Polywell has been around for better than ten years. This doesn't mean much to people as they still may expect more than 2 years of support on what appears to be the usual timespan till machines slip off the vendor support map.

Let me be blunt. Desktops are commondity items with HP, Dell having very usable machines with a monitor in the 500USD range. These "names" have the edge on keeping the phone lines open, but on the downside will get long response times during heavy seasons like Christmas day.

Support is part of the price, so lowest price may be ok, but as the price goes down, what is expected from you goes up.

In closing, none of the vendors support (for free) removal of virus, worms, parasites. Many will ask you to use the restore CDs to see if their hardware is still good. Some owners need more than the support that is offered by any vendor. As in installing some game, odd software or undoing damage to the OS without a reinstall. It's unclear if this is an issue for you.