RAM Slot change, PC issues and freezing

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask you for help regarding my RAM. I am using 2x4GB of HyperX 1,5V 1600 mhz ram memories and I have decided to upgrade it to 12 or 16GB.
Thus, I tried to change the RAM SLOT ( previously the two rams were landed in ram slot No. 1 and 3) so I have moved the one from 3rd to ram slot No.2 to see if it works and if I should buy ANOTHER 2x 4GB ram memories or just one 8 GB so the combination would be 4,4,8.

So having the rams in the slots 1&2 I have lost the connection to my joystick (however throttle works fine) and the computer is kind of slower. (I am flying both MfsX and X plane as training to become future pilot Happy ). Along with this, from time to time it freezes and shows me the previous session of online search like a (screenshot) which is definitely scary and super weird?

Thank you for your time and help

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Reporting: RAM Slot change, PC issues and freezing
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Always pair 1 with 3 and 2 with 4.
Always use strictly identical sticks (same make and model)

So you buy 4*4GB or 2*8GB or 2 extra of what you have now (same make and model) to go from 8 to 16, if you feel you need more than 8.

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thank you so much for your answer.

So do you think that the issue will disappear when I put it back to the 3rd slot as it was before?

If so and if I buy another 2*4GB, putting them into 2&4th slot wont make any troubles?

What is the logical reason that the change is causing issues please? I would like to understand it, I have read maaaany forums already, no real explanation found.

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Re: adding RAM

I don't expect any issues with 4*4 GB (4 identical sticks) installed.

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new RAM on the way

The problem has disappeared when I put it into 3rd slot again. But Kees, would you please advice me what happens when I put another 2*4GB sticks into single channel slots (2nd and 4th)? Will the same problem appear?

Please see also comment after this one, another person replied.

Thank you

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The reason it's slower is because you went from dual channel to single channel.

Put the stick you moved back in it's original slot and verify that everything functions.

Are slots 1+3 what your manual tells you to use if using 2 sticks?

Tell why you want to go above 8GB of ram.

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Thank you for your response.

Ok now I understand that there is some channel difference, but the question regarding the single channel slots is still there, because when I upgrade to 4*4GB I will use both single channel and dual channel slots. So the result will be having 16GB RAM in total, however the the computer might be still slower because of using both single channel and dual channel slots?

I need to upgrade because the programs I use require at minimum 8GB of RAM and 16GB RAM memory is recommended. I fly ´´professional´´ simulators and still use additional supporting programs while flying x-plane. And also, I believe, that 16GB will be minimum set up in computers in no time.

Now I moved it back to the 3rd slot and everything seems to be normal again. Another 2*4GB Ram sticks are ordered and on the way to home so I will have an update very soon.

Thank you so far

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Hi Bob,

I finally I was able to run all the tests and do all the cleaning with my computer. The results are:

memtest86 did 1200% during overnight testing will 0 errors on multiple tests
I have downloaded cCleaner to clean up the PC a bit.
And I am sending you the link from Speccy

Could you please take a look and see if everything is alright? I am sure you will have better understanding of those snapshots than me Happy

Thank you

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Just a quick look.

Your hdd is junk.
Get a new one quick.
Clone old to new and replace old with new.

Why do you have 2 AV products installed?

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Speccy question

Hi Bob,

ok thank you for a quick look. I understand it can be junk, but why please? What is the reason? Could you refer to some good product?

I am sorry but I do not know what does 2AV mean...

What about RAMS? All results are good?

Thank you

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Re: speccy question

1. Probably Bob sees in the speccy that the HD is giving bad statistics. That's a reason to buy a new one. Surely he can explain what's bad with this one.
2. 2 AV = two different antivirus programs. It's not recommended to run two different programs doing real-time scans.

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Open the speccy report and scan down to the smart values for the hdd.

Look at the 01 and 07 values.

That's bad......leads to all kinds of odd stuff happening.

Replacement......a 2TB unit other than a seagate.

The ram shows 16GB in dual channel......looks OK.

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Just a note about that HDD.

I've run into so many iffy HDDs. A common find is in the SMART values 01 and 07 with possible other values showing issues. When this happens the owners have a litany of complaints which can include slowness, BSODs, apps fail to launch and more.

At first I would try CHKDSK and other disk surface scanners but after a few months it became clear that when you run into a drive like this, you replace it.

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