Quicken Deluxe 2014 crashing in Windows 10

I've been using Quicken for decades with no problems. I just got a new Windows 10 machine (was using 7 Pro previously) and all of a sudden Quicken crashes when I load a specific account. I tried reinstalling Quicken and restored from a backup and it worked for a couple days and then crashed again. Same account. All the other accounts work OK but switching to that one account causes it to crash. Anyone have an idea what is going on?

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Reporting: Quicken Deluxe 2014 crashing in Windows 10
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Clarification Request
How many patches does QD 2014 have?
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Did you already try the validation utility

within Quicken? If not, I'd do that first. Also, you're at or past the 3 year support period for on line downloads so I'll presume you're using manual entry mode only. Make sure you've turned off any and all account settings related to connection to your banking institutions as well as reminders and automatic updates.

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Validation utility not useful

Yes, no errors found, but the validation utility is not supposed to be useful for my problem.

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The only clue I see

Is it's a new install. Are you sure it's all patched up?

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I'm noticing something about that version

I went from 2013 to 2016 as Quicken has a 3 year support cycle. I missed 2014 but it seems that was the version that first required an Intuit ID and password. I could wonder if that happened after a patch and the suggestion to check into that is all you need. I could also wonder if the account in question was newly added when you acquired the 2014 release. I've used Quicken since DOS and have never seen a Windows release that wasn't buggy and needed several patches until the next year's release was available so do check into that. As well, Quicken will make automatic backups outside of what you do on your own or when prompted so look for those (folder may vary) and see if there's one from an earlier date when you knew all was well. My automatic backups number as 5 and the earliest is from May of this year. If your earliest backup was prior to your Windows 10 upgrade, you'd have nothing to lose by trying it. Generally, these end in .QDF-backup and will be somewhere in a folder under your username. I'm fairly certain you just remove the "-backup" section, click on the QDF and Quicken will try and open it.

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Old account, old Quicken (but updated), new OS

I've also been running Quicken since the days of DOS. Usually not many problems. Everything was running fine in Win 7 Pro except I was not able to run the updates. They would fail. That didn't seem to matter as everything I needed was working fine. Then my Win 7 machine crashed and I had to get this new Win 10 computer. Installed Quicken and it appeared to run the updates successfully. Reloaded latest backup file and started using it again. Everything was fine until I started using that one account. That's when it started happening (just that one account crashing). Tried reloading it, same problem. Tried uninstalling and re-installing Quicken and went back to a backup prior to the problem. That appeared to fix it and everything worked just long enough for me to manually add all the data that I got after that older backup date. Just when I had everything caught up it happened again. I contacted Quicken for support and the nice lady started having me try all kinds of things. We couldn't find a problem. Then she had me create a new account and told me how to copy all the transactions from the old (problem) account into the new account. While doing that, after over an hour on chat with her, the whole Quicken program and the chat window crashed, possibly because she had me copy too much data at once. That's what it looked like anyway but why the chat window crashed at the same time baffles me. So I lost that chat but I had the case # so contacted them again. This time the guy wouldn't help because he said they were not supporting Q 2014. The lady before him didn't seem to care about that but he did. So I knew what she was trying to have me accomplish so I started at it again only I just copied a few years worth of data at a time and I got everything copied over to the new account. This was a VISA account and it is linked to my checking account for the payments so when I went to look at the checking account is was something like 90k in the red. What was happening was that all the entries copied into that new account included the linked payments and they were deducted a second time due to the linking. I'm ready to give up, go buy Quicken 2017, go back and get that old backup and manually re-enter all the new (since that backup) data again. It took me two days to do it last time so I'm not looking forward to it. I hate new computers.

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Now I'm beginning to wonder if the new PC is good.

I don't see crashes when I ask my PC to work hard.

The big clue to me was the new installation PLUS the fact you tell us it won't update. Without those patches, Quicken may indeed be broke on a fresh install.

I don't want to open yet another discussion about Quicken pushing users to new versions like this.

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I'd not get 2017 with 2018 on the horizon

It's reported there will be big changes in this one and you'll need to have a new Quicken account and PW rather than one from Intuit. Supposedly, even 2017 will get one more patch which will require the account/password change. This could be the mother of all Quicken messes and I'm not looking forward to it.

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