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1. If the TV worked fine before the cable/sat box, it could be the box interfering with the unit. We are aware of only one series that had an IR issue, which is the A850 series. However, there are also several instances where cable boxes can also emit IR, and maybe taping a piece of paper over the IR sensor might help. It's a terrible suggestion, but can be a workaround.

2. I'm not sure about how broadcasting in Canada works. But what I can say is that with an HDMI cable, the digital signal is reproduced on the screen as it is transmitted. An analog signal would likely allow you to stretch or zoom in on the image, however, HDMI transfers the picture in a pixel-by-pixel format, so adjusting the screen isn't an option. Those options, however, would be available if you used an analog (composite, component, S-video, etc) input.

While that may not be a solution, I hope it helps explain why it works that way.