viruses; however, since you have checked it with an up to date virus scanner (some viruses will actually disable your virus protection behind your back and give the illusion that it is still working when it's not though, so to be sure get a free on-line scan of your system at )

Since only 'some' people are claiming to be getting a virus sent to them via the Pastor, I would suspect that one of the other members with the Pastor in their addressbook is actually infected and the virus is being 'spoofed' with the Pastor's email address as the sender. There are viruses that will randomly select an email address from the infected computer's address book and send itself out to everybody else in the address book in that name instead of the 'real' person. It can get very confusing to somebody who isn't aware of how viruses spread and point the finger at the wrong person.

Advise your Pastor and everybody else in that email round-robin who normally get the document emails to get their systems checked for free from the site I linked to so they can all verify that they are clean. The one(s) with the viruses that turn up will have somebody ELSE in their addressbook that actually they got it from or else they got the virus from some spam or website they visited or a file they downloaded and installed, and that virus just grabbed a random name to keep spreading itself with.

If you know the name of the virus being reported, please post it and we'll get you to a link that will tell you more information about that virus and how it spreads.

The easiest way to protect a .doc file during sending it via email is to use a .zip program to zip it up and attach just the .zip file. That way virus protection programs will automatically detect it faster without the .doc being imbedded into the email message where it will be viewed immediately and then activated by accident.

So far .txt files aren't affected, but if a .doc with grids is converted to .txt you will lose the formatting desired.