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Title Backing up data to a compact disc
KB ID#: 200627
Products Affected: QuickBooks 2004 All Versions
Categories: Data and Utilities

Question: How do I back up my QuickBooks data to a recordable compact disc (CD-R or CD-RW)?

Cause: Note: If you are using Windows XP, see Backing up data to a CD-ROM using Microsoft Windows XP.

As the file size of your QuickBooks company data file increases, you may want to use media other than 3.5-inch discs to store your backups.

Note: We will provide support for the use of CD-R or CD-RW disks with backups or copies of QuickBooks company data. Please note that support engineers in our technical support center will not be able to assist customers with errors related to the CD-ROM software or hardware.

Answer: Before backing up your data to a recordable compact disc (CD-R or CD-RW), you must install the direct-access software for your CD-R or CD-RW drive. You must also prepare your blank compact discs for direct-access writing before you can use them to record backups.
Making a backup on your hard disk, and then copying the backup file to CD

From the QuickBooks File menu, choose Back Up.
Click Browse.
From the drop-down list in the Save in field, choose a location on your hard disk that you will be able to find later (your Windows Desktop, for example).
Click Save.
Follow the recommendations and instructions from your CD-ROM drive manufacturer for copying the backup file from your hard disk to a CD.
Copying the QuickBooks data file to the recordable CD

Prepare the CD-R or CD-RW for direct-access writing. (Check the documentation that came with your CD-R or CD-RW drive or contact the hardware vendor for assistance with installing the software and preparing the disks.)
Open the folder where your QuickBooks data is stored. (File will have a .qbw extension)
Copy the .qbw file from the folder on your hard drive to the CD drive.
Follow the onscreen instructions.
Note: If you need to access this CD from a system with no CD writing software, make sure to follow the onscreen instructions of your CD writing software to allow the disc to be read by most standard CD-ROM drives.

Restoring data from a CD-ROM disc

Note: When restoring a file from CD, look at the file in My Computer to determine whether the archive was created via backup or copy.

Click here for instructions on how to restore a .qbb file.

Using a QuickBooks file copied off a recordable CD

Copy the .qbw file from the CD-ROM to the desktop of your computer.
Right-click the .qbw file, and then select Properties.
In the Attributes section of the Properties window, clear Read-only and then select Archive.
Click OK.
Copy the .qbw file to the desired location on your hard drive.

Note: Be careful of overwriting your existing data because once you overwrite existing data, the original data is lost and cannot be retrieved.

Open QuickBooks, and then choose Open Company from the File menu.
In the Open a Company window, click Look in and select the location where you copied the .qbw file.
Click Open.