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Question for anyone who has a Samsung YP-Z5...

Are you able to view Album Art on this player?
I am trying to find out if the YP-Z5 supports integrated ID3 tagged album art.
I have contacted Samsung Support but have received contradictory information.
By ID3 tagged album art I mean: Does the album art come up automatically when you play a song?
Note: I am talking about viewing the album art on the actual Samsung player NOT Windows Media Player.
If so, please tell me what format (MP3, WMA, WMA/vbr, etc) you used and exactly how you transferred the songs to the player and what special steps (if any) you took to see the Album Art.

Great little player, btw.
I wanted a flash player w/ long battery life, great sound, and small size. I didn't want FM or voice recording. This one is perfect. 34+ hours battery life, AWESOME sound, and I love the interface despite some reviews to the contrary.

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Nevermind, I got it.

In reply to: Question for anyone who has a Samsung YP-Z5...

The flood of support was heartwarming, though Wink

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Album art...

In reply to: Question for anyone who has a Samsung YP-Z5...

I transferred some songs to Z5 with album art. I attached the art using Media Player (advanced tag editor). They should show up automatically on the Z5.

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too late...

In reply to: Album art...

You got it already, nevermind...

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I still cant get it

In reply to: Question for anyone who has a Samsung YP-Z5...

I just got one, and I've been unable to get album art going. I went to advanced tag editor in windows media player and set the picture to be the cover of the album which I had the picture of. When I send it to my Samsung nothing comes up. Any help? How was everyone else able to do it?


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hope this helps

In reply to: I still cant get it

I have already posted on this forum regarding this matter (see 'Samsung YP-Z5 album art- HOW TO').
Advanced tag editor doesn't work on mine either- however, 'Find Album Info' does (right click on tracks and select that option). Usually it will find the right album and associate album art to your tracks (hidden jpg files are put into the same folder as the tracks) Then when you transfer your songs (I use WMP10) the album art should be there.
There are two instances when this will still not work- 1:'Find album info' doesn't find album art. 2: The album art it does find is too big a file for the player to display.
In the last case, it's easy- go into your tracks folder and open the jpg album art file with 'Paint' (you need to be able to see your hidden files in folder options), then re-size it to 75x75 or 100x100 pixels if it isn't that size anyway, then save it again as a jpg file, overwriting itself. The size of the files should only be a few Kb for it to definately work on the player, however, I have managed to have album art files of 30Kb and still work. Some album art (from 'Find album info') is unfortunately bigger, some being around 70Kb, which does NOT work as it is too big.
Hope this helps.

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In reply to: hope this helps

True. The advanced tag editor will not work w/ the Z5.
You have to "find album art". Haven't verified the jpg file method, but it sounds feasible.

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other methods

In reply to: hope this helps

Also, there is a solution to albums where the album art cannot be found with 'Find album info'-
One simple way is to have an album art jpg file in the folder on your pc, which can be around 75x75 - 100x100 pixels, and ideally less than 20Kb- no more than 30Kb, and labelled 'AlbumArtSmall.jpg'. What you do is drag and drop that jpg file into the tracks folder on the player, and hey presto- album art! The disadvantage with this method is you will need to drag that jpg over every time you put that album (or tracks from that album) back onto the player, as once the album is removed, so too will the jpg file.
There is a longer work around which means you won't have to drag over album art, and it 'cheats' the system, but it's not ideal either: Basically, if WMP10 can't find album art, then you have to make it think the tracks are ones from an album it can find album art for, then swap the pictures to the right ones. You do this firstly by renaming the tags of your track to a track that you HAVEN'T got and not likely to have in your collection. Then let it find the album info for the new 'track'. I normally play the track then to make sure it associates the album art correctly. Then come out of WMP10, and get your PROPER album art ready in one window, with the newly found album art in the tracks folder displayed in another window. You need to change all the album art found to the one you have, by right-clicking on the found album art files one at a time, select 'rename', then copy (Ctrl+c). Then right-click on your album art, select rename, and paste (Ctrl+v). This easily renames your album art. Then drag it over to the tracks folder and hold Ctrl, which will leave the original still in the other folder. Confirm you want to overwrite, and hey presto- the found album art by WMP10 has been replaced with your album art. Do this with all the album art files. All you have to do now is change the track tags back to the proper song title etc in WMP10. One thing I have found is that once I have converted files, sometimes the ones I have already done have reverted back to the 'found' album art. I had the idea that the option in WMP10 'retrieve additional information from the internet' is doing this (NOT confirmed), and so I have now disabled this just in case.
Anyway, I have now got album art for every single album and single in my collection, and the player looks great because of it.

