exactly what you said.

Okay, you have 1.5 GB of RAM in you Toshiba. Is it a laptop or not? What so you mean it registers it but as 1402? Safe? CL?

Please explain in depth what you mean.

As for 444+667, those ought to be the speeds of the RAM sticks. 444Mhz and 667MHz. If you have combined a Samsung with a Transcend stick, then you may not get the best performance because they are not similar. One is a smaller stick and one is slower. For better performace, you should check and see what your system can hold.

If the Transcend is the 1GB stick that you already have, just get an identical one, and your system will be better. But you never stated what the problem is and your post is not too clear.

Explain again and I'll try to help more.