not being right & what you;re paying for. Cable companies love customer base growth. But with lots of disturbing of the lines, things can get messed up & I mean by the cable company itself. My cable company has three types of field guys: installers, trouble shooters. & lines men.

In my area, VoIP service started out consistent, then varied with signal fluctuation dipping so low I'd lose the VoIP completely as mine needs almost 1 GB to operate.

Neighbors weren't as observant, but once I started asking questions one guy, who loves to download movies was starting to get messages that download time would be seven hours. Obviously, he wasn't able to download as the session would time out.

It took persistence & was polite but firm. It took multiple trips out by their guys until getting sufficient diagnosis to determine the real source & extent of problem. My fast growing suburban area was experiencing many extensions of additional hookups. In the process, the lines guys allowed the signal to get substantially messed up.

As I said, after like four of their trips out with them having testing every connector from the nieghborhood transfer box on up, they found the signal was in fact very warped as to what it should have been. It's not just a signal strength thing, but a balance of a couple factors.

Once the true problem was addressed every has been fine. No big variations with dips so low as to knock out VoIP.

Politely but firmly, call those cable guys to get them out enough to get one of them competent enough to actually diagnose the problem & get it fixed. I'm using my experience to say it is probably a cable problem, whether their lines or box.

One the other hand, if you bought the Jimi Hendrix model it comes with Purple Haze as standard.