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That PSU is pretty junky. Why?

I see a split +12V rail with a pitifully low 19 Amperes. Now while think this PSU is something for the recycle bin it might be OK on that motherboard if the GPU and other parts don't draw much power.

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but why not boot up

I got that because at the time i thought i needed 5 sata cables but i only realised after i could of used one of the molex for the sata cables and an older 200w or less cant remember now will boot it up

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When you have a poor bottom quality PSU

All bets are off. 5 SATA cables? 5 drives alone are usually spec'd at 20W each or about 2A start current. That's 10 of the paltry 19 Amperes.

As to the 200W PSU if it had a better design it could easily outperform this Ebay disaster.

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Fair enough its **** surley it should be able to power that though so could it be defective the pc wont even boot and thats without hdd plugged in

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In these tier models

You can't count on the specs alone. The SPLIT RAIL means the total Watts is meaningless.

19 Amperes? You have 5 drives? These PSUs are often poorly documented so I rarely bother to get out an Ohm meter to sniff out which plugs go to which +12V rail so I can move loads from one rail to another. This is called "balancing the rails" and frankly is something 98% of the techs I encounter won't do or learn about.

You might get it to boot if you had just the motherboard and CPU but little else but what good is that?

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It doesnt boot with anything plugged in i just wanted to know if there could be some reason my motherboard wont accept it or could it just be defective

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If it won't boot your machine but will another PC.

It means the PSU isn't meeting some spec about the rise time on the rails. Not only must the rail be say +3.3V but on power up it must get there in so many milliseconds or it could hang on boot. Also if it just powers down then the surge current may be too high for this PSU.

There's not much of a mystery here. The low Amperage on the +12V rails and tier mean this PSU is not anything you want in your PCs. Or at least mine.

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Thank you will keep this in mind next time oh and i wasnt planning on powering all hdd's at the same time some was hotswap

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It's a shame the PSU was a split rail.

Same Watts but a single rail might have got the job done. And yes I did just share we don't bother with split rail PSUs anymore. Way too many issues over the years.

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Im only using it for streaming files from the 6 hdd's that are in

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That's a lot for a puny 19 Ampere +12V PSU.

The fact it can't power up this PC is the death blow.

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Not clear

1. a cpu does not spin.

2. was this older cpu fitted to the mobo or are you talking about a different pc?

3. when the old psu went out it could have taken anything out with it.

4. start making it disk or disc connected.

5. no gpu installed.

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