A firewall monitors what comes in and what goes out. It's going to alert you whenever a program on the PC tries to access the internet. Which is a good thing as some "nasties" will try to "phone home" and report on your activities. Having a firewall on an "always on" connection like DSL or cable is essential since some other "nasties" can download themselves without your knowledge. A simple fact is that five years ago you could be infected in fifteen minutes. Today it's fifteen seconds.

You're going to have to live with those alerts. But I don't like that firewall because it asks too many questions and is too hard to configure. The most popular and by far the easiest is the Zone Alarm free firewall. It is one of if not the best available. It will alert you once when your browser and email tries to access the net. You tell it yes and you're done. If another program like Media Player tries to access the net you'll get an alert, you tell it yes and to remember that decision, and you're done. ZA also tells you if any other program tries to access the net but it does it in plain English.

ZA will also alert you when the net tries to access the PC. It will block the attempt unless you requested it like a web page. You can set ZA to alert on incoming attempts or to do it in the background. By all means, set it to not alert you. I have seen hundreds of attempts and that will wear out your clicking finger.


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