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Racist incident at RNC

Wolf Blitzer: Racist Attack On CNN Camerawoman At Republican National Convention Was 'Truly Shocking' (VIDEO)

CNN's Wolf Blitzer spoke out about the racist attack on a network camerawoman at the Republican national convention on Wednesday.

On Tuesday night, two attendees threw nuts at a black CNN camerawoman and said, "this is how we feed the animals." Multiple witnesses saw the incident, and police immediately removed the two attendees from the convention center. CNN confirmed that the incident happened via a statement released on Tuesday, but did not have further comment at the time.

Gosh, what a shock.
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Reporting: Racist incident at RNC
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Later discovered to be DNC operatives in disguise

I'd suspect. Anyway, they no doubt was referring to her as "liberal main stream media" which is proved by them calling it a "racist" attack. What flavor were the nuts? Might have been worth catching and eating. Wink

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No, they were not

Just in case anyone doesn't click your post and just sees the subject line.

Why would you put "racist" in quotes?

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"Wolf Blitzer spoke out about the racist attack"
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You put the word in quotes as if to suggest that calling a black person an "animal" and throwing food at her was not really racist.

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Is there any possibility, no matter how remote,

That the two people were targeting CNN as a news network and not the person behind the camera? It might be nice to hear from them first.

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(NT) Possible? Sure. Remotely? Even more sure.
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Well, I was just thinking that if the two were

hard core Republicans they'd consider CNN as a liberal news outlet and an enemy of the convention that might be there to find and report dirt. If they were just racists, they'd do the same if it was Fox news. But, of course, we cannot create that scenario. I could just as easily think this was politically motivated and not racially. Of course that wouldn't have been as interesting as a news piece to run with.

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There was a video

from somebody's cellphone that was shown on Fox (not sure about the rest of the stations since I try hard not to watch much of their news programming), where, at a Romney fund raiser/rally last week or the week before, two elderly women were standing side-by-side to each other. They got into a discussion about what was being said, one one woman (a BO supporter) started arguing with the Romney supporter.....and the BO supporter literally spat in the other woman's face, deliberately, and was hustled out of the room.

You might just be right that the nut throwing was politically motivated and not racially....but no liberal will ever see that possibility......especially with an African/American in the Oval Office. Every chance they get to see any slight as racially motivated will be blown into that argument full face.......and yet say nothing about Biden's "chains" remark at all nor do they say anything about a seated African/American Congresswoman making the same types of racial slurs against Republicans and Conservatives. They are trying to have their cake and eat it too....but as fast as possible before sane people begin to see Dems and liberals for what they've turned into. This is NOT your father's Democratic party anymore....and more and more Dems are changing course and turning toward the Republican party because of it....and it started with Charlton Heston. That movement has actually sped up in the last couple of years.

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There's no video of this however.

Not that I've been able to find. If it did happen it was a Democratic setup. Even more backing that idea is the CNN news person involved is now engaged in campaigning for Obama by hitting at the Republicans. I now believe the perps who are unnamed, unfilmed, were deliberately placed there to do this, by Democratic operatives. Even when there is video proving Lies later on, like that "spitting on us" lies about the Black Caucus on road headed to Congress for a vote, they still lie, lie, lie.

CNN reporter on the stump.

The CNN camerawoman who was pelted with peanuts by attendees
at the Republican National Convention said that the incident was
disheartening, and that it should serve as a wake-up call to black

"I hate that it happened, but I'm not surprised at all," Patricia Carroll said to Journal-isms.
"This is Florida, and I'm from the Deep South. You come to places like
this, you can count the black people on your hand. They see us doing
things they don't think I should do."

"I can't change these people's hearts and minds," Carroll added. "No, it
doesn't feel good. But I know who I am. I'm a proud black woman. A lot
of black people are upset. This should be a wake-up call to black
people. ... People were living in euphoria for a while. People think
we're gone further than we have."

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She had a camera, didn't she?

I'd wonder how long this went on and whether or not she was disturbed enough to consider turning the camera on the peanut launchers.

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(NT) Peanut Gallery.........No Photos please?
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I wasn't sure which video you wanted
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whine, whine, whine

Careful or you'll have to marry Sarah Palin and change your names to "The Whiners".

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Not whining

Just trying (in vain, again) to get you to explain what you meant.

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RE: Might have been worth catching and eating

I think you've already had too many.

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sometimes you feel like a nut
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(NT) link didn't work for me.
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I hope the reporter was wearing...

a ballistic peanut vest Wink

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But will forever be plagued by

"shell" shock. Devil

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I wonder why these "racist"

didn't toss nuts at other black people there and call them animals, just a CNN reporter, who oh by the way just happened to also be black?

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The only shocking part about this, Josh

is that the liberal media, and you, refuse to recognize that there are far left and far right extremists in both parties and there will always be somebody out there that is overtly racist (Farrakhan comes to mind and Emanual is hugging him to pieces right now) and acts on that racism publicly. Just call these two ******** what they are....crazies who should be locked up. Do NOT call them what they are NOT........RNC racists. I'm sure you will find a handful of crazies that show up at the DNC next week.......will CNN report THOSE incidents when they arise? I doubt it because they didn't give very much coverage to the OWS nut cases who were raping, destroying property, attacking law enforcement, etc. In the liberal lens, only the Republicans and Conservatives have whackjobs......all Liberals and Democrats are standing up for themselves. BUT the Conservative side doesn't rape or destroy property, or attack law enforcement at their rallies/protests. How much coverage did the liberal media give to the nut who shot up the religious organization building a week ago?

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If anyone at the DNC.....

.....hurls objects at a TV camera operator while shouting racist epithets, I'm pretty sure it will be reported on. I just happen to think it's a lot less likely.

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what is racist

about what reputedly was said? All I hear is assumptions based on person interpretation without any clear racial remark being made.

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"Pretty sure"

won't cut it, Josh........when a huge majority of Dem and liberal garbage is totally ignored by the MSM.

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RE: is totally ignored by the MSM.

Toni's not watching...why bother reporting?

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She's made that "totally ignored" claim before

And several of us have countered with links proving her wrong, but she just keeps on doing it.

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For all the 'coverage' and mileage

that the MSM has given the 'nut throwing' incident.......has ANYBODY come up with a video of it yet? CNN says something to the effect that they are going to not comment on this any longer and that we can take their word for it that it 'truly shocking'. Did CNN cover the story ALONG with the actual video of the woman being spit on because she is a Romney supporter? I didn't find any links to it via the MSM......did you?

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The whole thing smells of a set up........

and being that it was headlined on Huffpo,it probably was.The left is desperately trying to portray republicans as racist and an incident like this would be icing on the cake for them.Those were plants that were paid to start an incident,let's be honest here.

According to Wolfie,police immediately removed the garbage twins.What Wolfie described is assault and the police responded to it.

Forgive my Libertarian thinking but if these were RNC delegates,I'd like to see them identified.Security should have confiscated their credentials,who were they?

I also have several questions I'd like to see answered."Why weren't they arrested ? The police were called, yet there's no police report ? Who were these peanut throwers ? Why haven't they been identified ?.....This story doesn't add up. How can you assault someone, have the police show up and not get arrested ? "

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Yes, they have to whip

their "negroes" into line, like Democrats have always done, to get them to vote the way they want to. Nothing quite like playing the race card during elections to fool them once again. They probably have a good laugh about it in the backrooms come election day if they've managed to pin the tail on someone they wanted to make a donkey out of, which is odd considering their mascot is the one with the tail.

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