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Question for Sony SXRD Owners

A problems with rear projectors is that they are not great in daylight, Is this TV very bright and clear in daylight?
Also what is the viwing angle of this tv?
Does it produce very deep blacks, bright whites?
How many years (with about six hours a day) would the lamp last? and how much would a lamp cost by then?
How well does analog look on it (if you can compare to others at the same size please do)?
Is the Depth of the TV slim or to big to big for a average sized family room?
Thank you for you personal opinions and expierences with these TV

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Not an SXRD, my DLP does lack brilliance with sunlight

pouring in. Viewing angle is a non-issue for most of us. Trying to enjoy viewing from 45 degrees off center or more is not the height of enjoyment regradless of which technology. Four year old Sammy can't compete with some others for really deep blacks. Other than that sunshine on the screen example, colors are fine by me. My set is on around 12 hours a day, sort of as an alternative to deadening silence. Lamp is visably not a bright as new. Still, I'm not moved to replace it yet, at $180 cost.

Being used to CRTs most of my life, the slim cabinets are not any obstacle for me. Thosed enamored by relatively great thinness of four inches or so, may be annoyed by the 16 inches that nonetheless fits decently on any normal table. Custom wall mount is a beautiful concept when applicable.

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got the 50a2000

Ok for lamps: the a2000's & a2020 have a life spand of 8,000 hours but the XBR's are just 4,000 hours

Viewing angle, I have noiced that Auto1 helps with off angle viewing, in the manuel it says 65 deg. L/R horizontal (130 total) & 30 deg. U/D vertical (60 total)

STD looks good at 7ft, HD is way cool. I have be watching things (HD) that I would never watch before. STD: Some channel look better such as my local (std) are real bad but that this Not the TV just the channel. National Geaograpth looks very good. The only time I have seen artifacting is when watching 'Deadliest Catch' on Std discovery channel when a large wave hits, splashs & fills the tv screen.

The Blacks are good not as good as CRT but better then Plasam & LCD. for more you can read my review... One thing I need to update on it is that the color 'green' has gotten a little better with more hours on the lamp (200hours)

I like sci-fi so the blacks are a must & there good. I have watch my dvd's of BSG, Lost, StarGate: Alantis, From the Earth to the Moon, & right now I have Enterprise on. It is great, the shadow detail is as good as I was getting on my sony HD Crt, maybe a little better.

Depth is not that much, my A/V is more deep then the TV & only 3" deeper then my sub, don't let 3" or so stop you from buying a great tv or any good RP tv.

The tv is great in the day time, I use Auto1 in the day time & then Min iris late night viewing. There is NO TV that can block glare from the sun, I have a samsung LCD & when the sun is beating on it all I see is a brite whiteish blob that is the sun. If you do most of your viewing in the day time & have lots of large windows that have no blinds/curtons look at the XBR's they have the more powerful 180wt. lamps

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I have owned my Toshiba 72HM195 for over 15 months now paid $4600 for it now you can buy that same model with stand for a tad over $3000 That may sound like a lot of cash. But 72" gives you a true movie theater experience at 9 ft. its like setting in the sweet spot in a movie theater Most folks here thjink iam nuts but if you can compare my d.l.p. set to the Sony you will find that the d.l.p. has a shapper picture viewing angle no problem unless you set way over to the side and who does. very brite even at low lamp power. Toshiba even gives a 2 year warrenty on the lamp mine is still brite and lamp is affordable $200 thats not bad I did check out the new Sony 70" and doeas not compair to the Toshiba and cost is 3 times more whatever you go with go as big as you can you dont want to squint at the fine detail steweee

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They Use Toshibas In The Big House

Since they have a very limited budget and can't afford the XBR's!
WARNING: Don't get sucked into buying low budget 72 inch DLP TV'S!
Do yourself a favor and ask PROFESSIONALS, you will find that the XBR is considered one of the finest TV's available today. I would prefer a QUALITY LYCOS image at 50 inches over a low budget 72 inch DLP. Go on the AVS forum and see what the EXPERTS say about one of the best TV's ever made: The XBR2.Put that in your pipe and smoke it Steweeeeee!!! Maybe one day you too can afford the best!
BTW: PLEASE tell me what narcotics you use when watching that TV, this way I can buy a Vizio and think I am watching a Pioneer!!

