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Problems with Catalog B Tree


Norton SystemWorks keeps fixing a Catalog B Tree problem --- but it is not fixed permanently. How can I do so? I use a G3 (the blue tower one...)

In addition, the Disk Warrior CD that I have been using does not properly boot up. Is this unusual?

Regards, Emily

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Reporting: Problems with Catalog B Tree
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Re: Problems with Catalog B Tree

What operating system are you using on your G3 Blue and White?
Can you be more specific about "Does not properly boot up" Do you get some sort of error message?

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Re: Problems with Catalog B Tree

When you run System Works are you Booting from the SystemWorks CD or are you running it from the Hard Drive. If you are running it from the Hard Drive, the one you booted the machine from, then you will get strange errors, this one included,(what is the exact error message you receive?) because the directories and catalogs are in a constant state of flux. This is because the Operating System is constantly doing things even though you have no programs running. For this reason, System Works will report false positives. Just launching System Works from the Hard Drive causes many changes on the Hard Drive. System Works cannot accurately diagnose and fix a catalog problem unless that drive that is NOT the boot drive. Try running System Works from the CD and all "should" be fine. Personally I would rely on Disk Warrior to do my directory/catalog repairs rather than Norton. A product in which I have lost faith and which is no longer made for the Mac. Let me know. Switch to OS X, you'll love it Happy

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Re: Problems with Catalog B Tree

I am now able to use Disk Warrior -- it does it's job --- but the computer is still slow and I have to use Disk Warrior at least once a day. Suggestions, anyone??


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Re: Problems with Catalog B Tree

I don't recall you saying which OS you are running but I'm guessing that it is down in the OS 9.x.x range.
There is a possibility that the HD is becoming full. Do you know how much space you have available on that drive? How much RAM do you have installed? What Revision G3 (blue and white) is it?
I know, lots of questions but the answers may help. If you are running OS 9, go to the Apple menu and run Apple System Profiler. That will tell you how much RAM you have installed, how big the drives are and how much space is available on it. Drive sizes are under Devices and Volumes. You can get the same information in OS X by running the System Profiler too. To find the Revison/version of your machine, open the side case and look inside. if the ribbon cable connecting the Hard Drive to the Logic Board (Motherboard) only has the one connector(Not counting the one that is plugged into the logic board), then you have Revision 1. If it has two connectors, you have Revision 2.
The reason for this question is that the Rev 1 machines did not really like having another Hard drive installed into them but the Rev 2 ones had no problem with it. Just in case you need to install a larger HD.
Depending on the amount of RAM that is installed, and if you are running OS 9.x.x, you might want to look at the amount of Virtual Memory you have set. In OS 9, go to Control Panels/Memory and punch the Use Defaults button. Optimum VM is 1 MB above the physical RAM.
Stop using Norton System Works! It does not know when it cannot fix a problem and goes ahead and "fixes" it anyway. Do NOT use it again.(pretty please)
Anyway, enough questions for the moment, pass on the answers and we can go from there


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Re: Problems with Catalog B Tree

Am currently having some problems with a first generation dual G4 machine. Was working Friday and the machine would basically not boot up properly. Long story short...I think I narrowed it down to a bad SDRAM chip. Was getting consistent errors (after fixing them) about catalog b-trees and leaf nodes when running Norton. Decided to utilize the Apple Hardware Test CD that came with my machine and it proceeded to run into an error while checking the memory (was trying to verify that the hard drive was OK). Had 2 512 mb chips installed and through process of elimination...took one out and it ran through its tests fine. Don't know if you have the ability to check the hardware, but it might be a possibility.


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