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still lost, sorry :(

In reply to: other methods

I'm confused by the drag and drop method mentioned. I have the albumart i renamed it to AlbumArtSmall.jpg and it is 100x100. I'm not sure where to drag and drop it to. I went into media player went to the library and clicked on the album. I drag and dropped it to the folder but it just showed up in the pictures section. The albumart is not online so I cant do it the other way.

Any other suggestions?



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In reply to: still lost, sorry :(

Right. You are obviously a little new to drag and drop in windows. No problem. Right- you open a window to the left of your screen and go into the folder that has your tracks and album art file 'AlbumArtSmall.jpg'. Then open another window and move it to the right of your screen so you can see both windows on your screen. On the second window, go to My Computer, and double-click on the player icon to look at the folders on your player. I can't remember the exact folder layout in the player, but you need to find the music folder and then go into the artist folder, then the album folder that you need the album art in. Then all you do is drag the album art jpg file over from the left window into the right window- it will automatically keep the original file in the folder on your pc, and make a copy of it on the player in the albums folder. Then unplug the player and so long as the album art is the right size (if 100x100 doesn't work, reduce to 75x75) and small enough memory wise (no more than 30Kb in size) then you should have album art now when you select the album.

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i understand that... under artist?

In reply to: okay

I'm familiar with the whole drag and drop thing, for whatever reason when I was reading "the player" I was thinking Windows Media Player not the Samsung Player under my computer. I still do have a question however. I understand that I'm supposed to go to my computer, then to the samsung mp3 player and then to the album folder and drag and drop the album art. When I go to the samsung player, I click on the media folder, then the music folder. Under that, artists are listed, not albums. Some artists are on a few albums. I'm not sure where to put the albumart. Under each artist, I see a folder with the different albums that person is on. Do I have to go through to each artist thats on an album and put the album art in there?

Thanks for the help!


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This is what worked for me.......

In reply to: still lost, sorry :(

I struggled with album art too. This is what worked for me...
1. Open WMP10.
2. Connect the Z5 (it should turn on and say ''USB'' then change to ''MTP'').
3. Click the ''Sync'' tab in WMP10.
4. On the right-hand window should be a tree showing what is on the Z5 (a ''+'' sign by ''Music'' and ''Pictures''). Click on the ''+'' sign by ''Music''.
5. This will expand the tree showing all of the artists. Starting with the first artist, click on each one (holding down the ''control'' button) until all are highlited. Right-click on them and choose ''Remove from device'' or ''delete from device''. This will clear all the songs off of the Z5.
6. Now you are ready to add songs to the Z5. Minimize WMP10 and navigate to your music folders on your computer. I find it works best to do it by album, where possible. If your albums are in folders: open the folder, highlite the songs you want, right-click on them and select ''Add to Now Playing List''.
7. This should bring WMP10 back up with your songs in the right-hand window of the ''Now Playing'' tab. There is a little icon on the far right side with a little geen arrow to open this window if it is not there.
8. Click the top song, hold the ''shift'' key and click the bottom song. Right-click on them and select ''Find album info'' (be sure you are connected to the internet). If this option is greyed out it is because the songs must be in the WMP10 library first. To do this: Click on ''File'' on the top left side of WMP10 and go to ''Add to Library'' and then ''Add Folder''. In the window that pops up: navigate to the folder where ALL of your music is and select it.
9. WMP10 will now try and find album info. One of several thing will happen: if you are lucky it will know that it is a complete album and show you the album and all the tracks with the album art. If it is right click ''Finish'' (this will apply the art to all the songs from that album) and move to next step. Or: It will offer you one or more choices to choose from. Note that selecting one of the choices will apply the album art AND the Title, Album, etc info to the song (so make sure the track and artist match). Also note that sometimes the info will be right but tha album art may not be there in some cases. Or: it will not find any matches. In the last two cases you can try clicking ''Refine Your Search'' and changing the Title, Artist, or Album info (especially if it is something generic like ''Unknown'', or Track 12'') to match what it should be and clicking ''Search''. You will find that some songs just can't be found.
10. After the last song is done, Right-click on your list of songs in the right-hand ''Now Playing List'' (make sure they are all still highlited) and select ''Add to'' and then ''Sync List''. Choose the ''Sync'' tab at the top of WMP10 and then select ''Start Sync''. Done.
11. Repeat for other albums or misc songs.