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lcos has alot of problems right now so idk wat ur talkin about. they r good but toshiba, samsung, mitsubishi ect. have an extremely reliable set with much shaper pictures and colors.

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We own then

We do know what we are talking about. SXRD's have NO problems. The older XBR1 had some problems & now have been fixed in the XBR2/3 & A20x0's.

Samsung RP have problems w/ the light engine tunnel collapsing.

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Where Do These NUTS Come From?

Have ANY of them done ANY research on high end TV's? Pioneer and Sony are the 2 tops sets PERIOD. Its simply a matter of personal taste and whether you want Plasama of LYCOS. Samsung, Toshiba, Etc Etc are all mid level TV's geared to people who want BIG but can't afford QUALITY. In the world of Home Theatre, as in the world of automobiles you gotta PAY for the best. Want the best TV's on the market today? Simply look for the most expensive and you can't go wrong. BTW: Sony's customer support is absolutely AMAZING. They have sent me 4 $300.00 bulbs for my XBR270 for FREE and also will be replacing the light engine AND recalibrating the entire TV for free because I was dissatisfied with the delivery process. They are simply the best!

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The NUTS are lookie-loos

They generally have no facts to back up their claims. They go on hear-say evidence.

Anyways, to answer one or two of the original posters questions, I spent an entire evening with a friend's new 50" SXRD, and after doing a little self-calibrating, I came to one conclusion: It's stunning. Plasma is claimed to have better blacks, but I was impressed by the blacks of the SXRD. On Charter Cable, the standard-def channels looked really, really good. I'm very picky, and standard-def was completely acceptable. And as someone pointed out, HD was amazing. The TV is deeper than a true flat-panel LCD or Plasma, but it's not bad. Maybe 12" deep total. Speakers sounded pretty good. Brilliant bright picture, and if you wanted to really burn the bulb bright, you can choose the "Vivid" picture mode that makes everything artifically bright.

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Just so I can be with my home boys watching Toshiba big screen bet I wont find a Sony freak in the big house harda ha ha. Its funny when anyone makes a coment about there d.l.p. set they get beheaded So my only question to you bad boy Sony adducts is this Why does my Blobisha 72" look so much better than the 70" Sony at twice the price PROVE IT I did . By know you all know this is all in fun example went in my local bank of Americe above the counter are 6 sony tv. all tuned to c.n.n. and even worse played in the stretch mode and yes looked stunning In closing if you want to go to war and still think Sony is king of the road . Then go to Magnolia and check out the Pioneer Elite plasma hooked up to a blue ray player. I went screeming out the door because the sharpness burned my eye balls I have to have my eyes replaced because all I can see is 20th Century Fox Peace be with you Sony paid experts This cnet is so much fun .

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I Suggest YOU

Not only rob the bank so you can afford a REAL TV but I also suggest psychiatric help and a class in the english language, particularly spelling. Steweeeee! I thought I was nuts till I started reading your posts! You blow me away! FACTS speak louder trhan words Steweeeee so I challange you to show me a link to ANY site that in any way indicates that a Toshiba TV is in the same league as PANASONIC let alone SONY or PIONEER. My friend, lets face facts: You wanted to SAVE MONEY. YOU DID. YOU OWN A TOSHIBA. ITS AN "AVERAGE" TV. It never was and never will be considered a high end monitor. If you choose to remain delusional and have 25 morons that agree with you then PLEASE invite me to those parties since the hallucinagenic drugs your using actually make a LOW BUDGET TV look as good as the best in the business.
I also wonder when Toshiba will make an "attractive" TV They remind me of my 1998 Hitachi RP TV.
I await the Acid Trip Invite STEWEEEE!!!!!!!!

