PS3 vs PS4 questions

I'm of the older generation (70+ but very active) and as yet have not purchased a gaming system. I've chosen to play games on my XPS 360 Dell pc. Now my eyes aren't as good as they were and I'd like to move over to use my 55" HDTV. I've read a lot of the entries here regarding PS4 etc. and I know a little about the latest PS3 system. I'm not interested in backward compatibility (right now) but who knows going forward. What I feel I am hearing about the PS4 is. Ultimately it will be a great, strong, capable system sometime in the unknown future, but for right now there are to many unanswered questions about potential serious issues to pay the price. My tendency is to always buy the latest and greatest version of the product I'm interested in but, that doesn't seem to hold true for gaming systems. (?) My interests lie in games like grand theft auto, Call of duty, battlefield, car racing and hopefully a flying war game of some type. I'm thinking I should buy the PS3 but don't know: What size hard drive I'll need? Will I need to buy the camera? Will the latest ps4 controllers work on the ps3? Is it likely that the ps3 price will drop between now and Xmas? Don't know what else I should know before purchase. Sorry this is so long but I don't want to make a mistake here. Thanks

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Me too.

The kids never got the latest platform but I would wait a year before considering a new box. This let the makers sort out any production glitches and I avoided the XBox 360 RROD models.

Also, your other questions usually get answered over that year delay. I don't think my kids suffered and I didn't have to deal with the issues many others did.

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Agree with Bob

Agree with Bob, unless you absolutely must have some new game for the new system that came out on launch day, I'd wait at least 6 months if not a year. While there haven't been any issues as big as Microsoft's RRoD issue a few years ago, there are plenty of people reporting issues with the new systems. That's to be expected, since there's always a few duds in every batch, but right now supply is very tight so if you get a bad one you can't just take it back to the store and swap it out for another one same day. You might be waiting days, weeks, months even before you can get a new one. Another good reason to wait.

Right now, I'd actually say that from a purely hardware perspective, Sony wins again, but Microsoft appears to have a much better overall platform to build on. If Microsoft can improve the success rate of their voice command system to be 95-99% accurate instead of the more like 90-95% most people claim it is now, that could be a real selling point for someone like yourself. Sony might also improve their own voice command support over time, who knows.

Both systems, at the hardware level, are nearly indistinguishable as far as game developers are concerned. So expect the vast majority of big title games to make their way to both the PS4 and XBOne.

I will say, however, that if you like games like Grand Theft Auto, you might consider going to a GameStop in your area and picking up a used Xbox 360 and copies of the Saints Row quadrilogy. The first Saints Row game only was released on the Xbox, all the others came out on PS3 and PC, but Saints Row 2 for the PC is very crash happy and buggy, sadly. Anyway, these are GTA style games, but they take a more humorous approach. In the first two games there are fake radio stations you can listen to when driving around and they have absolutely hilarious commercials. The first game has some funny commercials that are taking shots at the Wendy's franchise, where the little girl from the old ads was "all grown up" and making all kinds of funny sexual innuendo jokes related to hamburgers. The second game continued this trend with a commercial for a eDating site for convicted felons just getting out of jail and one of my favorites was an ad for a store called "Brown Baggers" (a rot gut liquor store) where there's some drunk guy doing funny stuff like saying, "What button do I push to talk to the animals?" then someone says, "Sir, you're in an elevator!" There's an even better part, but I can't repeat it here. I also got a kick out of the "On Thin Ice" jewelry stores where one of the commercials has a guy telling his wife he had an affair with his secretary, so here's that diamond necklace she always wanted. Or another one where they have what they call their "Shotgun Wedding Sale" and some guy telling his friend, whose girlfriend is pregnant, that just because his life is over doesn't mean he can't get a good deal on a cheap wedding ring. There's also just something kind of strangely satisfying about being able to mow people down on the sidewalks with your car, with impunity, in Saints Row. Watching the people fly over the top of your car, or jump to try and get out of the way and then yell at you. Plus, you just can't beat the activities in Saints Row like Insurance Fraud (throwing yourself in front of cars to make money) and Mayhem (running around town blowing things up with grenades, rocket launchers, etc). I also liked Crowd Control in the second game, where you're a bodyguard for celebreties at events and you can throw crazed fans off the roof of a sky scraper, into a running jet engine, in front of trains, into a group of cops who will immediately shoot them excessively, among other things. It's highly entertaining if you are open to some rather base humor.

You could get a cheap Xbox 360 now, and by the time you beat all four Saints Row games plus the GTA titles released for the 360, the PS4 and XBOne will probably be on their second or third hardware revision, the firmware for the various devices will have been fleshed out pretty well and there will be a number of additional software titles.

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Jimmy Thank you

Both you and Bob have been very helpful. I appreciate the time you both took to reply. Jimmy you and I have the same type of entertaining humor when it comes to game play. I'll check into your suggestions and go from there. I think I've pretty well decided against the PS4 for now. I agree it needs a good year to settle in and who knows what they'll have out there at that point.

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Just go with the trend

You can do research and I can tell you that PS4 is a Big improvement in terms of graphics resolution and Functions than PS3

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No doubt about it!
There's a huge improvement in term of graphics and online function as compared to PS3

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