Since you asked...

I maintain some proprietary Palm applications, but answer some programming issues with code snippets and examples at Source code is supplied when posible.

Current in my "lab" are:

Palm m100
Palm IIIc
Palm Vx
Zire 71
Treo 90

Out and about is a Palm IIIe but I just heard they dropped it and cracked the screen. They will likely get a Treo 90 from stock. An older Palm III was recently tossed out since its OS version is beyond what I can support in the custom app and you can't find them anymore in any quantity.

There are some PocketPCs in the company but we haven't ported the software to such.

And on the Christmas list is the Dell X30 with 624MHz CPU and Wifi. I want the extra big battery too, so be sure to tell Santa when you see him.

Hope this helps.