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its ok

its alll good, sony lcos is maybe fourth best to the samsung, toshiba, and mitsubishi. the sony has uniformity issues along with a green tint u cant get out of colors, so im gonna have agree with stewie, although sony likes to rip off there customers, their tvs r no better.

ps. love your ambitous and loyal personality stewie, you rule.

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You have never seen the picture quality of my Toshiba you have no idea what I paid for it so your opinion means nothing that goes for the rest of you folks that must be paid by sony. The only thing I can add to what I have already stated is I paid $4600 + stand so dont call it a cheap t.v.THE FACT IS. J.V.C idla seems to have the same beautiful picture. and Fact the new Pioneer Elite Plasma blows away sony the best picture of any t.v. out there I know I'am crazy now that I'am retired and have nothing to do but drive you cnet folks nuts and almost every day check out b.b. etc for the latest toys Yes Sony is a great t.v. I have owned 2 of them but Fact My Toshiba has more detial I rest my case so please take a chill pill. in closing FACT IS All the new major brand t.v. will give you 70m.m. film quality so why do we argue because its FUN FUN steweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Go ahead Stewee, drive EXCON nuts. He gets hot under the

collar easily.

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Just had to chime. Lost at on-line poker after 3 minutes cant wait to play with DOYLE BRUNSON STEWEEEE

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Steweeee Baby !!!

Show me the link!! Show me ANYTHING that even REMOTELY indicates that a LOW BUDGET Toshiba can perform like a high end TV. Maybe if you increase the dosage you can visualize the link!!
BTW: I am in the process of purchasing a 72 inch Toshiba for my dog. He isn't as picky as I am and doesn't mind the low tech DLP technology.

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Consumer Reports Recommends Toshiba

"CR Quick Recommendations:" Consumer Reports:

Best of the biggest:

? Mitsubishi WD-65732 , $2800
? Mitsubishi WD-65831 , $3000
? Sony KDS-R60XBR2 , $3800
? Toshiba 62HM196 , $2500
? Toshiba 62MX196 , $2900

"Almost all the TVs in the largest size category are worth considering, especially if you find them at good prices. This Sony and the two Toshiba sets are among the best rear-projection models we've ever tested, with excellent picture quality on all types of programs. All three have 1080p resolution and two or three HDMI inputs. While it's pricey, the Sony LCoS TV performed beautifully and came with an extra lamp that's worth a few hundred dollars. The two Toshiba sets use single-chip DLP technology. The higher price of the 62MX196, part of the Cinema Series, gets you a black finish and a few more features, including an Ethernet jack for connecting the TV to a home network, and user-adjustable color controls."
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I Said "High End" Not "Consumer Reports Recommends"

Consumer Reports ALSO recommends the Ford Focus! your point? I agree that the Toshiba is the BEST LOW BUDGET 70 + inch TV on the market today. Wanna save cash and own a 70 inch TV? TOSHIBA!
Want QUALITY? You know what you need to do Steweee! Just sell it NOW while you can still get 500 bucks for it, buy an MX3000 remote with the 500 and then pick up a REAL TV!!

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by EXCON - 3/29/07 5:58 AM
In reply to: BILL COMING FROM YOU ITS AN HONOR KISS KISS by stewart norrie
Show me the link!! Show me ANYTHING that even REMOTELY indicates that a LOW BUDGET Toshiba can perform like a high end TV.
SonyXBR2, at $3800.00 rated a score of 80.
Toshiba, at $2500.00 rated a 78.
I believe that REMOTELY indicates its performance.

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If he's happy with his TV, what difference does it make? Also, price doesn't mean everything. I'll gladly put my Panasonic plasma up against a Pioneer that costs twice as much, and you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.

