Three somewhat difficult questions, maybe, to get the picture straight.

1. Is it
a) a file
b) a folder
c) a shortcut to a file
d) a shortcut to a folder

2. If it's a folder or a shortcut to a folder, what's the full name (starting from c:) and what's in it?

3. If it's a file or a shortcut to a file, tell its properties (at least filetype, size, creation and modification date)

And three easier questions:
4. Tell about your antivirus protection.
5. In the Start>Run box type MSCONFIG (+OK), go to the startup tab, and post the details of all checked items (that are the programs that run at startup, one of them must be responsible for the creation of this file, reasonably speaking)
6. Is it created also if you boot in Safe Mode or only if you boot normally?