"Actiontec Q1000 for Qwest Wireless N VDSL Modem Router"

So you have to decide if you want 1 or 2 networks.

Myself I tend to use the Netgear as the router for the system but that defeats the WiFi in the Actiontec.

Since I can't guess your goals you have to decide if you want 2 or 1 WiFi APs(access points.)

1 Access Point. Change the Actiontec's setup to be a modem only. AKA Bridge Mode and I defer to the manual. Then the Netgear is the router and WAP (wireless access point.) The Netgear may have to take over the DSL login duties.

2 Access Points. Wire and configure the Netgear to be a WAP. Google "How to use a router as a WAP" or check the Netgear manual.