put a new hard drive in my imac g5 and fans keeps coming on.

i replace the ram in the computer in nov, apple said that was the problem. keep shutting down getting the kernal panic screen or the fan would come on at full blast and I have to shut it down . After I replaced it, it worked fine for a couple weeks but then started the same thing again. had to move so shut it down for a couple months. when I tried to restart just got the spinning circle. took it to apple they said probably hard drive. They started to back up old hard drive but was taking to long. Took it to a mac repair place and they said hard drive was bad. They replace that.
I took it home was very excited to see it start up but then the fans came on full blast and had to shut it down. restarted and worked on the computer for a while then got the kernel screen again,,, Called the place where I had hard drive fixed and they said it could be the RAM i put in..

So I took that out and the computer started and worked fine.. for a while.. In meantime called crucial where I got Ram and they are sending out new RAM since they said the one I had there was something wrong with it. (waiting for that to come) but in meantime can sometimes get it started and work on stuff but now getting kernel screen still and blowing fans!!! I am going crazy.. any help on what could be wrong and what I can do...???

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Reporting: put a new hard drive in my imac g5 and fans keeps coming on.
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Clarification Request
Has anyone checked the capacitors on the logic board?

One series of iMac G5 machines had a problem with faulty capacitors which would cause the machine to do many strange things.

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Me too

I have occasional problem like that but found it to be caused by cpu A overheating, ensure case is clear of obstruction and give it a good internal vacuum. Avoid keeping it on the floor if you can, it picks up more dust there than on a desk.

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That was good, right up until the last line.

It's an iMac, and therefore unlikely to be on the floor.

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You likely have

You likely have two separate issues which just happen to be occurring at the same time.

The issue with the fans turning on is probably because the place that replaced your HDD didn't reconnect the thermal sensor or some such. The default action of the PMU when it doesn't get a reading from a sensor is to turn the fans on all the way. It's the safest default action, even if it is kind of loud and annoying; it still beats having a system that is damaged from overheating.

The kernel panics are either bad RAM, or since it's a G5 model, bad caps on the logic board. If the replacement RAM doesn't solve things, then I would put my money on the bad caps. Of course without seeing you install things, it's difficult to rule out ESD damage. Bad caps could also be the cause of the fan issue, but first see if the new RAM helps at all. And if you don't even know what ESD is or how to avoid it, google it. If the new RAM doesn't resolve the issue, then it points more and more to bad caps on the logic board, and if that's the case, you'll just want to buy a new computer. The repair program on the G5 iMacs is long since over, so it would cost more than the system is worth, and those may well be on Apple's vintage list, meaning ASPs outside of California won't even be able to get the parts if you wanted to pay them to replace it. Some of the early models are almost certainly on the obsolete list by now, so you'd be reduced to ebay and craigslist scavenging for parts.

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