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Problems with Firefox again

Have Firefox 1.0 and in the beginning had many problems with error message "this document has no data" and so was shut out of many websites or else played havoc trying to get into the website.

Then Mozilla put out a patch and all was well until now. Am beginning again to get the same error message.

So far have not found any solution on Firefox or Mozilla unless I have missed something.

Anyone any ideas re this situation?

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Reporting: Problems with Firefox again
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Going to need more details

What version of Firefox exactly (1.0 or 1.0.1)? What was this patch you talk about (links)? Any example sites?

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Problems with Firefox again

I have Firefox 1.0 and the patch was so long ago do not remember it. Don't think I saved it either. Will have to check my downloads.

Maybe 1.0.1 (might be better?)

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Looking over your 200 plus posts, something is...

If I pick over your 200+ posts it appears your machine is just "whacked out" with problems.

If this machine is the troublesome, it may be time to wipe the drive and install the OS then all the drivers and your selection of Firewall, Antivirus and browser then applications.

You should keep an eye out for when it starts to go unstable again since it could be from some P2P software you've installed or some trojan that rode in with some other software.

Is it time to fix this one?


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Problems with Firefox again

Really don't know about problems on this XP PC. Just had it formatted not over couple weeks ago and of course new OS put on and so far all my spyware and antivirus programs have not picked up anything to date.

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You need to read the forum tip.

I looked at your prior posts to see a better story about your tale of woe. It's rather amazing to see the stories and issues you've had.

The tip reads as follows. "Tip: If you are asking for help to troubleshoot a computer-related problem, please be sure to include all the necessary information (ie: operating system, model number, hardware, software, etc) that will help others identify your problem for a speedy resolution."

No one knows what you just posted and it definitely would have helped people help you if you take the time to reveal that you obtained a new machine.

What happened to your old machine and problems?

The reason I ask is that many will repeat their former mistakes and the new machine will end up in the same sorry state.


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problems with Firefox

You are correct about necessity of needing more complete PC information but would have appreciate a kinder tone in informing me about this. Some of your remarks seem to be rather denigrating to a newbie who is not all that knowledgeable about posting problems. It did not seem to me that this was a technical PC problem but rather just a browser problem. Sorry but I do not have a new machine - just formatted the one I have. Did I need to state that it was not a new machine? Maybe I am not PC gifted enough to post on these forums since you find so many things I have done wrong. Sorry about that and will not bother anyone here again.

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Solving your problems...

You have problems probably because you refuse to listen and follow good advices. Eat some humble pie !
Your problems can be solved, but you have to help others to help you by giving appropriate information, and if you are asked to supply more detaila, do so. You are a newbie ? Then take time to learn. Take time to know this community. You will find it a very good one. As it is. it's your choice. This is a free world.

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had same problems as nondaj

I stoped asking for help in this forum because of the attitud Mr Proffit has with some people that ask for help, I read the posts allways learn a lot there, but if I need to ask something, I go to another forum where people are not humilating so often with their answeres

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It's your attitude.

You got irritated because you failed to understand what Mr. Proffit was telling you. Few complain. A lot are geateful for his invalauable advices. If you are not happy with his response, try reading between the lines. Try to understand why he responded the way he did.

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does Mr Proffit have a spokeman?

its not the first complain about Mr Proffit, it has nothing to do with understanding or not it his way that bothers he could try to be a little more pollite he makes us feel retardet, and one question why you speek for him?

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I am not his spokeman.

It is just that it is unfair that there are complaints against him. He has his own style of trying to help- a "cruel to be kind" approach, to those who deserves it. Some may not approve of it, but what is wrong ?

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Think about it

Bob (and others such as myself) don't get paid for what we do here. We do it out of our own free time, and you're not paying for the service either. Stop being such an ingrate. If you were paying Cnut anything for the service, then maybe you'd have a reason to compain.

That all being said... Most people here seem to expect an answer spoon fed to them, so they don't have to do any actual work. Myself, and to an increasing degree Mr. Proffit, would rather you actually LEARN how to help yourself. Sure, we could always make sure there's plenty of business for us by keeping you ignorant, but instead we rather altruistically try and teach you to help yourself the next time you bollox something up. That way, you aren't shelling out $50 or whatever to get someone to fix whatever you screwed up.

Stop being such a whiny little ***** about things. You're not paying anything, so on what grounds exactly do you base your complaint? If you think you can do better elsewhere, you're welcome to try. I think you'll find that there's a lot of people like us out there, who get tired of dealing with people like you, no matter where you go.

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Im not talking about me

I found your post almost offensive, it hurts me to see how some people are treated, Im chilean, I'm old and even though I try to learn the most I can, taking CNet courses about comp. reading and making my homework. I think allso that even if its not a payed service it doesn't allow you to treat me the way you are doing now. "Stop being such a whiny little ***** about things. You're not paying anything, so on what grounds exactly do you base your complaint? If you think you can do better elsewhere, you're welcome to try. I think you'll find that there's a lot of people like us out there, who get tired of dealing with people like you, no matter where you go."