I was able to succesfully tag about 90% of my collection this way.

It is worth doing. The album art on the Z5 is way cool, with the art popping up in the slection menus as well.

Note: I had much of my music tagged with Musicmatch and the Z5 did not recognize it. I had to retag everything with WMP10 even though the Musicnatch tagged album art did show up in WMP10.

Also Note: wastedyuthe's system may work, I do not know. I intend to try it when I have the time.

Seems complicated, and it is a bit of a chore, but you will get used to it and it will go pretty quickly, especially if you have a high speed connection.

Post again if you need any help.

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In reply to: This is what worked for me.......

Like I said before, I did the whole 'Find Album Info' thing in WMP10 myself, and like you said it will do about 90% of your tracks if you are lucky (100% if you are VERY lucky). But my methods above also explained how to put album art on the player ONLY if that method doesn't find album art.
So, Night Surfer, I concur that 'Find Album Info' in WMP10 is the best way to go to begin with. The dragging and dropping of art directly into the player folders is a way of cheating ONLY if WMP10 cannot find the album art.
Anyway, in answer to nbaj2k's question, I take it you are talking about 'compilation' albums, with more than one artist on each album. If that's the case, I am sorry my friend but you will have to figure that one out as I have no compilation albums to know the answer. Try putting the art in one album of one artist, and see if that album art is displayed for the rest of the album tracks on the player. If not, then yes you probably will have to put it in the other artists album folder too. Let us know for future reference what the outcome is please.

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yes it is compilations

In reply to: Right!!

I find it weird that when I go to Windows Media Player or even My Computer to find the Samsung MP3 player, I can't have tracks listed by album instead of artist, I would have thought that I could view by either one, and am dissapointed to find out I can't. I figure there isn't another program like Winamp (unfortunately it only supports the Ipod and some other MP3 players, I used it with an older ipod). It just seems strange. Obviously without compilations I guess it's not as big of a deal, but I used to have an older Ipod and being able to see the songs on the Ipod through the computer by album was very beneficial.

Getting back to the art, yes some of the albums I'm talking about are compilations that do not come up when I search for Album info with Windows Media Player. I do have the album cover jpg file on my computer though. For the others that are just albums with one artist, I apologize but I'm still confused where to put the AlbumArt file and where exactly I'm dragging it onto. Am I just dragging it into the artist folder I view through My computer and then the Samsung player?

Thanks for everyone's help, hopefully I can figure this out.


