Providing internet for our village

Hello, I'm Peter and I live in small village in Slovakia. Internet is pretty bad there (if you pay for 10mbit, at evening you have pretty laggy 1mbit connection) but our major said he will try to do something with it in next few years. My question is, how to provide it? There is no possibility to connect on a cable becouse we are on other side of river. So, we need to make an "air bridge" for connection and then provide internet from 1 high place in village to house BUT over cable, not wireless. Do you have some ideas for routers, switches and cables we should use? I think so it's not too good idea to place LAN cables on colums (or to place LAN cables under the ground on some streets) or is that normal to provide it on normal LAN / patch cables with standard switches? Please send me some text with explaining solution of this problem, how can we provide it and send me some links to ebay / amazon or other shop so I can see examples of devices we should use.

Thanks, Peter (17)

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I don't see such on Amazon.

Since you need that bridge, google this: 1 MILE WIFI to see how folk make such a link.

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I know that I need to make 5Ghz WIFI bridge but what devices do I need? And mostly I don't know what switches, repeaters and cables to use in village to make it waterproof and make it overheating-proof.

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I wouldn't choose that. Why?

My experience is that off the shelf 5GHz didn't get me much range. But if you say you found a 1 mile link at 5GHz then go with that.

As to overheating proof, I've never seen such to date. I did designs for Telcos and when needed we put in temperature controlled fans and when it got to desert climes we build bunkers with dual redundant air conditioners.

The good news is that switches are pretty fungible. I've used 20 buck things for years never thinking about brand. Use them, if a lightning bolt strikes we fix, replace and survey for better protection and so on.

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Our village will get some money support for camera system to prevent this village from hijacking and thefting so they are gonna to put cables on columns to connect cameras together. I think so we may use some internet cables on that columns but I really don't know how to select the right ones. Sure, village will be connected trough 5ghz WIFI but we don't have money to buy cables across that river and terrain is flat around it so I think signal will be still strong. Problem is in village, 5mbit DSL is not enough and 15/2 over 5ghz is having very creepy signal 'couse of trees and metal roofs + others that are using this same connection are sure making speed worse becouse of many signals on 1 place.

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I'd put a parabolic dish behind wifi

for a stronger more directional signal to get it across the river. No 70-100 foot trees on both sides you could run cable across, like a zip line would be done? Leave some slack for win, use steel cable as the strong line to attach the data lines to?

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Thanks for replying but we can't afford cables over river. Behind municipal office is 2km long field with trees max. 20m high, then river that is 30m wide and then again 3km of flat terrain and there at the end is a city that's having flats on hills so we can provide signal from there. We really don't have money to do that :/ WIFI is the only option

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WiFi at 2.4 and 5 is not going to work well and as seasons change you will see it do odd things. For the long links it's LOS (line of sight.) If you can't do LOS, you remove yourself from this project because you don't want a bad reputation.

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Thanks then so now I know there is no way to connect us on better internet until we save more money or everyone move out Happy

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