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Raid 1 HDD Boot failed (H200A Controller LSI SAS 2008-IR

Jan 15, 2017 7:05AM PST

I currently have a Older Server (Microsoft Server 200Cool with a LSI SAS 2008-IR controller. The Problem that I have is the Primary Drive (Raid 1 ) boot sector has become corrupted and now the system will not boot after a power outage (the system runs 24/7/365 with Battery Backup UPS. We lost power for a extended time and after unit will only boot to a "C" Prompt (virtual drive). Now during the Boot Attempt is states that"Integrated RAID exception detected Volume (HDl: 079) is in a state of Resyncing. When entering the SAS bios configuration it states the Drive is rebuilding. Drive 0 is set to the primary and Drive 1 is secondary, Drive ) is Rebuilding. This is a PERC H200A, MPT Firmware, NVDATA Version What I need to know is if the Boot Sector was corrupted and the Drive is Rebuilding is it Rebuilding the Mirror Drive with the Corrupted Drive or is the Corrupted Drive Rebuilding from the Good Raid Drive? This is set to a RAID 1 configuration. in the LSI Config Utility it states that the STATUS is Degraded and Task 3% Syncd. Any information is greatly appreciated being this is the first time in Years that I have had a drive fail some how. How can I repair the boot with out reloading the entire system?

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Jan 15, 2017 10:21AM PST

Anyhow, the recovery and repair is not something I see on the web as the maker didn't put up a recovery document.

This means you restore from your last good backup.

Only your newest IT staff runs without backup. They usually learn why we backup while it fails like this.

I'll lock the other posts for now.

-> Call the machine's maker as well as the RAID card support if you need to go deeper. Sadly the card you noted didn't have much online.

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Jan 15, 2017 7:43PM PST

Sorry for the cross post, wasn't sure where to put it and how cnet handled the forum. I have posted something on Dell's website for the server and have sent the card manufacturer a email with out getting any replys. We have the information backed up but really don't want to have to reload all the software and configure the system. I typically also cloan the drive but the last clone was done last year. That is why we also have the raid. So we thought....

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Ahh the old I have RAID so I don't have to backup idea.
Jan 16, 2017 8:43AM PST

That's blown away as the card or some drive fails.

No big deal since that's how most folk learn this.