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So what...?

Because you're from a South American country you expect to be treated differently from everyone else? Someone seems to think highly of themselves.

I'll also give you a BIG tip... If you want to learn about computers, don't take course from Cnut. Seriously. Maybe the local schools in your country are better, but in the US, even most higher education schools fail miserably at teaching computer skills. Everyone I've ever known who's a success with computing, was self-taught. They'd break things, and then fix it.

Anyway, I'll ask it again. If you're not paying anything for this service, and I'm donating my expertise and time for nothing... Where is your grounds for complaint? You come here, you ask other people to take time out of their busy lives to help you. Then you have the audacity to get upset because they are a little short? How arrogant is that? It's my time, I'm the one with the expertise -- which I spent a great deal of time and effort accumilating -- so shouldn't I get to control the manner in which it is disseminated, or do you want to tell me how to wipe myself as well?

If you're so unhappy, go someplace else. There's no point being miserable when you're not even getting paid for it.

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Iam complaining for someone else

I really think you do not understand, I'm not asking for help in this unpayed forum, I'm complaining about the way some people are treated when they ask for help, I read the posts here because I learn a lot from all of you, the only thing is that when I need help I ask for help in somewhere else I do not like to be treated the way you are treating me now, thats all

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I got that you're complaining vicariously, and what I think you're not getting is that regardless of who you're complaining for, your complaint has no basis.

Neither you, or this other person, are paying a thing to use this service aside from sunk costs that don't relate to Cnut. You, and/or this other person, need the expertise that I (and others) have spent a great deal of time and effort aquiring. I, and the other experts here, are not paid for our time here. We do it on our own time, of our own free will, with absolutely no obligation whatsoever. So, since you're not paying anything, and we're not getting paid anything to help you, where exactly do you think you get off complaining about a service we provide of our own free will, out of our busy schedule, for which you don't pay a thing for? In other words, I am donating my time and effort to help you and people like you, time and effort that could easily earn me USD$50-100 an hour, and you sit there and complain about it. Why exactly should I ever help someone like you again? Why should I spend my time giving away my tallents to ingrates such as yourself, when I could be earning money with those same tallents?

On whom's behalf you're complaining doesn't make a difference, you are still complaining. So, I'm left wondering why you are still here, when you claim to have found a place you like better, and hate the way you're treated here so badly.

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so go earn your 50-100$ an hour

see if "paying customers" will stand for your over bearing obnoxious attitude!

and btw as someone who logs on to cnet with a moniker that calls other users "you mastubators" i think your various complexes will find you unemployed in a VERY short time


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Sounds like words to take to heart, yew

>>>If you're so unhappy, go someplace else. There's no point being miserable when you're not even getting paid for it.>>>

If you are only here for the kudos, keep've beat your chest long enough in this thread and browbeating somebody else into submission with insults doesn't cut it.


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Please explain me

as I told in one of my posts I'm from Chile and english is not my first language, and so there are some ideas I really do not understand, so I do not understand if you are refering to me I do not feel having insulted anybody I like cnet forums I only complained about beeng rude in one answere only that, would you be so kind and explain me what you ment in your post? thankyou

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(NT) (NT) Vera, Toni was addressing yewanchors
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Hit the nail on the head

The idea here is to help further ones own knowledge so that they can help themselves and others. Being spoon fed
leads to no increase in knowledge. I believe that the phrasing of answers by Bob and others is to provide a little kick in the *** so people will investigate their options to gain know how. It is like geometric progression , learn one thing leads to another question and another and soon a whole picture appears. If people would just "google" their questions they would be shocked at what they can learn.

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really thanks for your answere

even though if I have a problem I'm scared of posting because of the harp way some and really very few reply, I agree with you about the learning but this other person is really very unpolite and I really like cnet forums

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You have to share to get the best insight.

Yes, I'm armtwisting you to give up the needed information to solve your new problem.

If I didn't care, I would not have read a few dozen of your past postings to see if I could find a cause for your new issue.

" Sorry but I do not have a new machine - just formatted the one I have. "

Was this in your postings? I don't recall it. But it's quite the clue about your issue and could lead to what's up with your new install. The story about why you formatted the machine could help as well.

Here's my bet. I bet that the OS isn't fully installed (drivers, etc.) or you repeated the same mistakes that has been causing you to have so much trouble.

If only you could share the long versions of your plight, others may find what piece of the PC puzzle is missing for you.

But I see you may have given up rather than help yourself.

Best of luck,


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If I was you I'd get rid of Firefox and reinstall IE 6.0 with all the patches, then download MyIE2. It has tabbed browsing, pop-up blocker etc. Why keep something that gives you all this grief. Anyway I don't understand what Mr. Proffitt said to offend you. He's been most helpful to me in the past with my little problems and I'm not much above a newbie either.

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