being able to piggy back and dual band but it always has to bounce the signal and can't repeat the signal after receiving it through the normal home plug way.

Any advice / recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Cost isn't a massive issue but I wouldn't be looking to spend as much as triple figures for it.


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The issue with extenders is

They tend to be hit or miss. This changed when Mesh Routers arrived (google MESH ROUTERS.)

For now we use a powerline WAP like this. Seems to fill the need for most. Picture follows.

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Thanks for the response.

Based on the diagram you provided it seems to show 2 powerlines in use.

The first being directly connected to the router via a LAN cable which then passes the signal through the homes electrical supply to the second power line which based on that diagram looks like it then sends out a wireless signal, if I'm not mistaken?

Do you know of any makes / models that work in this way because I've only managed to find physical to physical or a single one that syncs via wifi and then repeats the signal to cover dead spots.


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That would be something other than powerline.

The repeaters are hit and miss so this is why I advise powerline or changing to a mesh system.

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CNET article on this.
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Notice that the routers were wired.

The OP seems to want all wireless so I have to nod to the new Mesh routers or try a repeater and know they can be hit or miss.

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Didn't read it that closely Bob.

So I missed that.

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Google Mesh


Thanks for the recommendation.

I've just been looking into the google Mesh setup and that looks like a really good set up and may possibly be something I look into in the future.

However, right now I have already purchased the Netgear Nighthawk X6, I did have the X10 but it just didn't live up to expectation. Of course the range was better but it always reset itself and was more annoying than anything.

Thus, I went backwards to the X6 so I couldn't really justify now purchasing the mesh system which is why I'm looking for this type of alternative I mentioned just to cover a dead spot in the house and even get better coverage in the back garden.

If there are any other recommendations / suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for your help.

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Let me be clear about "extenders."

You bought one and repeated what I see over and over. The wireless extenders are just not reliable unless you get into the new mesh systems which are a product of some gigabuck investments.

The Google Mesh is supposed to work if you have your own router. It writes "can be a standalone modem or a modem+router combo provided by your ISP."

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