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I had my own car stereo business back in the mid 70s I sold only stereos that I knew for fact would be reliable, sound great with no problems and good factory backing. Also read a lot of consumer report magazines, every thing they rated excellent was pure crap especially bloupunk. I would not sell that to my dog either Just punch in 72HM195 in your computor and read customer reviews 5 star baby and the only flaw you will see is the orgional lamp was factory defective recalled which many customers did not know about Also Toshiba customer is better than Sony gave me an extra year on lamp warrenty Anyway old chap isn"t it fun to get mad as hell I love it Just like Poker and funny part is WHO CARES all fun PEACE PEACE But to make you happy I will buy my doggie a Sony so he can go blind steweeeeeeeeee the freak

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I Just LOVE To

I could give a rats behind what Steweeeee or anyone else thinks, buys or sells! It fun watching all the time and effort spent on trying to prove some MORONIC point on a TV!!

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Answer For Original Poster

Just an FYI:
I can tell you one thing about the Sony that is not in dispute, at least from my perspective. The service is UNBELIEVABLE. I ended up with my KDS R70 XBR2 simply because my 2003 70 inch Grand Wega had a SLIGHTLY DEFORMED piece of plastic covering the bulb. I complained to Sony and for $800.00 they replaced my 4 year old set with a brand new XBR2. In addition I complained about 4 dead pixels. Sony replaced the light engine AND is recalibrating the set for FREE. In addition for my troubles Sony gave me 4 $300.00 replacement bulbs so actually I am 400 bucks AHEAD AND I got a 2007 1080p TV along with a free calibration! NOW THATS SERVICE!
I have owned ALOT of high end TV's Pioneer Elites, Sonys, Hitachis, Mitsubishis etc. and NOTHING has come close to the new LYCOS technology. I now own 2 Panasonic 600 Series Plasmas as well as the Sony. I almost went back to the Pioneer until I did my research and checked out the XBR2's. Once I saw what these sets can dobefor and particularly AFTER calibration frankly there was no question in my mind other than what remote to buy to compliment the new component. If your into gaming the PS3 looks amazing using HDMI. The only "complaint" is the fact that Sony offers so many bells and whistles on these Flagship sets that it literally takes days to figure out how to use the menu properly.

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"YAHOO" or "MSN."

THE HDTV's are "LCoS". Not criticizing, but you really don't want to come across like STEWEEEEEE do you???


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why do u defend ur sony so much. even if ur tv is the best does it really matter? its all about prefrence anyways. i do agree, stewe is crazy, but if he thinks the toshiba looks best who cares, to him it does. i personally like the samsung, but does it really matter. samsung and sony r the two most popular rptvs out there, due to there great performance, and samsung uses dlp. so enjoy your sony, ill enjoy my samsung, and stewe can enjoy his toshiba and we can stop arguing abot which is best because it doen't matter.

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SXRD is AWESome in Daylight and viewing on an angle

My first Gen SXRD 50" is the best TV I've every owned.
I can see the picture from my kitchen on a 170 degree
angle and about 30 feet away. Sunlight really doesn't
affect it,since the screen doesn't have a mirror finish
like a lot of other HDTV's.They use the mirror effect to make the picture seem brighter,when in fact,you get
such a "Glare" in the light,that you need sunglasses
in your own home.LOL. The picture adjustments are so
vast,that I sometimes feel I need to call for a video
professional to adjust the picture properly. Not that
it's a problem,it's fantastic,the amount of picture
enhancements. Sony did the SXRD's right,even the first
generation was superb. The only caveat,is the fact that
my older model will not input 1080p thru the HDMI,but
it still upconverts any 1080i signal through HDMI into
progressive. So in the end,it's sort of the same,I guess.

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I agree

My Sony SXRD 60" has an amazing picture. No single chip spinning color wheel thingy DLP compares to 3-chip LCOS. I researched TV's the old fashioned way, by looking at the picture quality in person and comparing via "squinty vision" and the difference is obvious. DLP has an odd blockiness and has "speckles" (the best term I can use to describe it). SXRD is clear dynamic. Colors are nice, and the resolution is fantastic. Its been reliable so far and I have had no issues to date.
3-chip LCOS is the only way to go, all the other technologies (DLP, LED projection) have too many noticeable limitations.

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