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Right!! (again)

In reply to: yes it is compilations

Okay- firstly you CAN view by album in WMP10- look for 'Album' in the tree section on the left side, press the '+' next to it and hey presto! Simple.
Secondly, I'll go through this jpg transfer very, very simply-
What you need to do is copy the jpg album art file from the album folder on your computer (where you should keep it) to the album folder on your Samsung player by drag-and-drop. So, bring one window up by clicking on My Computer, and from there get to the folder where your album art is kept, making sure you can see the album art jpg file in the window. Keep that on the left side of the screen. Click on My Computer again, and double-click on the Samsung player, and go into the Music folder. Find the name of the artist and double-click on that folder. Next, find the album of that artist that requires the album art, and double-click on that. You should then have a list of all the tracks of that album displayed in this second window. Drag the second window to the right of the screen so that you can see your first window which is still showing the folder from your hard drive with the album art file. Then drag that file from that first window (your hard drive) over to the second window (the album folder on your Samsung player). You should then see the album art file appear among the tracks listed on that album window- therefore the album art file ('AlbumArtSmall.jpg') has now been successfully copied over from your hard drive to your Samsung player- the file should now be located in the album folder of the artist along with the tracks of the album. Note the file is still located on your hard drive- it is COPIED over, NOT transfered. Close down the windows and unplug the player. That album should (so long as the jpg file is the right size) display album art.
I am sorry- I cannot make it any clearer than that.

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I am curious...

In reply to: Right!! (again)

Since the ID3 tag is embedded into the mp3 file....does windows create the albumart(small & large).jpg file each time it "finds album info"? Because they are seperate entities: the albumart.jpg files are not the ID3 tag, as I understand it.
Which one does the Z5 recognize?
Is there actually an Albumart.jpg file for every album on your Z5??? And if you remove that file there is no album art?
If it recognizes BOTH the ID3 tag AND the jpg....which one has prority if they are different????
I plan on experimenting with this when I get home by seeing if the jpg files are on my Z5, but I do not believe that they are there. The Z5 is reading the embedded ID3 tag (I hope). If they ARE there I will remove one and swap it with another and see what happens.
It was my understanding that the albumart.jpg file is SOLELY for the purpose of seeing the album art in the FOLDER while in thumbnail view in windows.

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yes it gets confusing

In reply to: I am curious...

As I understand it, there are three different ways that album art is being used between the computer and the player. The computer recognises ID3 picture tagging as album art ('advanced tag editor') and WMP10's own version of picture tagging ('Find Album Info'). Both versions of these require a picture in the same folder on the computer, but from what I understand, once a picture is assigned to be the tracks album art, in both instances the picture is embedded into the track just like the artist and album name tags etc. What the player does is look for WMP10's type of tagging, but unfortunately not the other (usual) type of picture tag ('advanced tag editor'). If the Samsung player cannot find that album art embedded in the track it is playing, then it looks for a jpg file called 'AlbumArtSmall.jpg' in the folder of the album (which can only be put there by the user- I only found out by playing around). If it finds that then it obviously uses that instead of any tags. This is how I understand it but I may be wrong- I have only came to these results through trial and error.

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In reply to: yes it gets confusing

I intend to play around with it this weekend and I will post my findings here.

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In reply to: Thanks...

All of you seem to know how to use this could one of you please explain to me in detail how to do this without windows media player because i have a lot of underground tracks that i would rather put custom art on so please help its would really be appreciated

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In reply to: This is what worked for me.......

The art needs to be in jpeg (jpg) format and can't be too large (not sure the exact limit).
The name has to be EXACTLY: Albumartsmall
Note: do not put the extension (.jpg) in the filename itself (it will know that it's a .jpg). So do NOT have the file name as Albumartsmall.jpg. Just: Albumartsmall.
Copy this to the same folder that the song resides in on the Z5 and viola! Album Art City.

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In reply to: dabigbroda5......

You can find the art anywhere (internet or wherever) and copy it to your computer (righ-click on the image and select "save image as", then reduce it's size (if necessary) using any decent graphics or photoshop type program. Just save it as a .jpg with the Albumartsmall name.
The sizes that have worked for me are between 56 and 76kb per image.

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much thanx

In reply to: more....


this is such a good player but i got dissapointed when i couldnt get my own album art on it thanx again

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